Flo was roughly ten years older than Alice (despite the fact that in reality Holiday and Lavin were approximately the same age, having both been born in 1937). Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? (2005–2006). She is the waitress who's favorite phrase is "kiss my grits!" Keanu Reeves makes a surprise stop in the Top 10. He also has a love interest for most of the series, Marie. She had a daughter to support and flirted with and accepted passes from her male customers, but never dated any of them. His wife was Chloe (played by Ruth Buzzi), though she was only featured in one episode. A trio of black youths learn about life, love, friendship, credit cards, gambling, and a variety of other things while growing up in an inner city. She was in a crumbling marriage and her husband was not speaking to her. When her car broke down in Phoenix, Arizona she rented an apartment and got a job at Mel's Diner. The setting was "Mel's Diner," a truck stop diner situated in Phoenix, Arizona.

Alice had many contrasts with the film on which it was based, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. One of which was her knack for forgetting she was the only waitress of any of them without a drivers license until realizing she was in a predicament regarding a motorized vehicle. But a rumor based on a prophecy beings to spread about time travel coming to an end. The interaction between Carrie and the waitresses, whom she adored, and between Carrie and Mel, which was often tempestuous, lead to a great comedic entertainment. The giant "14-ounce coffee cup" sign used in later seasons was seen by a producer scouting Phoenix for an establishing shot for the show's later seasons.

Though she dates from  time to time, Vera lives alone but has one major love interest towards the end of the series: Elliot. He is always there to offer an opinion to any of his mother's friends who, to him, are part of his family. Alice and her friends experience several interesting years together at Mel's Diner, which is frequented by quirky truckers, repairmen, and other blue-collar types, and by several Hollywood celebrities who appear as themselves. Planetary forces are indeed at work and they will test the will of four people, who have a date with destiny in The Alice. The tone and style of the series differed greatly from the film, and there were a number of factual differences concerning the characters and setting. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Charles Levin played Elliot Novack. Alice is hired at a diner owned by Mel Sharples, a gravel-voiced, male-chauvinist fry cook. Every country-dweller wonders what it might be like to try their luck in the "Big Smoke"... See full summary ». Her often used catch phrase against Mel was, "In a rat's hat, Dumbo! (In the original film, Flo, as played by Diane Ladd, tells Mel in one scene to, "Kiss me where the sun don't shine.") was usually followed by either "Alice", "Vera", "Flo" "Belle", or "Blondie" (in reference to Jolene). Anyway, "Alice" was a nice, enjoyable little show that lost a lot of steam after Polly Holiday (Flo) left to pursue her own sitcom. Linda Lavin also played the role of Mrs. Walden in the last season, once even playing both Alice and Mrs. Walden in a split-screen dual role. The restaurant where Alice becomes a waitress was called Mel's Diner and located in Phoenix. He would also bark, "Bag it, Blondie!" played Earl Hicks, Tommy's teacher and basketball coach. In the last few years of the series, she was no longer seen and Mel was resorting to his little black book again. This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 03:14. Jolene also mentions her distant relative Jefferson Davis "Boss" Hogg, a character from the concurrent CBS series The Dukes of Hazzard. An eccentric fun-loving judge presides over an urban night court and all the silliness going on there. Flo had blonde hair.

Since her portrayal of Flo, Polly Holliday has refused to repeat her famous "grits" line.[4]. Alice meets and falls in love with a divorced rancher named David, whose wife left him and took their children; David becomes Tommy's guitar teacher. Tommy eventually goes to college and is seen less frequently. I love the Alice so much it is such a great show I'm so sad that they took it off just because their wasn't enough audiences to watch. Looking for something to watch? On the last show the gang reminisces before closing up Mel's Diner.

A greasy-spoon diner in Phoenix, Arizona is the setting for this long-running series. Alice The "Tommy's Lost Weekend" episode, written by Bob Bendetson, Howard Bendetson, and Robert Getchell, based on a story by Arnold Anthony Schmidt, received an Emmy nomination in 1984. A lot of mishaps in the Diner are as a result of Vera and her clumsiness. On the way to Houston, Flo stops at her hometown Fort Worth, Texas (which she refers to by its moniker "Cowtown"). The show follows the lives of the locals, wrapped in the mystical veil of Aboriginal legends. It was at "Chris' Diner" and the owner agreed to change the name to Mel's for the show. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! The misadventures and trials of an aspiring singer and her co-workers at a greasy-spoon diner. Title: He is always there to offer an opinion to any of his mother's friends who, to him, are part of his family. In the first season, the diner was decorated in an Aztec and cowboy motif to accommodate the feel of Arizona. Chief pilot ... See full summary ». Flo's from Texas. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters.

Normal life implodes for a suburban family when their pop-star cousin comes to stay. Marvin Kaplan played Henry Beesmire, the lovable telephone repairman who came into the Diner regularly during his work week. Elliot and Vera buy a house and end up renting rooms to various individuals, including her former landlady and the crazy minister who married them. I used to watch this show when I was a kid. In an attempt to duplicate the success of Flo's "Kiss my grits! Polly Holliday played Florence Jean Castleberry. In the last few years of the series, she was no longer seen and Mel was resorting to his little black book again. The spinoff series `Flo,' with Polly Holliday, ran from 1980-81. Alice - TV Show Fan Club has 4,892 members.

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