Suitable pig toys include anything that can be manipulated but not easily destructible, safe if consumed, and provides a challenge or results in a reward (e.g. As with any pet, pigs may or may not get along with other animals in the household. items for your pig. Do you have a vehicle big enough to safely transport your pig, keeping in mind it might get dirty during the trip? Below is a brief overview of the type of needs a Pig might require and what you will need to consider for the life time care of a Pig. For more information on this issue, you can email the BC SPCA. Find photos of Pigs for adoption near you. Meghann Cant, Manager of Companion Animal Welfare Science and Policy for the BC SPCA, understands the appeal. Stories about specific rescues and ways you can help are add The pig’s guardians will be able to tell you about their needs and their personality. Also known as the domestic pig, the term “mini pig” can actually describe any breed of small domestic pig, including the pot-bellied pig. Bagged pig food provides your pig’s complete daily nutrients, but it can be expensive and hard to find in local pet stores. The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates offers Spay and Neuter Assistance for mini pig owners and rescues when funds are available. With so many mini pigs, from baby to adult, being discarded by their owners for a variety of reasons, this group has been created to help them get united with new loving homes. Use Search Saver. Pigs are cuddly, love to be scratched and pet, but they typically do not like to be held or carried. During that time you will need to plan for vet visits just like you would with other pets. Here’s everything you need to know to get started. This 501c3 nonprofit organization program is built and funded solely on donations. By three to six years of age, pigs are fully grown. Check PetFinder to locate an adoptable oinker near you. Many are no longer popular because people have realized they are just not suitable as pets. Pigs are intelligent, curious and affectionate animals,” she says. male pigs) grow very large and can be aggressive. Teacup breeders will breed runts from each litter, resulting in smaller and smaller pigs with each breeding. The procedure should only be done by an experienced veterinarian using pain medication. Any ad that uses the word “teacup,” whether the seller is offering pigs, chihuahuas or any other type of animal, is almost certainly a scam. Well-intentioned but poorly-informed caregivers become overwhelmed and, as a result, many pet pigs are relinquished to shelters, rescues and hobby farms. Other objects in your home may be the target of their curiosities as well,” says Salumets. Adults weigh 135 to 220 pounds. “Releasing pigs into the wild is illegal and inhumane, as pigs used to living as a pet have no experience in the wild,” adds Salumets. Any younger, and they probably won’t be. They can be taken on walks with a harness and a leash, but if they grow to be over 100 pounds, it can become impossible for them to climb stairs or hop into a car. Now if you are looking for a Teacup pig, they do not exist. There’s no breed of any animal called a “teacup.”. While 14 piglets sounds like cuteness overload at first, you will quickly be overwhelmed. get a mini pig! Unimilk “Milk Replacer” By Manna Pro is a good one. They need both Dan. Thank you for signing up to receive updates from the BC SPCA! A piglet’s parents may still be piglets themselves. “Pigs can also behave aggressively towards dogs, especially when food is involved.” Interactions between the two should always be supervised. Pigs also need fresh vegetables each day, and limited fruits to prevent your pig from gaining excess weight from the natural sugars. Because they are prey animals, sometimes pigs try to hide the fact that they are sick or injured. You’ll want props that you can use to teach your pig tricks, as well as food toys to engage them as they eat dinner. Pigs should always have access to water, and should be fed at least two or three times per day. You can get some from Pig sanctuaries and rescue groups for significantly less than breeders. This 70-page book only covers the minimum requirements for caring for pigs. You’ll need to find a vet who works with pigs. pig boarding. piggy application. Miniature pigs were originally bred in zoos or used for medical research. “How many will still be cherished pets a year from now?”. You can expect a mini pig to grow to be between 50 and 300 pounds when full grown. Food medical and such?? These people are then faced with a choice: move or find a new home for their pig. Our mission (and passion) is to help A wallow (i.e. Before bringing home a Pig, make sure you have considered the full impact of your decision. volunteer . Miniature pigs were originally bred in zoos or used for medical research. I would love nothing more then to have one. “Mini pigs” is a term used to encompass any smaller breed of pig, and is often substituted with other terms like “micro-pigs,” “pocket pigs,” and “teacup pigs.” They are not a distinct breed, but rather can be a variety of breeds and mixes of breeds that have been selectively bred to be smaller in size. But this may result in an underweight pig with developmental and health issues, as the genetics of the pig dictate its skeletal size, not the amount you feed it. Think pigs are easy to care for? Keeping farm animals within city limits is against the law in many municipalities. © 2004-2020 - All rights reserved, This Many people are unaware that pigs don’t sweat, they are prone to insect bites and parasites and they can get sunburnt. Pig adoption can be an enriching experience, and is a big decision. Check out the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs. If you want a pot bellied pig, you would definitely have to spay or neuter them. Pigs can reproduce long before they are fully grown. “People often expect owning a pet pig to be similar to that of owning a dog,” says Leiki Salumets, Manager of Equine and Farm Animal Care for the BC SPCA. Welcome to Idawg Enterprises IDAWG ON THE WEB !!! However, even pigs who live in houses need large outdoor areas for exercise and mental stimulation. essentials. Does a baby miniature pot bellied pig need milk or is water ok? Sellers of “teacup” pigs may try to deceive buyers into paying thousands of dollars for a pig that they mislead people into thinking will grow to be no larger than 15 pounds in weight. Good breeders do exist, though, and they’ll be straight-forward about their breeding practices, whether their pigs make good pets, and how much you can expect them to weigh as adults. Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult Food Complete Nutrition Supplements Minerals 25lbs. It may not even fit in your car! However, pet pigs can be very hard to re-home, as these groups often have little or no capacity to take in unwanted pigs. 12 Things to know before adopting a mini pig, Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs, Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals: Transportation, Adopting your pet: generally around $250 – $500 (breeders may charge up to $3000), Treatments for injuries, illnesses and check-ups, Food costs, including vitamins, if needed, Cost of care while you are away on vacation, Costs of replacing valuables should they get destroyed by your pig. Water for hydration and milk for growth. Pig adoption can be an enriching experience, and is a big decision. Tusk trims may also be required. If you adopt a male and female together, you will need to neuter your male. Nina, If you really can take care of a pig, google ‘local pig sanctuaries’; I bet you can find the right pig for you. Information on the internet can be very incorrect in regards to feeding pigs. I don’t consider him a pet. Farm pigs are processed to make pork products. Pigs can have litters of up to 14 piglets at a time. Or Near Vancouver Washington? pet-saving service is funded You may also need to trim your pig’s hooves, as they will overgrow if your pig does not spend much time walking on concrete. In other words, expect a few complaints from the next door neighbours. It is also important to realize that pig ‘accidents’ on the floor are much larger, messier and smellier than dogs. Phony “teacup” pig breeders will sell their pigs to just anyone – and most of those piglets end up euthanized or in sanctuaries before they even reach adulthood. You may be left facing euthanasia by a vet. If you are considering a pet mini pig, here are a few things to consider first: Keeping farm animals within city limits is against the law in many municipalities. Many people get a mini pig only to later realize it’s not allowed in their city. “Dogs have been known to attack pigs – even ones they have lived with for a while,” says Cant. Whatever pet you adopt will demand certain lifestyle changes, and a financial commitment. You may also need to build ramps to help your pig get in and out of your house and your car. What’s The Difference Between Mini, Pot Bellied And Teacup Pigs? An adult pig from a sanctuary will have reached its full size already. a food treat) when the pig plays with it. You can ask your local pet store to make a special order for you, or order online and have the food shipped to your doorstep. Wondering if mini pigs are good pets? Pigs, like humans, are susceptible to motion sickness and may become nauseous in a moving vehicle. We also have a 2 year cat who I hope will bond with the pig. Check out the BC SPCA Gift Catalogue featuring virtual gifts for holiday giving. mini pig veterinarians. Without opportunities to perform normal pig behaviours, pigs will become bored and create their own fun in the house, often by rooting through cupboards, tearing apart couches and knocking over tables. Pigs are best suited to an outdoor environment that provides them with lots of space to carry out these activities safely. Though pigs may not get along with other pets, Cant notes that they are very social animals and should be housed with other pigs. I would like a miniature pig where can I purchase one in Vancouver Washington?? Sadly, though, the realization often comes only after the animals have suffered.”. a shallow mud pit) is very beneficial. Some dog toys are not an appropriate choice for pigs, as pigs can often easily destroy and consume them, which poses a risk to their health. My Tickles is almost6 yrs old. Any breed of pig that weighs under 350 pounds is considered a “miniature pig.”. If you’re looking for a good breeder, ask questions even when you already know the answers – avoid a breeder who claims that their pigs stop growing at a year old, that they can live in an apartment, or otherwise seems like they’ll say anything to get you to put down a deposit.

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