Training, Training, training! Just remember that there is no guarantee that whatever you carry can or will “stop” the bad guy, but at least you have options. It saved my life then and that’s what’s important. I agree that a .380 is a good round for smaller pistols that may need a lighter round for more controllability. But how about your aged mother or arthritis-stricken grandparent? It is especially true with the ad vent of the Lehigh defense projectiles known as Extreme Defense and Extreme Penetrator. The full metal gun delivered down range quickly and effectively with little recoil. 380 ACP vs. 9mm Luger – What’s Best For You? Across all brands of ammo, including Hornady XTP in both .380 and 9mm, the Glocks shot with the highest velocities and thus were also harder-hitting in terms of actual force delivered into their targets, though these differences were relatively small and not statistically significant. Everyone looks at ballistics but seem to totally ignore speed and the ability to put more shots where you want them. These constant advances in round technology, must not overruled by old outdated ideas and beliefs from yesteryear. .380!! Who cares? With a .380 I have great control, shoot faster and more accurate with not a lot of training. I feel very comfortable with my Ruger 380 loaded with hollow point rounds. That thing was a beast, nice weapon, but a beast. For most, the answer is yes. OK, maybe not for you. I was able to shoot one clip of .45s with my son’s weapon (I’m an ex-marine from the 1950s, back in the days of the M1 Garand, so I say “clip”.) After a gun fight there should only be one statement taken..YOURS ! Was thinking of either the G-43 or the P-365. Would I rather have a bigger gun in a bigger caliber with more rounds…absolutely, but my 1911 doesn’t fit well in my summer shorts….you need a gun for all seasons S&W Bodyguard 380 or Glock 42 are better than no gun at all and the S&W Shield 380 EZ is the #1 recommended handgun for ladies…full grip, 8 rounds and easy to shoot accurately. The recoil wasn’t too much an issue from the used rattle-trap I was issued. One last thing, if you get a .22, I would recommend a revolver over a semi-auto because rimfire cartridges tend to perform better in a cylinder than a magazine. I lived in South Dakota for 14 years and passed by bfulafo on the way to town nearly every day. In some cases it’s a better choice to have available. They all vastly under preform. The variable is how fast you can deliver rounds into that area. In my hands it was just difficult to control, but in the hands of someone who doesn’t have my experience and skill, the results might be tragic: missed shots and endangered bystanders. is not defensive option . I managed to shoot the .45 and actually hit the target, but my hand and wrist hurt. Thanks to a .380 Walther PPKs and a Hornady hollow-point, I escaped being chewed alive. A 9mm is probably going to kill whoever gets shot by it, but it is certainly not considered a "stopper.". So, you’re right….. it’s better to have a gun you can carry, operate, and shoot than no gun. my glock 19 was crap. re: .380 vs .22 Magnum Pistol for Self-defense Posted by Slickback on 10/3/12 at 3:02 pm to CoastieGM If you're worried about size, capacity, and killing ability check out the FN FiveSeven. The lighter, but faster CCI 30 grain HP+V round was selected as well. Funny, I let my dad sell his Browning BDA because my wife couldn’t rack the slide (carpal tunnel). I have a Colt pony Pocketlite customized by Scott MacDougal and that pistol doesn’t jam with my defense ammo. Else: Every bullet that damage the tissue like it should damage and makes it’s way to that tissue, is fine for self defence. Upset in the gel was a touch longer with the 380 and the initial bullet hole is somewhat larger. On the flipside she will go thru every bit of 380 with her Bersa thunder 380+ (15+1). There’s always room in my life for another pistol……. Yep. When loaded with modern bonded JHP ammo any of them will get the job done. Back in the 1970’s when the Dirty Harry movies were in their heyday I was young and foolish and fell for the S&W model 29 .44mag and the .44 auto mag hype. You would be better off getting a 22 cal pistol and a bunch of mags and train in reloading it. Don’t be bullied by big-bore pistol packin’, macho men, who have yet to experience the joys of carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. I use the Hornady Critical Defense and Ball mixed. Both incidents were over within three rounds, and both defenders emerged unscathed. Plus .380 ammo is generally more expensive and can be hard to find compared to 9mm. Not calling them liars. Every word rings true for me and I carry a 9mm.

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