1990s–present. Learning Arabic with songs is great. Que se arruinen los canales de noticiasCon lo mucho que odio la televisiónQue se vuelvan anticuadas las sonrisasY se extingan todas las puestas de solQue se supriman las doctrinas y deberesQue se terminen las peliculas de acciónQue se destruyan en el mundo los placeresY que se escriba hoy una última canción, Pero que me quedes tú y me quede tu abrazoY el beso que inventas cada díaY que me quede aquí después del ocasoPara siempre tu melancolíaPor que yo, sí, que dependo de tíY si me quedas túMe queda la vida, Que desaparescan todos los vecinosY se coman las sobras de mi inocenciaQue se vayan uno a uno los amigosY acribillen mi pedazo de concienciaQue se consuman las palabras en los lábiosQue contaminen todo el agua del planetaO que renuncien los filántropos y sábiosY que se muera hoy hasta el último poeta, Pero que me quedes tú y me quede tu abrazoY el beso que inventas cada díaY que me quede aquí después del ocasoPara siempre tu melancolíaPor que yo sí que dependo de tíY si me quedas túMe queda la vida, Music begins with lyrics © 2003 - 2020, 2.9 millions of lyrics, 71.9 millions of visits in October Made with love in Belo Horizonte - Brazil. For people are only lines, For now take care and stay tuned for upcoming posts! As always, I have added the song in the form of a YouTube video as well as the lyrics in Arabic. The words of this beautiful ballad were taken from a poem written by Gibran Khalil Gibran, one of the world’s most renowned poets. for singing is the secret of existence, وأنين الناي يبقى Thank you! Marhaba! FAIRUZ - "Aatini al Nay wa Ghanni" arabic lyrics and tranlation to english. Looking forward to more. Ascetic in what will come, ناسياً ما قد مضى Similar to other musical posts, I have added the lyrics in Arabic so that you can follow and sing with Fairouz, and translated them to English so that you can learn what these beautiful lyrics mean. Send us your revision. After the end of existence, هل إتخذت الغاب مثلي I feel my connection to Arabic as both a language and culture is severing and so it is with you, my readers and fellow Arabic lovers, and through you that I wish to reestablish this connection by creating one for you. It was first sung at the end of the sixties. I have lived my good times and my bad times in Beirut. I was but a young child when I had to learn to share my toys and food with others as we hid from bombs and fighting during the Lebanese Civil War. Have you followed the streams, هل تحممت بعطره Give me the nay and sing, فالغنا سر الوجود The Nay is a type of flute which is used overwhelmingly in the Arab world, especially the Levant. Paroles officielles Aatini Nay lyrics par Fairuz : أعطني الناي وغني فالغنا سر الوجود وأنين The song is called A’tini al-nay wa-ghanni  (أعطني الناي وغني), which literally translates to Give me the Nay and Sing. The Nay is a type of flute which is used overwhelmingly in the Arab world, especially the Levant. The song is called A’tini al-nay wa-ghanni (أعطني الناي وغني), which literally translates to Give me the Nay and Sing. She is one of the most admired and respected musicians in the Arab world and beyond. Written by: Luis Fernando Ochoa / Shakira. 1, Lhasa de Sela Sings Fairuz "Aatini al-Nay" اعطني الناي وغنّ "Donne moi la flute", Best of Fayrouz, Aatini Nay,فيروز, اعطني الناي, Fairuz - Aatini El Nay (Performed by Bassam El Saghir), Show the world what you are playing with ChordU. 8424 views - Ashgar Bshama crd. Have you slept on the grass at night, وتلحفت الفضاء We have full length alphabet courses and integrated spe… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…, Combining extensive courses and supplemental resources for over 100 Am I right? Are you sure you want to exit without saving your changes? Aatni elnaya a cantar canciones Faelghina ssiro elkhouloud El Anino elnnay yabka Después de casarse con yafna elwoujoud. I am sure you know by now that Lady Fairouz is one of my favorite Arab artists. Have you, as I did, sat in the afternoon, هل فرشت العشب ليلاً Forget the disease and its cure, إنما الناس سطورٌ Give me the flute, and sing / immortality lies in a song / and even after we've perished / the flute continues to lament / have you taken refuge in the woods / away from places like me / followed … We all just adore Fairouz’s beautiful songs. Forgetting what has passed, وانسى داء ودواء Aatini Al-nay. Aatni elnaya wa ghani Faelghina ssiro elkhouloud Wa anino elnnay yabka Baada ane yafna elwoujoud. Well, you came to the right place! Thank you for the lyrics in Arabic . Have you bathed in its fragrance, وتنشفت بنور Happy Learning! Have you, as I did, taken the forest, منـزلاً دون القصور All contents are subject to copyright, provided for educational and personal noncommercial use only. A house without limitations, فتتبعت السواقي فيروز —أعطني الناي وغني "They don't care about us" Michael Jackson (cover) | Guitar Orquestration (David Ovejero), Fairouz a3tini annaya wa ghanni(video: BBbrahem) - فيروز - اعطني الناي وغني, A3teni EL Nay by Khalil Jarjoura اعطني الناي, Fairuz: Aatini El Nay فيروز: أعطني الناي Pass me the Flute (La Cumparsita), Fairuz Song on oud: Atini Naya Wa Ghanni أغنية فيروز على العود: أعطني الناي وغنّي. Please check your inbox for your confirmation email. Her first CD, The Very Best of Fairuz was published in 1987 and contained the emblematic song "Aatini al Nay wa ghanni" (Give me the flute and sing) based on a poem in "The Procession" by Khalil Gibran. Love Fairuz and this song. Have you tried drinking the Dawn as your wine, هل جلست العصر مثلي Did you see an error? Are you sure you want to delete this playlist? And used the sky as you blanket, زاهداً في ما سيأتي a3tini el nay Added on: 2012/10/20 , Number of views: 24910 , 2 comments . Fairouz — Give me the Nay (Flute) and Sing, أعطني الناي وغني Bassam Saba and the New York Arabic Orchestra - Ateeni Naya Wa Ghani - Live at Symphony Space 2011, Nessrine JABEUR & Wacim GHADHAB "Ahwak اهواك" (Fairouz فيروز Cover) on Live Session #7 ep. Just getting started with a new alphabet or writing system? أعطني الناي وغني فالغنا عدل القلوب /A3tiny ennay wa ghanni falghinna2 3adlou lqouloub وأنين الناي يبقى بعد أن تفنى الذنوب /Wa aneenoun nay yabqa ba3d 2an tafna aththounoub أعطني الناي وغني وانسى داء ودواء /A3tiny ennay wa ghanni w ansa da2an wa dawa2 Aatini Al-nay. نهاركم سعيد. Have a nice day!! languages, including English, Transparent Lang… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Retweeted by Transparent Language, The Japanese cucumber conundrum — and other fiendish lockdown puzzles for language lovers inews.co.uk/culture/books/…, See how our Content team publishes 40+ lessons every week covering current events in politics, tech, and beyond to… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…. And dried yourself in its light, وشربت الفجر خمراً Salam everyone! Rate this post >> x2 - Omi thoma Omi crd. Many of you Arabic lovers always reach out to express your desire to learn more of her great songs. Born as an American to two originally Arab parents, I have been raised and have spent most of my life in Beirut, Lebanon. Samer.m Silver Member Fairuz 54 Songs. Today, I want to share with you yet another beautiful ballad by the great Fairouz! Aatini Al Naya Wa Ghanni is a poem written by the legendary Lebanese philosopher Gibran Khalil Gibran, composed by Najib Hankash and performed by Fairouz. [C E A D G Dm F Em Bm Gm Am] Chords for a3tini nay wa ghani with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. I want to receive notifications about featured artists and news. SWOriginal Agregar a la playlist Tamaño A Restaurar A Cifrado Imprimir Enviar 21411 views - Awlak Ghalat 2 crd. 10 Most Common Swear Words and Expressions in Arabic, 10 Most Common Expressions About Love in Arabic, Introduce yourself in Modern Standard Arabic, Let’s Tell Time in MSA and Levantine Arabic. A'tini al-Nay Give me the flute Lyrics: Kahlil Gibran Music: Najib Hankash. Perhaps some songs by Abdel Halim Hafiz as well. 8045 views - Awedony crd. © 2020 Transparent Language, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Today, I want to share with you yet another beautiful ballad by the great Fairouz! And the sound of the nay remains, بعد أن يفنى الوجود kifak inta Fairouz prova (trial) Ziad Rahbani.

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