Alexandra is told that research supports the value of cosmetic surgery for boosting self-esteem. If a researcher wants to be able to predict if two variables are related to each other they would use. Belinda is told that the steam in Hensing value of cosmetic surgery has been refuted by research. Learn. This best illustrates the power of a. Practice. Terms in this set (72) Alexandra is told that research supports the value of cosmetic surgery for boosting self-esteem. APA Ethical Guidelines for Human Research, a psychologists role is to help and do no harm; a psychologist should establish trust and uphold their responsibilities; psychologists should be accurate, honest, and truthful in their conduct, ethical violations should be reported immediately, and when doing research, all details are measurements should be precisely recorded; a psychologist should uphold the rights of all to benefit from one's work, as well as remain free of bias and represent all groups; a psychologist should recognize the dignity and worth of all people, research undertaken to solve a specific problem. Solo Practice. Spell. psychology uses empirical evidence and studies to explain general principles and behaviors, whereas psuedoscience lacks truth. participants in a study are randomly assigned to experimental or control group, a sample that fairly represents a population because each member has an equal chance of inclusion, procedure that ensures every person in a population has an equal chance of being chosen to participate, the difference between the highest and lowest scores in a distribution, Ability of a test to yield very similar scores for the same individual over repeated testings, repeating the essence of a research study, usually with different participants in different situations, to see whether the basic finding extends to other participants and circumstances, randomly selected sample of subjects from a larger population of subjects, in the scientific process, the approach to investigating the hypothesis, a flawed sampling process that produces an unrepresentative sample, a graphed cluster of dots, each of which represents the values of two variables, an empirical investigation structured to answer questions about the world in a systematic and intersubjective fashion, researchers are aware of the experimental and control group but participants are not, a representation of scores that lack symmetry around their average value, a measure of variability that describes an average distance of every score from the mean, the likeliness that results of an experiment were not obtained by chance, A type of probability sampling in which the population is divided into groups with a common attribute and a random sample is chosen within each group, a research method that involves gathering information from people through the use of surveys or questionnaires, an explanation using an integrated set of principles that organizes observations and predicts behaviors or events, The tendency to believe claims because they seem true or because it would be nice if they were true, The ability of a test to measure what it is intended to measure, A factor that can change in an experiment. 11th - 12th grade. bell becomes associated with food, causes salivation), factors that impact the independent variable in an experiment because they are difficult to distinguish or separate from the variable itself, an unchanged factor or condition put in place in an experiment to limit causes of variance to only the independent variable, a group of subjects receiving an unaltered treatment, or being placed in the most typical environment, the relationship observed between two variables, a number from -1 to 1 that indicates the direction of the relationship between two variables as well as its strength, behavior that is not observable by others. Match. Hypothesis. Flashcards. 0. AP Psychology Research Methods DRAFT. basing decisions or conclusions on observable evidence describes which of the following? 8 months ago. why are researchers careful to use large representative samples in their studies? Homework. What is the role of critical thinking in the scientific process? A perceived but nonexistent correlation, because she had a serious traffic accident on Friday the 13th of last month Felicia is convinced that all Friday The thirteenths will bring a bad luck Felicia's belief best illustrates, A researcher interested in proving a casual relationship between two variables should choose which research method, A research method in which an investigator manipulates factors that potentially produce a particular behavior is called a(n), redelmeier and tversky (1996) followed 18 patients with arthritis for 18 months patients were asked to record their pain in joint tenderness while researchers documented changes in the weather nearly all patients believe that their condition was associated with the weather changes when the actual correlation was near zero these patients need to be reminded that, b. we are likely to recall instance that confirm our beliefs, to exercise maximum control over the factors they are interested in studying researchers engage in, researchers are interested in studying the relationship between Poor prenatal nutrition and early cognitive development because of ethical concerns which research method would be most appropriate for researchers to use, to study the effects of noise on workers productivity researchers have one group of subjects work in a noisy room and second group work in a quiet room to ensure that any differences in the productivity of the 2 groups actually results from the different noise levels to which the groups are exposed the researchers would use, Abdul has volunteered to participate in an experiment evaluating the effectiveness of aspirin neither he nor the experimenters know whether the pills he takes during the experiment contain aspirin or are merely placebos the investigators are apparently making use of, in a study of the effects of alcohol consumption some participants rank in nonalcoholic beverage that actually smelled and tasted like alcohol this nonalcoholic drink was a, The healing power of positive expectations is best illustrated by, which of the following is true for those assigned to the experimental group in an experiment, c. The experimental group receives the experimental treatment. the arithmetic average of a distribution, obtained by adding the scores and then dividing by the number of scores, the middle score in a distribution; half the scores are above it and half are below it, the most frequently occurring score(s) in a distribution, observing and recording behavior in naturally occurring situations without trying to manipulate and control the situation, as one variable increases, the other decreases. AP Psychology Research Methods. Punnation . 10th - 12th grade . Play this game to review Psychology. The biggest danger of relying on case study evidence is that it, b. maybe unrepresentative of what is generally true, what is the primary limitation of the case study research method, d. individual cases can be misleading and result in false generalization, research are interested in investigating the attitudes or opinions of a large sample of people is most likely to use which research method, prof. Shalet contends that parents and children have similar levels of intelligence largely because they share a common jeans his idea is best described as a(n), b. testable predictions that give direction to research, prof. Delano suggest that because people are especially attracted to those who are good looking handsome men will be more successful than average looking man in getting a job the professors prediction regarding employment success is an example of, an experiment was designed to study the potential impact of alcohol consumption on emotional stability a specification of the procedure used to measure emotional stability illustrates, to understand the unusual behavior of an adult client a clinical psychologist carefully investigates the clients current life situation and his physical social culture and educational history which research method was this psychologist do using, what is the advantage of researchers use the empirical approach in evaluating the accuracy of eyewitness testimony, c. under controlled conditions researchers collect evidence that may justify a cause effect: conclusion, dr. Donelian wants to reduce his students perception that psychological experiments merely document the obvious his best strategy would be to ask the students to, .b. Start studying AP Psychology Unit 2 -- Research Methods. STUDY. Match. Created by. Save. The median is less than the mean and Leslie in the mode, for which of the following distributions of scores would the median most clearly be a more appropriate measure of central tendency then the mean, why would the median rather than the mean it be the appropriate measure of central tendency in determining housing values in a particular community, b. Ensures that results are carefully evaluated to prevent researcher bias. On the exam you need to know the basic history of psychology along with the different approaches and subfields. Learn. STUDY. Belinda is told that the steam in Hensing value of cosmetic surgery has been refuted by research. Terms in this set (37) Theories. How dependable is psychological information in the popular media? Preview this quiz on Quizizz. case study, naturalistic observation, correlational study, experiment. Social Studies. How is an experiment performed, and what are its major components? What research methods do psychologists use, and for what purposes? the post-experimental explanation of a study, including its purpose and any deceptions, to its participants, what is measured or observed in an experiment that changes due to altering the independent variable, a spoken or written summary of observations, statistics that summarize the data collected in a study, neither researchers nor subjects are aware of the treatment group they are part of in a study, scientific evidence obtained by careful observation and experimentation. Research methods of psychology learned in the AP class. Search. correlation, b. Replication. If a researcher wants to be able to predict if two variables are related to each other they would use . the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Live Game Live. STUDY. Ap psychology Research Methods Quiz. Popular media commonly popularizes pseudosciences rather than research findings with actual empirical evidence. Research Question, Hypothesis, Design Study, Collect Data, Draw Conclusions, Report Findings. which of the following questions most likely could be answered using in Imperial approach? tendency of observers to see what they expect to see, tendency of people or animals to behave differently from normal when they know they are being observed, a statement of the procedures used to define research variables (don't say "smarter" say "with an IQ above x"), Tendency to overestimate our ability to make correct predictions, an action that can be observed and recorded by a person other than the one engaging in the behavior, tendency for subjects to behave in certain ways based on their perception of an experiment, something which has a positive mental effect, but no physical effect. Gravity. PLAY. in 1848 Phineas Gage a railroad construction foreman served when in explosion drove in Ironrod through his head damaging the functioning of the frontal lobe this instance provided evidence that the frontal lobe plays a role in a personality and behavior researchers have continued to study gauges brain it to better understand this link which research method is being used? Edit. Write. Created by. the group in a study given a treatment or an atypical alteration of the independent variable, Research Question, Hypothesis, Design Study, Collect Data, Draw Conclusions, Share Findings, Wilhelm Wundt's technique of combining trained introspection with objective measurement, humans or animals who are utilized or observed in a study, the influence of the experimenter's expectations on the outcome of research, the tendency to remember or notice information that fits one's expectations, while forgetting discrepancies, behavior that shows favoritism toward one gender over the other, A change in a subject's behavior caused simply by the awareness of being studied, the tendency to believe, after learning an outcome, that one would have foreseen it, A testable prediction, often implied by a theory, a correlation that does not actually exist but is identified due to human inclination to perceive patterns from random events, what is intentionally altered in an experiment, statistics used to analyze sample data in order to make conclusions about a population.

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