So my questions are, has anyone here had the same issue? Had another issue with a tranny sensor that caused a check engine light. New flush and fill of tranny. Told Darrell Waltrip GMC to do a complete service, everything. In that case, scott3 says take it to another dealer, after all, scott3 says all you have is time and money for GM to use and waist. Does this keep the truck at 4 cylinders at all time or can you switch back and forth? guess what truck is now at the same shop because of a check engine light came on and onstar sent me an email saying there is something wrong with transmission. You can also subscribe without commenting. For a complete diagnosis on your GM 4L60E Transmission problem, contact us for a Free Diagnostic. Like smart phones, tablets, PC’s, ANY `computer’ based devices -they ALL need to TOTALLY boot-up to play well together. ©2020, All rights reserved. Sometimes, a transmission restorer additive may help the circuit issue. See if they apply to you and see what the solution is. • Under normal conditions, change the fl uid and fi lter at 100,000 miles (166,000 km) What about the 6spd colorado? I certainly hope that the ventilators that GM recently contracted out with the government work better than their transmissions. This article has an extremely interesting take on the issue. The latest is GM has directed the dealers to flush any and all 8 speeds on dealer lots. Now they tell me I’ll need to pay because its over 60K miles and I didn’t complain when I had it in for service. almost like it was slipping into reverse. Initially they told me they could not replicate it, then the next time I took it back in there was a service bulletin out and they did the fluid swap with a reprogram, after that it’s been part changes and now currently a replacement transmission. and fluids that time after time, obviously haven’t worked. I had my valve body and fluid changed. It has worked for me with my Camaro, and the folks who report success seem to have taken it in pretty quickly after the shuddering started. GM is now blaming in vibration on my Borla exhaust. The more recent TSB version has but a single flush, but it is done with the new fluid. The Government sold their GM stock because Barack Obama was running for reelection and didn’t want it to be a campaign isdue. The Government sold their GM stock because Barack Obama was running for reelection and didn’t want it to be a campaign issue. The fluid definitely DID NOT fix the issue! Temperature swings between day and night could be harsh on these delicate machines. It seems really confusing, and I think GM is scratching their heads as much as everyone else is. I inquired about replacing the torque converter and the dealer told me that they have never replaced one before. Or you get a week and the shudder returns like mine did after a transmission swap. They now trade in that one year old Cadillac on a new Cadillac, ok. You go and buy that one year old Cadillac, with a ” known faulty GM 8 speed “, ok. You have troubles with your one year old Cadillac you just bought because you drive it in town and it shifts ” crappy “, ok. And that is exactly why Cadillac has had one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings in recent years ! The dealer done this fluid swap of my choice under warranty. OK thanks for sharing…. I’d be buying a foreign vehicle next time. This has also led to shudder in other brands too. Sounds like you need to talk to a different dealer that’s willing to help you out. I even noted that fact when I dropped it off. They’re right on everything they’ve tried, as that’ll cause what everyone is experiencing. Subscribe to GM Authority Gm doesn’t know how to many a good transmission, year’s ago they made Metric 200 transmission They put in a couple hundred thousand car’s, in 97-98 The transmission in blazer, astro And pickups last about 60,000 miles, I have a 2018 GMC Canyon and it’s slips and shutters the deal and tells me that’s normal, Never again will I buy general motors. After a new torque converter the shudder and hard shift returned after about 2000 miles. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 based on all problems reported for the 2015 Silverado … The moisture in the fluids has been an issue with many companies. One dealership stated the only item that could be performed would be the ABS software update according to my VIN. This is covered on the 60k 5 year warranty so everyone should be covered by time and if it is higher miles they are due for service anyways. Yes it covered under warranty and there was a recall a number of years ago for a flush. We are currently looking for experienced automotive journalists and editors to join our team. Ultimately, that is what I am looking to get fixed. I’ve been fighting with GM for a buyback for four months now it has 46,000. finished the 3000 mile trip mostly in manual . get them to check the transmission fluid, mine had metal shavings. Hopefully, he didn’t mean that they only got the blue label Mobil 1 in as of March at that shop…. © COPYRIGHT 2020 POWERED BY LSX V8 ENGINES, LOVE & REVERENCE. Are you having shifting problems with your automatic Silverado? Had transmission fluid change with blue label mobil 1 19417577 per TSB. It’s an issue that’s inherent in the design of the 8-speed. At their urging I did return to the Dealership with it –once. Just got my 2017 Camaro SS flushed with part #19417577 and corrected my shudder problem immediately. As time went on they tried fluids, new converters and even transmission replacement. My first and last GM truck. Best truck on the market, Amen , have called chevy land filled a complaint on May 5th they claim cant get up with dealer absolutely useless. Building vehicles today is one very difficult game anymore some of the most simple issues can be down right difficult to find and then to resolve. I’ve had to the dealer multiple times and flushed trans at 60K . To find out why it is slipping, just open yourself up to learning something new and go for it! I called the dealer back today and insisted they replace either the torque converter or the entire transmission. You see, the service manager drives it to and from work as the test. They probably have their own phrasing and terminology, but they’re basically saying that the normal service interval is for people that don’t care about maintaining their vehicle, while the severe service interval is for those that want to maintain and keep a vehicle running like new. They absolutely refused to change out the converter. Let us know your experiences by posting in the comments section, and don’t forget to subscribe to GM Authority for 24/7 GM news coverage. Did the fluid swap…trans is worse than before…Dealer refuses to do the torque converter saying its shifting normal….. Has anyone tried Instant shutter fix hearing this solves the issue? Thanks in advance, Dealer paid for Amsoil flush and did relearn was warranty. When a problem like a TCC shudder shows up, 99% of engineers are going to look at the torque converter, not the fluid. I’m soured now. The next week? I hope i dont have this as a chronic problem as it sounds like GM don’t seem to care about return customers. Provide no fix at all? I only drive the truck in 2 wheel drive unless in winter. Is this a stated service point of a GM transmission ? This not true. Things like falling flat on its face when accelerating from a stop; getting STUCK in a low gear following a start and go; thumps, clunks, ‘confused’ shifts. And in that exact case, they would own a 8 month Cadillac CT6, the highest price GM sedan, with a ” known faulty 8 speed transmission ” and GM would do nothing at 8 months because it is out of warranty ! I also have an ’18 Sierra 6.2L 8-speed w/ 22k. So, what do you want them to do, just give up? You’re transmission has adaptive learning. Class action suit? I know the difference between drivetrain shudder and exhaust droning. Disappointed I haven’t been notified or told about the problem when I had previous warranty oil changes. Sure, could you recommend a specific model that can haul my 24′ camper 350 miles to the Adirondacks? The issues with the 8-speed GM transmission are two-fold. Also had AFM delete and it’s been a over a year. GM’s normal service interval recommendations are ridiculous and too long for many of their vehicles. They are known for acting like they haven’t heard of well documented issues as if nobody ever complained about it before. Couldn’t agree more spent extra hard earned money on a brand new 2017 CR two because I believed that it was a GM truck where they didn’t cut corners and spared no expense boy was I wrong in the truck is an absolute piece of crap In short 46,000 miles six trips in the dealership service be for the same transmission problem still not fixed GM customer service refusing to help dealership says their hands are tied because it’s still under warranty I will never buy GM again. Then dealership Keller’s Chevrolet Hanford California said they all do that and that GM won’t authorize any more repairs! According to the chart on pg 333, the automatic transmission fluid and filter should be replaced every 45,000 miles. Issue used to just happen on inclines, but happens just as easily on level ground now. I appreciate the effort with the fluid change. Secondly, the shifts are very harsh between first to second, and then second down to first, especially when accelerating and the transmission is upshifting or decelerating and the transmission is downshifting. Warranty is covering it but now instead of just the cost of a fluid change they have a new drivetrain to own up to. Back on May 20, 2017 I made a GMC Dealer purchase of a Certified Used 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali 6.2L, 8-speed which had recently returned from a GM lease. The first 1-2 shift of the day will have a slight bump sensation. Hard shift /hesitation came back from 1st-2nd at approx 60k. Also recommended to do a trans service at 60-70k miles. A lot of the companies have issues like this. I have a 2017 75000 miles, hard shift between first and second not really down shifting hard. Directed to bring it back in; they had it for 2 + weeks. I hope they get it right before 60k or I may to break 45 years with GM for Dodge. For a 4 year old $70k SUV with only 45k miles, the headrest has come undone (dealership fixed), the entire radio/Apple play just shorted out ($1,100), and a panel on the front door that leads from the window up to the top of the door just fell off etc. Driving the vehicle for about a week or so improves shift quality even further as the new fluid cleans things up inside the transmission and the adaptive shift algorithms relearn various parameters. It doesn’t mean every torque converter will be glazed. Had a dealer service writer recommend a tranny fluid flush and reprogram for a cost of $300. Even if a fix were here tomorrow, GM has failed to provide anything that can be considered a timely fix. My GMC dealer who 100% acknowledged my hard shifts in previous visits, is stating they absolutely were not told to flush 8 speeds unless they meet a very specific criteria (severe lag engaging from neutral to drive).

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