(Please note that these kits will only fit 2009-2018 Manual transmission 370z and are designed to work with Fast Intentions, Tomei single exit , or Nismo exhaust, other cat back systems may work as well, or might require additonal fabrication which would not be included in the package price). In addition to the high capacity, this oil pan will improve cooling efficiency. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. C $42.19. I've only gotten. This product may not be legal for highway use on pollution controlled motor vehicles. It seems the performance differences are very minor between the two. Have you looked into the Boosted Performance twin-scroll single turbo kit? Walbro 450 Liter Per Hour (LPH) Fuel Pump & SPAL relay kit. The all new AAM Competition Nissan 370Z Twin Turbocharger System is the latest Forced Induction kit to hit the market. F.I. TiAL investment cast stainless steel v-band Turbine Housings for the GT/HTZ-28 series Turbochargers. Application Specific: 2009+ Nissan 370Z Base, Sport, Touring & NISMO. ), Greddy high capacity cast aluminum, baffled Oil Pan. q = (T2 - T1) / ((ln (R2/R1) / (2*pi*k*L)). I swear that the stock header and cat combo takes so much more space than my PPE''s. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. (Calibrated for E10 - E85)**. Single Turbo V6: A Dissertation, GTM Motorsports Twin Turbo vs Greddy Twin Turbo Kit. It typically takes 4 to 12 weeks +/- to build and ship the entire package. Option for forced induction is expanding on our vehicles, and this is definitely something I think can be expounded upon for the rest of the community who are like me and asking this question. With additional mods (not included) this kit can make nearly 800whp! Exhaust Connection: Package 1: ECUTek License / Custom (DRIVE IN) Tune - Up to 4 maps on 1 fuel, excuding E85 ethanol. Twin scroll takes advantage of cylinder firing order and helps spool a turbo faster. Fuel Injectors: 370Z Forums HOME: My Picture Album: Nissan 370Z Pictures: Premium Membership: Become a Forum Sponsor : Nissan 370Z Forum > Tech Area > Engine & Drivetrain > Forced Induction: $159.00 Flat rate shipping (*within the continental U.S. only*). The install went very smooth. Is it because we can just kick up the boost to make up for the inefficiencies? Turbo: 34 Row Oil Cooler (+$500.00)No Oil Cooler I'd like to add my two cents here if I may. Tuning: Dustin, thanks for the response, at the end of the day cost is the most important determining factor for business and buyers. This entry was posted in 370z, boosted performance, Engine Building, nissan, Specials and tagged in 350z, 370z, boosted performance, bp turbo kit, comp turbo, fairlady, GTR, nismo, nismo 370, nissan, nissan 370z, RT Tuning, Turbo, turbo kit, VQ, VQ35, vq37, vq37vhr, VR30, z34. Street Radials on VOLK TE37's, July 23rd, 2015: Stock Block (677 Rear Wheel Horsepower @14psi), 7AT (Automatic Transmission) upgraded with Exedy Clutch Packs, Fast Intentions SFI Approved Billet Aluminum Flex Plate, Fast Intentions 2.5" TDX Cat Back Exhaust system, FAST-500E Return Fuel System w/E85 Flex Fuel, ECUTek Race Rom 2: Tuned by Sebastian of Specialty Z. Oil cooler kit: Setrab Series (6) 34 row Oil Cooler & aircraft grade "Teflon Coated" stainless steel braided -8 oil lines. Showcasing high flow volute geometry, with integrated back plate. Call us today to schedule your appointment. We have 3 kits in stock as of this writing with no lead time at all. The Boosted Performance turbo kit for the 370z is the most affordable and complete kit on the market. And this is why this forum rocks. All Rights Reserved. The critical factor they left out is heat transfer. Model: --- choose option ---F.I. I've only gotten bits and pieces on information, and not the whole picture. Is it a packaging issue? STAGE 1 TiAL/XONA 2860 / TO4B Cover / Dual ball bearing oil & water cooled Turbochargers. 2) Create the most reliable and efficient TT system. Given the same turbo specs, a twin scroll will typically spool faster than a single inlet. --- choose option ---6MT (Manual)7AT (Automatic) When I get real internet that allows me to see pictures hosted on photobucket, I want to get a good look how The twin scroll kit is being routed. Twin scroll turbos are relatively new innovations on the performance car tuning scene. This page was last updated: 04-Nov 05:07. Xonarotor turbochargers are optimized for surge line performance and high pressure ratio efficiency. From China. The kit comes with an upper Oil Pan side mounting block & Oil Filter relocation block. ECUTek Interface Cable not included. It seems a bit more cost effective compared to a twin turbo setup. TiAL 38mm MV-S external Wastegates with water cooling capabilities. Dash 10 high temperature Turbocharger Oil Drain Lines. You can drop your 370z off on a Monday and pick up on that Friday. (Includes all mounting brackets & hardware). Maybe even go with 25Gs to replace the 20Gs. 2) Create the most reliable and efficient TT system. Image(s) shown may not reflect actual products. Mike@GTM - speaking of twin turbo setups, when are we going to see pricing on the 16/18/20G kits? -F.I. 5mm high temperature Silicone Vacuum Hose. If you choose not to purchase our oil cooler, you must still use use some type of oil cooler in conjunction with the TT system. --- choose option ---Non NISMONISMO Simple Shop by Slocum Studio, « Bride Stradia II Seat installed on a Subaru STi, New Revel Coilovers by Tanabe installed on a Subaru STi », R/T Tuning - Dyno Tuning & Engine Performance Specialists, Boosted Performance Turbo mounting pipe, down pipe pipes and mid pipe connector, Boosted performance front mount intercooler and piping, Comp Turbo Oil-Less CT4x 6267 rated for 800hp, (2) TurboSmart CompGate 40mm External Waste Gates, Southbend Stage 3 “Daily” kit with lightweight steel flywheel. Aircraft grade "Teflon Coated" stainless steel braided Turbocharger -3 oil feed & -6 Coolant Lines. --- choose option ---200920102011201220132014201520162017201820192020 --- choose option ---Exhaust Transition Elbow [Internal Wastegate Dump ONLY] (+$650.00)3" Down Pipe w/Internal Wastegate Dump (+$895.00)3" Down Pipe w/External Wastegate Dump (+$650.00)3" Down Pipe to 2.5" Conn. w/Internal Wastegate Dump (+$895.00)3" Down Pipe to 2.5" Conn. w/External Wastegate Dump (+$650.00) Fuel Pump: With innovative features, cutting edge technology, reliable operation and of course maximum power, the AAM Competition Nissan 370Z Twin Turbocharger System is the best forced induction system available for your Nissan 370Z.

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