Do: Have your baby dino food before the baby arrives, by at least 5 minutes, so you can imprint upon and feed the baby dino. Oxygen, Food, Weight, and Speed. When an egg hatches, its stats are randomly selected from either parent, with a 55% chance to get the better of the two. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. You breed Male A and Female A and get Female B, your new baby. 1 creature with a "0" in the stat, into your stat stack. All creatures are limited on Official Servers to level 449 or less so every level counts. Starting Rex stats bred from all best Rex's you have. It’s best to keep the egg indoors away from players or predators. To counter a stat gain in a stat not needed, breed a lvl. However other testing from [3] appears to show a bias for the brighter Color IDs of 1-18. Then you will need to set up your breeding area and the baby areas... You need less room for a hatchery for egglayers than for live birthers. Rather, they are a combination of the parents' mutation counters plus any actual mutations expressed when the baby was hatched. The issue with that, of course, is that once you hit wander, the pair will just ignore each other. I'm writing this guide to help a lot of new to mid-tier players with breeding and mutations. Sometimes the counter will register as a mutation, but the stat won’t actually be inherited. Was this guide helpful? When considering creatures as potential parents, if the creature's combined mutation counters (Matrilineal + Patrilineal) is greater than 20, then any potential mutations which have that parent as the source (Step 3 above) will automatically fail. Once it fills in the allotted time, an egg will pop out of the female unless it’s a mammal. This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 13:38. When that baby now breeds with a dino in the future, it will pass on that 5/20 again, so on and so forth. So you have your first breeding pair of your favorite dino (Use your imaginations here: I’ll be using jerboas) named Male A and Female A. I will euthanize them. That way even if one side is over 20, the other side can still get new mutations. Can the mutated color be the same as the original color? HP) male dino. Males of any species are auto turned off at 8 hour intervals on our maps. Good breeding targets are Dinos that are way skewed towards a any specific area besides speed or torpor. As long as one parent is under 20/20 mutations, you can breed in mutations I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y. The mutation mechanic assigns one of the parents as the source of a mutation, but it is not actually mutating the parent creature. This is when you move to the Unlimited Mutations Glitch described below. Getting a level 1 Rex. There are a clear selection of colors associated with mutations, which also include some tricky ones like black, white, gray and brown, but never seem to pull from "boring" colors normally found on the dino. Any less and you risk missing out on mutations and wasting a breed So, we are going to be breeding for both Melee and HP so we are going to need 2 mating pits each consisting of 1 male and 30 females. Breeding is a way of showing you are quite well-off on The Ark, from having the resources needed to incubate and egg and keep the baby alive, and having enough dinos to establish a decent bloodline in which mutations can occur. NOTE: Jp just added a specialized nanny that he has added to our mod package. Pointers and information for the players who want to breed on our Cluster. Chances are, by this point, there should be the names of your dear friends Male A and Female A in either the aforementioned Matrilinial or Patrilineal line areas. This prompts a mating progress bar to fill up. According to the code at [1], any of the 56 colors can be selected for the resulting Mutated color. © Valve Corporation. Without knowing details of the ancestry of a particular creature, it is impossible to tell how many actual mutations have been a) carried forward from a parent or b) expressed at birth (though with some reverse-engineering it is possible to make some guesses). However, we HAVE found a baby to show colors NOT found on two of the parents previously, with no new Mutation Score points to be seen - implying the only conclusion, which is that a color was "hiding" in the tree somewhere and decided to show itself. If you mutated t-rexes over ten years hunting for mutations, you could have a t-rex on an official server with +500 points in Melee. Regardless of this though, a mutation from one parent can still affect a stat taken from the other. OK, so my understanding of mutations is that sometimes randomly when breeding dinos u can get a mutation, which will change one color region and one stat will increase slightly, and thos mutations show as either patrilineal or matrilineal, and their offspring can inherit thos mutations. Sometimes the color mutations are on non-visible regions. Can the offspring of parents with total mutations (Matrilineal + Patrilineal) of greater than 20 have mutations? Does a high mutation counter imply a good creature? I learned a lot about breeding by playing on some unofficial ARK servers that had scopes that allowed you to really see the anytime you wanted to. Once your breeding stock is lined up, you are ready to breed in mutations. Assigning a Parent as Source of Mutation. A +1 on the patrilineal/matrilineal side of the mutation counter is based on which parent the mutation "came" from. the faster the whole process gets). The same stat may be affected twice (+4) or even three times (+6) if you are especially lucky! So, what if we've got a super breeding line at its cap of 20 mutations? If you’re very lucky and patient, you can breed something that’s maxed out in all six areas. The Mutation counter is the number shown on your ancestry tree. Additionally, a random mutation to a color region will occur. [2], The probability for at least one mutation in an offspring whose parents have equal stats and one of which has more than 20 mutations is 3.70%. The idea of "a baby is limited to 20/20 from the Dad and 20/20 from the Mom" is STONE COLD INACCURATE. Forced Mutation and evolutions breeding mechanic. The fourth and last stage is adult, where the dino is rideable, and is able to breed with others of its species. – the dinosaur has to have 0-19/20 mutation in his respective category, e.g. – the creature has to have less than a. I'm writing this guide to help a lot of new to mid-tier players with breeding and mutations. (EDIT: Possibly not true, you might be able to breed further mutations even at 20+/20. ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ PS4 Tek Tier Update Coming: ETA, Patch... ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One Update Today - ETA & Patch Notes... ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ V257 Ending Is Just A Placeholder, ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ v256 Admin Commands - New Dino & Gear Spawns, ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Xbox Update 751 Causing Crashes, Server Issues, ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ v256 May Bring Major PC UI Overhaul, ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ v255 Guide: How To Get The Tek Tileset. You will not need to worry that they will be deleted by the server if they go over lvl 450. That's why we're starting with a level one-ish dino in step 2. Wild creatures begin with zero mutations on both sides. See calc for RandomMutationCount and RandomMutationCountMate at [1]. There are on occasion Hidden Mutations. Mutation Stacking. Mutation is one of the coolest aspects of breeding in 'Ark.' The reason this sucks, is because two parents with maxed out Mutation Scores can't breed any new mutations. The second stage is Juvenile, where the little dino can eat from food troughs, but might still need monitoring if you’re one of those helicopter moms. On our Servers FLYERS GET SPEED! The raptor had 252 melee and 255 speed. Pick it up immediately. What the counter does do is take the sum of mutations of BOTH inheritances, adding them together and then placing them on the respective inheritance of the Parent Dino. It’s up to the individual to turn them on. If you’re not around to imprint, other players can steal your baby. The Rex in the example was bred a little different, all levels in movement speed were eliminated in the end. Note: The goal of this process is to obtain a level 449 creature that has NO levels in any stat except the ones you explicitly want. Only stats which can be leveled up for the species will be selected. As long as one parent is under 20/20 mutations, you can breed in mutations I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y. The baby has no new mutations but still inherited a 5/20 Mutation Score from the combination of the parents. To see which mutations a Dino has, access its inventory and hit Ancestor List. So, what happens after our 31st generation of inbreeding? Yes, that is negative 2,147,483,648 mutations. Don’t: Go on a hunt for meat when you know your baby dilo will hatch within minutes, which you know flies by quickly. The Wiki states that a color mutation can be "any color allowed on the dino in question for that region" which we can safely attest as being incorrect. A level 5 Dino might’ve gotten all of its boosts in speed, while another may be more balanced. You need a male and female of the same species that have strong stats. Why did my baby creature get +2 levels in a stat, but the colors seem to be the same? 00000100 mutations, or 4. The reason the numbers are given as X/20 is explained below. Ark Smart Breeding App: These are the Settings on Our Cluster, for the Smart Breeder App: Here is the Manual for using the Ark Smart Breeder App. When you log back in to reset your males ... look at the babies and stick a new stack on them. You can spam U on your keyboard to manually disable wandering. Look who's dropping by in AFK Arena this Halloween. Baby tame creatures (from breeding, not from stolen eggs e.g. The mutations counter is a 32 bit signed integer. It's possible. HP), OR Get a mutation in the stat you are looking for (e.g. Essentially, a parent can mutate a stat by +2, and then have that new mutated stat NOT pass on in Stat Selection. They can continue to mutate his current stats. For each offspring up to three mutations can occur, each with a 2.5% chance, assuming both parents are eligible to receive a mutation. This means if a Mom is 0/20, and a Dad is 10000000/20 with 10 points mutated in Melee, the Mom can continue on breeding that bloodline by potentially mutating the Dad's Melee further. If you can get both under 20/20, you're doubling your opportunities for mutations. This of course reduces (by approximately 50%) the already-slim chances of a mutation actually occurring so if you want the full 7.31% chance of at least one mutation, both parents must be <20. More females increase this chance. This page was last modified on 17 May 2017, at 14:15. Open Game.ini in Notepad and paste these scripts. The Ancestry screen for each creature shows a mutation counter on both the Matrilineal (mother's) and Patrilineal (father's) side.

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