This will navigate you to Sign In page. Accenture's video shares how consumer goods manufacturers can connect their front office to retailers using the Accenture Cloud Solutions. I guess my point is when a company wants you they should reflect it in raises and bonuses. I had asked my cc and she just said decisions have not been released yet. Promotion cycle with Accenture CAS TPM and TPO – from planning to execution and analysis: •• Baseline management •• ong-term agreements • Gap-to-target management • Plan P& monitoring • Promotion library • Promotion P& • Workflow • Incremental management • Scenario planning • Team management Volume and cost actualization Decisions are announced and bonuses are paid in November with compensation going into effect December 1. As you can probably tell, I never recovered. Isn't this really annoying? The information provided is from their perspective. 13 Comments Share 1 . Have an Accenture-specific question so I'm putting it here as well since it's somewhat related: I'm starting at ACN Strategy next year in July. I'm going to be a little douche about this sorry. How can organizations craft unique experiences for consumers? Cons The promotion process is difficult. If you don't want to go through all that, then do what I initially said and just ask HR directly. You are searching for dynamic work, using your agility to bring clients solutions... – More. It turns out that he got a CW on one of 3-4 projects - but this project lasted longer than all of this other projects combined I believe. Drinkworks partnered with Accenture to help reinvent the home cocktail experience. A lot of them just phone it in or don't even attend those sessions at all. 4 years ago. Accenture is an international consulting company, founded under the name Andersen Consulting in 1989. Is that why? Architect the business to be relevant at scale. The other company was going to statt me at 75k. Hi There, It all depends on below factors: 1. Just curious about when appraisal/performance evaluations are for Strategy consultants and whether starting later would affect me. The official promotion release dates are just three weeks away so I could just accept the new position and give notice after ACN decisions but at that point I would literally be quitting the same day or close to it and immediately starting the new job. Catering different country requirements and distribution models. Can any Accenture employee on me regarding drug testing at the firm? SALT Solutions will join Accenture Industry X to help improve clients’ factory and plant operations, COVID-19 likely to usher in "decade of the home," according to Accenture Survey Research, Zydus Wellness builds enterprise platform to drive digital transformation. Does the answer to this question affect whether or not you'll take a job with them, or whether or not you'll do drugs? The first name is required and cannot be empty, The last name is required and cannot be empty. Also, were you moved to the new CDO group? Keep up with our latest research, news & insights. If they don't counter offer and the other job is a better offer.. well there you go! Your date of Joining - It’ll be used to calculate MAL (Months At Level) for eligibility. Some companies are experimenting with different rating systems but I don't see how they'd get away from the core problem, which is: ultimately there's a fixed amount of raises and bonuses to go around, so any rating system has to use some sort of forced-rank approach to determine who gets what. Project experience - It’ll be used to calculate your chargeability. They can help you get better offers down the road and also higher standing. Analyst to Senior Analyst. 2. Learn about the ongoing consumer trends impacting CPGs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). So here is more detail. Last year I received a 2% salary increase when everyone was bumped up from analyst to senior analyst. New research highlights how retail and consumer goods companies must adjust their product and service portfolios to meet consumers locally. Regardless, good luck! Dude just don’t join a project that requires it and you’ll be fine. Finally, if the system isn't working for you you should find a different group or company. Accenture partnered with DFG to deliver a digital platform with personalized customer experience. See more. This ultimately comes down to the fact that no matter how well you (think you) did, other people probably had better stories. In my years at Accenture, the lowest percent increase I've received is 9% plus bonus - which is pretty good (that was without a promotion) and it's gone up to 21% plus bonus (with promotion). The headquarters of Accenture are located in Dublin, Ireland since 2009 and getting a job in the company is considered a matter of pride for most candidates. Some might be really busy with their projects or personal issues, and some just don't care at all. There is already a separate, active Accenture Careers account with the same email address as your LinkedIn account email address. So I am really confused by this. Just to tack on to an Accenture thread and not create a repeated question in its own thread. This is the employer's chance to tell you why you should work for them. I was told a strong candidate a few months ago but I think that is often the standard line since they seem to be having problems retaining knowledgeable resources. As a result the only advise I'd give to people is: talk to your career advisor (manager, counselor, whatever your company calls it) about what it really takes to reliably get the top ratings at year end, and hold yourself to that. f*** that Exceed Expectations if your manager is not willing to die for your during the deliberations, that EE is nothing but shit. It’s time to satisfy fluctuating consumer demands while seizing new growth opportunities in today’s integrated marketplace. Promotions are a nice validation of effort put into time sinks. Consumer Goods executives can make better-informed decisions while boosting revenue, profit and market share. If your logic holds, even without introducing performance achievement in FY16, wouldnt analyst in DTE that have fewer people be more prime for promotion? Accenture currently employs 350,000 employees around the world, and is headquartered in Dublin. Just to underline what the other guy said. If you want to test them, get a second job offer and put it on the table, they'll counter offer or they wont, and that's your answer. Accenture Cloud for Consumer Goods uses predictive analytics and real-time data to power smarter decision-making. They want you to participate in the Accenture extracurricular activites, but it only counts so much - it almost isn't worth it - I would say. That said, you may not have the ability to adjust your start date. The data captured during this cycle can be analyzed to gauge the success of the past promotion and compare results to previous initiatives. Fiscal year starts September so starting in July vs. August won't have any impact - you'll have a full year under your belt going into performance discussions the following July/August. Why? Cheers! Accenture Technology: Start at analyst, after 1 year senior analyst, after 1–2 years Specialist (= Consultant), after 2–3 years Associate Manager, after 2 - 3 years Manager, after 3 - 5 years Senior Manager, when the angels say so: Associate Director, … Managing Director – Global Industry Lead, Consumer Goods and Services, Senior Managing Director - Consumer Goods and Services Lead, North America, Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods and Services Lead, Europe, Managing Director – Consumer Goods and Retail, Industry Lead, Growth Markets. Accenture reports how the coronavirus will permanently change consumer behavior and transform the future of the CPG industry. Promotion cycle with Accenture CAS TPM and TPO – from planning to execution and analysis: •• Baseline management •• ong-term agreements • Gap-to-target management • Plan P& monitoring • Promotion library • Promotion P& • Workflow • Incremental management • Scenario planning • Team management Volume and cost actualization Because it's based on laddering, even people that did a great job can get screwed. Just got hired 2014 as TL and got promoted to AM last december 1. The other position is for an industry job at slight higher salary and no travel. Project feedback actually correlates very poorly with year end feedback. Have an Accenture-specific question so I'm putting it here as well since it's somewhat related: I'm starting at ACN Strategy next year in July. Over time, this allows to generate predictive insights about where and how to prioritize future trade promotion spend in order to secure the greatest return on investment. You might also be interested in salaries for. I don't know if you know this each rating has a Top and Bottom I guess you are in the Bottom C. PROTIP: In my observation. Please try logging in with your registered email address and password. Accenture Cloud Trade Promotion Management (TPM) empowers sales and marketing to manage, control and optimize customer revenue, profit and trade spend. If accenture wants you they may counter offer. I am also in Tech - Consulting CG&S I hope this helps. 1 Like . Please try logging in with your registered email address and password. Make better-informed decisions while boosting revenue, profit and market share. What trends are impacting the consumer packaged goods industry and how can CPGs better serve emerging consumer segments? no acn drug test but lol if u get lined up w client dt onboarding.

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