The 10 metre long string attached to a kite is at an angle of elevation (angle between the horizontal ground up to the string) of 60°. Example 3 : Steven spots a yacht from the top of a lighthouse L which is 150 m tall. He observes a boat 800m away from the base of the cliff. Thus, the height is found. How far away from the base of the lighthouse is the boat? How far to the nearest metre did the yacht travel in those 2 minutes. The distance to and from the object may be hamd-measured or determined from a map. What is the vertical height of the hill? The angle of depression at that instant is 28°. The Angle of Depression is the angle between the horizontal down to the object. x = 76.93 metres. The Angle of Elevation is the angle between the horizontal up to the object. From the top of a lighthouse, a rescue coordinator can see a rescue boat at an He knows the lighthouse is 28 metres high. [CDATA[ Before you study this topic you should know what is angle of elevation and depression: What is Angle of Elevation ? //
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