And really encouraged Ali to start this pod. Lindsay talks about her own stepping stones that's led her to her career now, what she's learned and why she loves to share it all! AND HERE'S ALI: Gretchen and Ali talk the sh*t show of motherhood, the mess of it all and finding the joy. Here let me get that for you" - he said, reaching for the cat litter on the top shelf. " Today Ali sits down with "Winnie Cooper" - Danica McKellar to find out what she's up too now!! Ali keeps it real and raw this week when it comes to dealing with life after having baby!, Meet Lindsay Pinchuk of Bump Club and Beyond where Parents and Parents to Be connect, Meet Lindsay Pinchuk the amazing mama and founder of Bump Club and Beyond! Meet Nora half of ModaMob, her journey into Motherhood, Fertility Issues- IVF 7 rounds later, and giving birth to their Snugababe a real mom hack / parent hack for us all!  AND HERE'S ALI: AND HERE'S ALI: AND HERE'S ALI: Tejal has a very fun, simple, practical way to infuse this into your home and your child's journey. Dr.Liv shares ways to view this time and how to go about it in a positive way and what you can take away from 2020. Today we talk about all of this and more. As well as losing your identity as a mom and how hard it can be. AND HERE'S ALI: Melissa talks about how we can heal through spiritual self care as well Today's episode is a must listen and Belly Bandit is a must have for mama's!! It's always about the BABY, and YES our babies are a blessing!! Don't forget to follow our podcast Instagram too!! Don't forget to follow our podcast Instagram too!! Sorry for the delay on today's episode, but you know what they say good things are worth the wait!! TAG us on your social to check yours out!! Why are we SO concerned with bouncing back? TAG us on your social to check yours out!! JAMES ELLINGTON has described how he lost SIX PINTS of blood after his motorbike horror crash in Tenerife., Meet Singer & Song Writer & Now New Dad Todd Carey, Happy Monday! The Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva virtual show will premiere at 8:00 p.m. on September 16, 2020 on YouTube Looking past the Trend and Talking Benefits of Blue Light & Why BluBlox w/ Founder & Ceo Andy Mant, Happy Monday loves!! Tim educates us on safety and how to be aware for our own children and others. This is a conversation you don't wanna miss. Check SpaLe'la out at  She slept most of the way but she was able to see her brother, Jakob, and goldendoodle, Royal, which was the highlight of the trip. She talks about her motherhood journey, her own struggles with postpartum depression & anxiety, her body, her ivf struggles to bring her 3 babies into this world and so much more. Perfect way to start the week! Don't forget to follow our podcast Instagram too!! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Find and Follow Brian at: There's just something boring about "Ali." Talent is great, but trying and working hard, great attitude is SO much more! If you ever have feedback, guest requests, or just want to send some love our way! !! How are you going to adjust? In today's show, he sits down with Ali to encourage her, and us. Xox, The Newest Normal w/ Pro Figure Skater & American Celebrity Fashion Designer of Tumbler & Tipsy, Let's talk Virtual Fashion with Michael Kuluva, Happy Monday Everyone! Please let us know your thoughts, stories and by emailing us below. Grace shares with us today her own journey and how she has found joy after three marriages and being a mom as well as a succcesful business woman.

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