Ogun stood as the Ghede Nibo’s godfather and adopted him, prompting a rivalry between Nibo and Ogun’s own son Ogubadagri. The loa, or major divine beings of Voodoo, or Vodun, are spirits who serve as intermediaries between man and Bondye, the supreme Voodoo god.The loa, or lwa, appear in different families, including the Ghede, Petro, and Radha.They are typically considered lesser divine figures, with the supreme god being Bondye, the creator. She is an elder woman, and usually a mother who is gentle and forgiving. Hello and thank you for commenting! It is only through contact with Legba that it becomes possible to contact the other gods, for he is the guardian at the door of the spirits. Most people treat them like horror figures. • Ajayi, J.F. I saw that. She holds the right to lead the ceremonies incumbent to the clan: marriages, baptisms and funerals. I visited and commented at your blog, too! Hope to see your comments too, so I can improve my blog contents Papa and Oshun have been very kind to me and I’m so grateful to them ♡ MAMAN BRIGITTE – This foul-mouthed goddesss is one of the most powerful of the thirty Ghede, or death-gods. There is a theory that Maman Brigitte could be descended from Brigid, the Celtic goddess of the hearth fires and domestic life; those who support this say she must have made her way to Haiti with Scottish and Irish indentured servants when they left their homelands. I have seen a lot of ‘top lists’ on blogs, but this one is nicely different. Voodoo mythology is a fascinating hybrid of Yoruban, Dahomey, Fon and Christian mythology intermixed with touches from Caribbean belief systems. Hello, He is known for outrageous and lewd behavior, swearing, and fornicating with women other than his wife. Pingback: The SeRaPhim – SaRP – SeRPents or Nagas – Cara Has Angels. Voodoo folloowers divide godly creatures into loa Rada and loa Petro. Fetish objects are often combined together in the construction of "shrines", used to call forth specific vodun and their associated powers.[9]. [10], European colonialism, followed by some of the totalitarian regimes in West Africa, have tried to suppress Vodun as well as other traditional religions. The vodun are the center of religious life. God of the dead and serpents; Enemies are Marie LaVeau and possibly the Avengers; His powers consist of being imortal, like all of the African Voodoo Gods. 36. You too! She can bequeath freedom or a return to bondage. A way to discover another culture and other rites. Herskovits, Melville J, and Frances S. Herskovits. That’s quite a mishmash! Sakpata: Vodun of the Earth, Xêvioso (or Xêbioso): Vodun of Thunder, also associated with Divine Justice,[1] Agbe: Vodun of the Sea, Gû: Vodun of Iron and War, Agê: Vodun of Agriculture and Forests, Jo: Vodun of Air, and Lêgba: Vodun of the Unpredictable. Ayida also serves as a fertility goddess. According to Haitian professor Leslie Desmangles, at Hartford's Trinity College, Erzulie: She appears in several different aspects, including Erzulie Dantòr and Mambo Erzulie Fréda Dahomey. I’m always glad to spread the word. The pantheon of vodounis quite larg… Priestesses, like priests, receive a calling from an oracle, which may come at any moment during their lives. He had the child baptized with the god Ogun serving as godfather. Preparation of a bat at Akodessawa Fetish Market for Voodoo rituals, This article is about the West African religion. Strangers are allowed to worship only the spirits of the standard pantheon. Haiti is the central location of the Voodoo belief system but naturally it has spread throughout the world as have other faiths. The divine Creator, called variously Mawu or Mahu, is a female being.

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