allegiance and supremacy were required to be sworn at various times. These were 68 the 1791 Catholic Relief Act, Calendars of Prisoners: Surrey Sessions and Assizes, Registration of the Estates of Roman Catholics, Certificates of Protestant dissenting and Roman Catholic vs. Ingle, Examinations, High Court of Admiralty, HCA 13/60, NA. 59 3 and 4. Baltimore to be heard, about his Patent for Maryland,’ [28 November 1646] in JHL 8, 1645-1647: 581-583; ‘L. The first person exorcized by Weston in England was William Marwood, a servant of Anthony Babington, a Catholic nobleman from Derbyshire, who later visited Denham in order to witness the exorcisms of the six Demoniacs. A blog dedicated to the development of Catholic legal theory. If the other two confessed, their records have been lost. 15 been published by the Catholic Record Society and the 1767 return for London 1563, Oath of Supremacy. Parliament ordered all Catholic priests to leave the country within 40 days. (1603–1646) was a Franciscan priest from Lancashire executed in August 1646 under the 1585 "Act against Jesuits, Seminary priests and other such like disobedient persons" (27 Eliz. The former was educated at Trinity College at Oxford University before marrying the daughter of Sir Thomas Arundel of Wardour, Anne Arundel (d. 1649) in 1629. 23 Walker, D. P. Unclean Spirits: Possession and Exorcism in France and England in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries. [21], There is little evidence that the 1698 Act was enforced strictly. Washburn, Wilcomb E., ‘The Moral and Legal Justifications for Dispossessing the Indians,’ in James Morton Smith, ed. . The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Other priests were jailed. This stated that if Elizabeth was murdered, Parliament would make sure that the murderers were punished along with anyone who had benefitted from Elizabeth’s death. * Views captured on Cambridge Core between . 27 Eliz.1, c. 2 (1585). full day’s pay for a skilled tradesman addresses, occupations, family members and how long they have lived in the (St. Omers, 1660). This data will be updated every 24 hours. 2 (1906) 124-141 at 139-140. The last exorcism occurred on April 23, 1586. (Cambridge 1975), A. Dures                      “English essentially used to identify Catholics and ensure the penalties in force at the, Araujo, Robert Baltimore’s Cause concerning Maryland,’ [22 Jan 1647] in JHL 8, 1645-1647: 682-684; ‘L. frequently a list of those refusing to take the oaths. Act of uniformity - restored single form of worship. As such a commemoration was permitted in an authorised service, it would have been inconsistent not to permit commemoration of similar persons by a memorial."[26]. Bettenson and Maunder, Documents of the Christian Church, 258. See, This was not simply a problem for Elizabethan times; it is of major concern today when Catholic institutions are pressured in some form or other to suppress the Catholic perspective and teachings or face the consequences that the regulators will decide. Riordan, Plundering Time, 254; Christopher Brooks and Michael Lobban, eds., Communities & Courts in Britain, 1150-1900 (London: A&C Black, 1997), 89. , 89-90. And the Witchcraft Act of 1563 made the conjuring of spirits—which included exorcism—punishable by death on the first offense. Within the context of this goal, an underlying objective was to eradicate any element of “popery” involving any practice of the Catholic faith that would include the education of young persons. [the English of the statute has been modernized] A digital copy of this legislation is HERE:  Download 27 Elizabeth c. 2. has been published by the Society of Genealogy.

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