Carter AFB measurements by series/model (incomplete list): The casting number does not necessarily tie the part of engine to a specific manufacturing plant. this has got to be one of the best looking trucks that I have ever seen keep up the good work. AKD 1976 427 cubic inch, 220hp, 4 barrel carburetor, Air Injection Reactor (AIR), manual transmission Since 1956, GM has used the following formats for V8 engine stamps, usually in 3/16" tall characters, stamped at the engine plant before proceeding to the final assembly plant: These characteristics make it a very good, reliable truck engine. Launched in the fall of 1959, the 1960 model year introduced a new body style of light pick-up truck that featured many firsts.      Piston compression rings: 3 ALM 1978 427 cubic inch, 220hp, 4 barrel carburetor, manual transmission The only noteworthy changes on the 1979 Chevy truck frame appeared on the new front end, that sported a combined turn signal and headlight bezel and a grille with a new apron. Each block and cast part carries a casting number straight from the molds. A true determination of the engine and its parts cannot rely solely on casting numbers alone, but must also account for any factory stamps added along the line. Straight-vane impellers work in both directions. The interior had a top-of-the-line carpet, a fully insulated headliner, and woodgrain accents. 3917219: 1968 through 1985 oval port, open chamber, 2.06 in.  3863114 --possible, usage uncertain The cylinder walls are thicker than would normally be attainable in the standard large-bore big block, while also having more space around the bores for coolant flow. There have been some reports of carburetor use on tall deck engines past the casting updates, as well as TBI. to 3/4in. AKC 1975 427 cubic inch, 220hp, 4 barrel carburetor, manual transmission Overall these changes make the 366 tall deck engine ideal for use in trucks where low-end torque is an advantage. All standard GM HEI and points distributors will fit these engines (although camshaft gear or oil pump drive shaft modifications may be necessary). These manifolds have a unique two-thermostat design for a higher coolant flow. Due to the relative anonymity of these engines, and their primary use in commercial applications, not many suppliers will be aware of them or their history. -1983 P6000: standard 366. Going up hills, etc. While prior C/K half-ton trucks had used a six-lug bolt pattern (6 x 5.5") for the wheels, two-wheel-drive models switched to a five-lug pattern (5 x 5–inch bolt circle) common to Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Cadillac passenger cars. A 10, 20, or 30 on the emblem indicates ​1⁄2-, ​3⁄4-, or 1-ton trucks.

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