If you have any questions, feel like you received this message in error or would like suggestions on other brands please contact us here. Engineered to offer the ultimate in performance and durability, Full-Race kits spool faster, last longer and produce more reliable power across the entire RPM range than any other kit on the market. 500+whp requires lower compression and supporting fuel mods). The Civic Si benefits from a host of products for its K20Z3 engine, including complete turbo kits featuring Garrett turbochargers and BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks turbochargers . We have the high quality parts your build craves. Add to Cart. Silver (+$259.99) If doing the clutch install at the same time as the turbo kit install, it may be easier to drop the engine to separate the transmission and tap the oil pan + install the manifold, turbo, downpipe, wastegate, and dump tube assembly. Email - sales@maperformance.com Phone 1(888)627-3736, $ 2,871.00 Note: Horizontal flow intercoolers are not recommended since the excessively long charge piping creates additional lag and reduced intercooler efficiency with no positive benefit. Your Dream Build Starts Here! When turbocharging these applications, it is imperative that the turbo system be engineered to properly compliment the engine’s huge flow characteristics. wiring near the area of the turbo and manifold. Please review our privacy policy & cookies information page. Precision Turbo & Engine 5558, GEN2 5558, 5858, 5862, GEN2 5862, 6262, 6266, GEN2 6062, GEN2 6266, GEN2 6466, GEN2 6766, Garrett GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3082R, GT3582R, GTX2861R, GTX2971R, GTX2976R, GTX3071R, GTX3076R, GTX3576R, GTX3582R, GTX3071R GEN2, GTX3076R GEN2, GTX3576R GEN2, GTX3582R GEN2, GTW3476, GTW3684, GTW3884, Comp Turbo, Turbonetics Turbo and more! No Thank You Our manifold is the highest quality, highest flowing and longest lasting turbo manifold on the planet… with the best welds in the industry. Trimming here is NOT structural and is NOT part of the frame – just thin sheet metal. When installing FMIC, rotate the ambient air temp sensor vertically and retighten (it does not fit between the intercooler and condenser). Join us on Facebook and get up to date news about our product and offers. Precision turbochargers are available in journal bearing and ball bearing. © 2020 HARDmotion - Hyper Auto Racing Development. Fits 2006 - 2008 2.0L Civic Si Item Number: PRL-HC8-TK-A. $ 3,190.00You Save 10% ($ 319.00). This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable. The fact that you can unbolt any turbo and boltup any other T3/4bolt turbos (smaller or larger) with no significant changes is a huge benefit. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within your country. GTX3071R Gen II w/ 0.63 A/R T3 Inlet, V-Band Outlet (+$1,511.50) Warranty claims must be submitted to MAPerformance for review. In order to clear our massive high flowing 3″ downpipe, the steering rack strap’s mount must be trimmed for clearance. Join us on Facebook and get up to date news about our product and offers.   We have a range of parts so that you have the opportunity to slightly change your vehicle just to finish it off or completely transform it into something that stands out from the crowd and draws attention everywhere you go. There is no hacked up engine management system included for you to waste money on, Hondata FlashPro is the best solution (we build the best turbo kits, they build the best ECUs; they can’t build turbo kits better than us and we can’t build ECUs better than them – symbiosis). HPC coatings, additional header wrap, additional heat protection measures are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all hot side components in the engine bay. No Thank You Precision Turbo Applications: Model // Horsepower-- Journal Bearing --Precision 5558 JB -- 590HPPrecision 5858 JB -- 600HPPrecision 5862 JB -- 640HPPrecision 6262 JB -- 675HP +($25.00)Precision 6266 JB -- 695HP +($25.00)Precision 6766 JB -- 900HP +($300.00)-- Ball Bearing --Precision 5558 BB -- 590HP +($600.00)Precision 5858 BB -- 600HP +($600.00)Precision 5862 BB -- 640HP +($600.00) Precision 6262 BB -- 675HP +($650.00)Precision 6766 BB -- 930HP +($1150.00)-- Ball Bearing Gen 2 --Precision 6062 BB -- 750HP Gen2 +($700.00)Precision 6266 BB -- 800HP Gen2 +($700.00)Precision 6466 BB -- 900HP Gen2 +($925.00), Garret Turbo Applications(GT VS GTX = GTX spools faster)--GT Series--Garret GT3071R -- 480HP +($435.00)Garret GT3076R -- 525HP +($435.00)Garret GT3582R -- 675HP +($625.00)--GTX Series--Garret GTX3071R Gen2 -- 650HP +($700.00)Garret GTX3076R Gen2 -- 750HP +($725.00)Garret GTX3576R Gen2 -- 750HP +($975.00)Garret GTX3582R Gen2 -- 850HP +($1000.00). Full-Race Vacuum/Boost Distribution Block, Hondata FlashPro w/ RSX IAT and Pigtail (Coming Soon). High quality couplers and T-Bolt clamps are included to help seal in that pressure and keep you away from boost leaks. For warranty evaluation please create a support ticket via this form here. Full-Race’s K Series Prostreet Turbo Kits can support power levels from an ultra responsive 300whp to a 700+whp monster. CXRacing Turbo Kit for Honda Civic & Integra with D15, D16, D Series Engine This turb.. Hondata MAF Removal Write Up. Turbos are listed in order from smallest to largest: GT2871R, T3/T04E 57trim, GT3076R. Select an option... Engineered to ... Full Race AirWerks T4 EWG Turbo Kit. TurboKits.com Contact us to ensure you're getting the right part for your car at the absolute best pricing on earth! 4.) The information contained herein has taken years of hard work from many smart people to compile. Terms Of Use .:. Fuel Injector:The Higher the injector the more headroom you have for more power.Due to power this kit requires at least a 1000cc injector.Fuel Pump:The higher the better, if your going for ultimate power pick the DW300Otherwise they all will work sufficiently over oem.

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