He has a ton of supporters of this disgusting ass behavior. I nor ANY OTHER woman is married to your janky ass to be embarrassed in this manner. But there are many ways for us to be a help for the one we love. She is too old to keep tricking off on black men. She as an older black African American woman that was raised and witnessed a lot of evil transgressions by white people would not be okay with this. A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Jan 29, 2019 at 7:34pm PST. Doesn't mean you got the full spectrum though. *********************************************, you know you gon get told when the sentence start like this lol, My comments must have impacted you. However, she is satisfied with her earning as it is gained through her hardship. But in a new interview with the Washington Post, opinions of the devoted husband have quickly shifted.Meet Alex Lerner, Gasby’s…girlfriend. I had a lot to say about this a few days ago. Life has a way of—whatever you deserve you’ll ultimately get and that’s fine," he said. please make it simpler for me to understand. In January 2019, The Washington Post reported that B. Smith’s husband of 28 years announced his controversial relationship via Facebook. If Dan dies before B then he can't pass B's estate down to his trick. According to Gasby, he and Lerner initially bonded over their shared experience with Alzheimer’s. Let them be. Til death do we part. How many children does Alex Lerner have . All of them are living in that house and off B. A profile interview on B. Smith, Gasby, and Lerner revealed that, back then, she was working at an upscale restaurant, Le Bilboquet. Dan is a marriage wake up call 2 a whole lot of women .Each time b ended her show she would say thank u dan. She always remembered what I loved to eat on her menu and the days I would frequent on my own.My favorite seat was always waiting and empty and when I didnt show she noticed. She could live with it for at least another 5-10 years. he ready 2 move the bottom woman in. It was an extra toothbrush in the bathroom and I used it to brush the dirt from under my fangernails. Now, according to a friend the girlfriend is abusing Smith. Sports. You have to be one brave, STUPID, SELFISH woman to move in with your boyfriend's WIFE! Old bastor talking bout her brain is dead but my dyck is still alive. I don't know if I 100% agree with how he handled this but...let God be his judge. SN: At least she has a "color type" b/c this new chick Tyga is supposedly dating has two babies.....not mixed.....and she looks like this side chick........ijs. His behavior is wrong on every level and if it were your mother/sister/aunt/best friend you'd be singing a different tune. as for the mistress, she looks run down and beat down. And if they werent here (thank God we still have every single last one of them still here, aside from again my aunt) then thats when their 5 kids come in at. Well I don’t know how she went from that man in the pic to that super old man.. big difference and not the same type... She must be waiting on a check, so she can go back to the younger man or something... White woman? I just dont see too many black older women moving into another sick woman house laying beside her husband at night. She is going about it all the wrong way. Have you ever heard beauty and jewISH woman go together? I'm not one of those people. I would bring it up too to avoid paying him money I earned... Whatever works. But the press and because of the racial situation, the press and certain people had a field day with that. That’s a damn shame. Such as sad disease! I bet they were the ideal couple when people saw them in public they had wanted 2 have His comments are something else. Once he was talking to my mom telling her his wife was sick (which she was at the time) and talking about his children, my mom reply wa, “you know I’m your wife” he said lady you have to leave because he didn’t recognize her even though he did remember he was married. And just the thought of him doing something of this manner got me wanting to call and cuss him smooth OUT lmao. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a81b963ac8d1f8b5ffc8f49ed63f543ebeb13addbe0ed8b397bb6d0d56b2549.gif. However it's how you do things. I mean, who has the disease in the marriage?! HE BECAME THE PROGENITOR OF THE DARK RACES; NOT THE NEGROES, BUT THE EGYPTIANS, ETHIOPIANS, LIBYANS AND CANAANITES” Not the Negroes = Hamites selling Shemites into slavery during the slave trade. Someone explain this ish to me. I have ways been like why, I ways ask , like what happened? its all about them they are the most selfish they learned from wm how to get what they want. But no family has stepped in. This is when children, heirs, are so important. Alex and Billy’s son, Benjamin and daughter, Jacqueline prominently feature in Billy’s Instagram. The two adorable couple is living a rich and affluent lifestyle and has maintained a prosperous manner of living. Further, they also own several riches, ornaments, and other valuable belongings which is also a part of their wealth. And stop posting pictures of B on social media! He posts on IG pics of B on the floor of her shower after a seizure and no medical professionals around. "I tell him all the time to be careful what he posts," she said. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Move on with his life. If he had a black girlfriend every one would be calling her a saint. Gurl l just spat out my honey nut cheerios. I don't get all in my feelings and judge people as a monolith. If you plan to stay with him, at least get some type of video taped will or something so he wont have you out here looking pitiful in the event you dont know you're in the world. I,wish he would shut up,and going into hiding with his hoe and leave B out of his mess. There were even petitions that B. Smith should be removed from Gasby’s care. I hope her memory comes back and she beats the shit out of both of them.? He had a vow not the family so honor that. So, did she AGREE to it BEFORE she sank deeply into dementia? this goes to show us stop taking advantage or mistreating your family member ..she probably had trust issues and kept them a distance,,,,, where is her estate lawyer or her will someone needs to take a look at it! I am not afraid of dying but I have to say that the one thing that scares me the most is this disease!! Bc BAY-BEEE nobody can cuss someone out like my sister. It's just effed up is what it is. What I'd like to know is where is her family. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs34chDlrm5/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=812tjh6fgh9h. I still wouldn't call a sister a saint but I am hot over this Becky. The 19 nieces and nephews. This guy was never any good, he hustled his way into B. Smiths life and she was long suffering. Whatever happened to" men were discreet and women didn't kiss and tell"? Terms of Use | There is no way peace is in that home...no way. he has been her partner in every sense of the word. Smith, 69, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's soon after she began to experience profound memory loss in 2009. He's gotten a lot of backlash, so he would have gladly stated so. I'm aware that there are agents of destruction out there that tell half truths and lies. There might be some menage a trois action going on, have y'all ever consider that? By: Caroline John - Published: February 24, 2020 at 7:14 am | Last Updated: But no he calls his whore the love of his life while B is still alive but not aware. Oh she waiting for her to die for sure so she can marry him without a pre-nup and once she gets her hands on all his money she will find her another young black man to spend it on. Nope! Thursday, January 31, 2019. Not in the families I know. A post shared by nyer30 (@nyer30) on Oct 8, 2018 at 11:49pm PDT.

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