Something in the natural man broke. , 33 days is amazing! This is true also with fasting. Just as a runner would not begin his training for a marathon by running 26 miles on the first day. Weight loss during a water fast is inevitable. But I think it is because my brain knows food is coming soon. I just don't want to think about being more than half fat. God bless I can't imagine undertaking a water fast for ten days with health as the sole motivation. Just when I thought I was close to him previously! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY !! I DECLARE THAT EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS THAT HE IS LORD AND EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW! My spiritual ears were opened. So I guess it’s been a bit of an up and down but never returning to the original weight. I started the fast when already under a lot of pressure and stress but did feel close to God during the fast. It is said that a fast will allow you to clear your body as well as your soul and obtain a higher connection with your spiritual being. I have been so faithful and I’m so proud of myself. Therefore, when you break your fast, be careful: Give your stomach time to return to normal size and the digestive organs time to “wake up” fully. Weight Loss Never felt so close to my father. Stay disciplined in your submission and quick obedience to the Lord. ©2020 Shades of Grace 1. Prayers were gradually answered from around October so much so that when I told him that he needs to prepare for our prayer-fast for 21 days right after New Year's, he never quarreled or objected but quietly consented! However, if you live where citrus fruits are imported, this is not the best option as they’re often picked unripe and the juice can be too acidic. It is important to consult with you health care professional before beginning any type of new diet or cleanse. Stay disciplined in your prayer time and pursuit of God. How long has it been since that fast? 21 day fasting results / progress Today marks 21 days of zero calorie fasting (I drank water, had the occasional Coke Zero and regularly supplemented with electrolyte and salt). My body and spiritual life feels better. I am happy that I know Jesus regardless of the rough times. Spiritually I have entered a higher dimension by His Mercy. I love reading others progress and find it really motivating while I am in a fast and having a rough day so posting this incase others like reading about results too. PH: (612) 888-7646. I am glad I took this step of faith. Plus I feel wiser now. (Just water apple juice and cranberry juice.) By the end of the fast, the stomach’s capacity for food is nothing like it was at the beginning. Congratulations! Mark. Measurements: Boobs 98-90 =8cm lost Waist 87-79=8cm lost Tummy 102-93=9cm lost Hips 110-103=7cm lost Ass 111-108=3cm lost Thigh 71-66=5cm lost. Today is my 16 days and planning to complete after 21 days. I thank God, for now I can hear the Holy Spirit speak to me and direct my steps. I maintained my regular exercise routine throughout (pilates reformer and walking my dogs). Be disciplined, fellow soldier. 1. You could think of it as if the organs have gone into a kind of sleep which became deeper as the fast was extended. I got capsules online they have magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium and I was taking about 2 a day (a few days I had another 2 later in the day when I felt really light headed). One of the biggest perks of doing a water fast is the amazing effect it can have on your skin. It takes time to build your fasting muscles. Just as we need fresh infillings of the Holy spirit daily, we also need fresh times of fasting. Surely its a good thing to do through Christ who strengthens us. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (Maybe 18 but I think I had aimed for 18 and only made it to 16 so I’m muddled in my head with days) I’m 167cm, not sure off the top of my head what that is in feet but it should be in my flair? Now, Praise and Glory be into our God forever and ever. I thank God for clarity, understanding, am filled with great joy and so amazed how God can answer prayers in such a short space of time. I join you in praising God for what He did through your fasting and prayer. To say I am discouraged is an understatement. God is telling me I need to take better care of my temple. You body is getting rid of all the “build – up” in your colon and intestines in the first few days, but after prolonged fasting your body begins to feed off of your fat supply for energy. Even if it is just for one day — or one week. Consequently, you’re now far more sensitive to even the smallest disobedience and sin in your life…maybe even things you used to do on a daily basis that grieved Him and quenched His presence. A fast of great length is best broken with fruit or vegetable juices, if possible freshly squeezed or juiced. Thank you Lord, 13 hours left for me to complete my 3 days dry fast. I can’t explain or put into words. When I fasted when I was younger I often found victory/ breakthrough came after the hard time of fasting but my experience this time seems that as I'm fully eating today I am very discouraged. Many benefits will be experienced all year long this year, next year, and the years to come. Amen. …. I feel God's presence more than ever before and I have seen fruits of the spirit bearing in my life. My aim is to do keto (I have followed this style of eating before and loved it) with the option of allowing myself a few little treats (i.e a couple of canapés at Christmas events). This time once day 9-11 came it’s been really rough. I plan to repeat this every year. The devil tried to discourage me severely, but Jesus won him over. I'm excited! With that being said that should be one of your motivator's. Sign me up! Box 632934 The human machine was designed by God, yet obviously has built in flaws. God is telling me I need to take better care of my temple. I'm going to strive to get at least 7 days then every day after that will be a bonus. I’m very alert in the spirit, I knew that the Lord needed more of me and I gave him all of me. On my 2nd 21 day fast in 3 years of water only. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I come here every day looking for the 'I just finished a long fast' post, but mostly just find the I'm starting a long fast tomorrow. The “thief” will be on the prowl to steal the increased intimacy with Christ you’ve gained during your fast. I have seen the hand of God throughout my fast. I would love for you to share about your experience. I’m so blessed to see what he shows me and hear what he tells me. My rest at night was unbelievably sound. Good luck with the 5:2. I am still under attack every where I turn but I know my Father and the weapons destroy therefore they are form. Your heart and mind needs to be made up to do it. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but the mercy of God keeps me going. Duration The great comedian, Ed Wynn said, "Without your health, riches, possessions and fame are all mud." Came upon your site and am thrilled. When it’s on your calendar, it’s commitment to be kept, not a contingency that can be cancelled. I declare you would make it through any fast you set your heart to do. thanks and God bless you. I bless God for seeing us through as it was a truly marvelous time of peace and a heightened sensitivity! When you move to just eating weekends are you going keto or have a specific eating plan? Next, you could include a little toasted bread with a small slice of butter, but no cakes, pastries or cookies. Know that at the end of every fast is a blessing (whether breakthrough, deliverance, financial, increase in knowledge, wisdom OR spiritual gifting). Perhaps no subject is less understood by the public and the "healing" professions than this oldest of means of caring for the sick body. I just stumbled upon this page as today, 22January 2020, marks 21 days of the Daniel fast. I just ended an intense 3 day fast and I feel a lot of attack today after breaking the fast yesterday. I didn’t do that very well last time I was just like awesome I lost all this weight I feel great. I love fasting, I find my body responds really well to it and boosts my mood and increases energy.

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