Classic design would compliment many models of antique Brunswick pool tables. Solid oak with dark brown finish to compliment a wide variety of antique pool tables. From the 1880s, this exceptional piece would compliment many models of early Brunswick pool tables. Holds 12 cues. Holds six cues. Smaller size makes it perfect for use when wall space is limited. Birch construction with dark cherry finish. Perfect compliment for Brunswick Gold Crown I, Gold Crown II, and other similar pool table models. #5-09 Early wall-mounted Brunswick antique cue rack. Inlay pattern of holly and mother-of-pearl to match many models of Brunswick antique pool tables. #5-24 Masculine appearance from this uniquely primitive antique pool cue rack. We can even arrange to have your irons re-nickeled if they were originally. $115.00 each Oak Narragansett Leg … Solid oak construction with dark brown finish. Holds 12 cues. Finished in dark brown color. #5-05 Mission style pool cue rack. We can do anything from a simple attachment of. Oak finished in dark walnut color. Unusually heavy with solid oak construction. Holds 12 cues. Nice match for spectator chairs #7-10. Birch construction with dark cherry finish. Egg & Dart Style Moulding for Rail Edge & Leg Trim on Brunswick Tables (Newport, Saratoga) $115.00 each Jewel Bottom Leg Turning. Crown carving provides accent at top center. Pockets bridge between maintenance and restoration because you can just keep the balls off the floor – or restore the pockets to their original glory. #5-34 Rare wall-mounted Brunswick antique cue rack in the art-deco design of the 1940s and 1950s. Finding an experienced mechanic is important. Browse through history, information & photos of Brunswick… Birch and ash construction, dark walnut finish. Rugged construction and simple design makes it a perfect accessory for Brunswick antique pool tables of mission style of arts and crafts period. Holds 14 cues. Solid oak construction with dark brown finish. Birch construction with original dark mahogany finish. The cloth is the most obvious – everyone knows when the cloth is ripped or bald from wear, it’s time for a new one – and there are billiard mechanics most everywhere that you can call on to change the cloth and tune up your leveling. Perhaps one of a kind. #5-13 Primitive cue rack of massive appearance. #5-19 Early wall-mounted cue rack with prominent logo from the Brunswick Balke Collender Co. Nice accent for many antique pool table models produced in the years 1880 to 1915. Holds 12 cues. Crown design is accented with the unusual detailed trim piece across the bottom.

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