The rest of this post is outdated information and is only being kept around for historical reasons. The FAQ uses it in the example command lines. ?PreventDownloadSurvivors=True (My client session runs from a 3rd complete instance from a different drive.). [2017.06.08-19.32.36:305][  0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 8603.03 MB used, 32677.48 MB total A Windows 10 / Microsoft Cross Platform Cluster. [2017.06.08-19.33.16:549][  0]Server: "AcidDesert" has successfully started! (If you set both, the command line version will overwrite the INI file version.). Use the same cluster id on all servers that you want to share the same upload data. I saw my mistake did all the changed but now eveytime I start my The Center server I get this fatal error (see below) anyone can help me? Instance A and B could share one clusterID   and instances C & D could share another all ran off the same server. Can you see something wrong in the command line? If the server is not using clusters, this data is saved locally on the machine of the person performing the upload and can then be downloaded to any server that does not block downloads. (Your command line might be within a batch or shell script file that you use to run the server or it might be specified in a server launcher interface somewhere, depending on your setup.). KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction (0x00007ff8e0428364) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] This allows for a lag free, enjoyable PvP experience that is fun for all levels and dedication schedules of players. By If you are enjoying our cluster and communities and want to help them grow become a Lost Ark contributor. The only changes needed are separate SavedArk? ShooterGameServer.exe!GuardedMain() (0x00007ff7f8419323) + 20 bytes [c:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\launch.cpp:128] There is now a supported way to have independent servers use a shared cluster … This part was covered pretty well on the FAQ, but I will break it down a bit here to explain in more detail. ShooterGameServer.exe!UEngine::LoadMap() (0x00007ff7f95d1c84) + 0 bytes [c:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\unrealengine.cpp:9828] ?AltSaveDirectoryName You need to set that to false in conjunction with the use of -NoTransferFromFiltering. ?PreventUploadSurvivors=True Setting up a symbolic link is different on different operating systems. button. When creating the cluster I wrote SaveArk so after launching my server everything was gone. You install and run separate servers from separate locations on the same machine, and tell them to use a shared cluster directory. In case you have not read it, here is the FAQ I am referring to: A cluster is simply a server-side location to store Ark data that is uploaded from an obelisk (characters, items, dinos). Disable downloading items from the cluster to this server. I can't imagine how it makes a difference who is doing it, unless maybe being outside of the local LAN is having some weird effect on something? Just drop the question mark off the front. ShooterGameServer.exe!UGameEngine::Init() (0x00007ff7f93db068) + 0 bytes [c:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\gameengine.cpp:713] Also giving players access to Wildcard studios and anything else related to ark. CowsGoMoo Primal+Eternal+Parados Cluster - (v315.9) CowsGoMoo Primal+Eternal+Parados Cluster - (v315.9) Connect. No tamed dinos followed me after the transfert, any clue ? [2017.06.08-19.34.34:227][  0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 64.19 MB used, 64.19 MB peak I mean one server having two clusterids. [2017.06.08-19.34.34:228][  0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 308.93 MB used, 134217728.00 MB total (please correct me if i'm wrong here). Is there a way to connect maps throughout physical servers by using clustering? We used method two, and the symlinks worked fine even through ASM. ?PreventUploadDinos=True Below are the details from my 2 server instances. EDIT: figured it out! On 9/17/2016 at 11:53 PM, mndfreeze said: On 27.11.2016 at 1:32 PM, koreamedia said: This is a method I came up with on my own that allows you to run clustered servers each with their own settings INI files. =============================================================================, Server 2: Acid Desert ShooterGameServer "ScorchedEarth_P?SessionName=MyServerName2?Port=7779?QueryPort=27017" -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=cluster1, PreventDownloadSurvivors=False Rank #2863 Player count 0/250 Address (Game Port) (Query Port) Status online Thanks again for the guide! • Over 99% uptime with all our maps & actively updated. You need to make sure that all servers in the cluster use a different directory, or risk bad things happening to your saves. A Tek Transmitter is really helpful to transport items around, even on the same ARK. (You do not need to create this folder yourself, the server will create it when someone uploads something.). If someone uploads to (or attempts to download from) some other server using the same ID, it will not be the same cluster as your servers, because the cluster files are stored locally on your server machine and not shared anywhere else. Servers. I've created 2 save files within the game folders (2 servers) - I believe the save locations is my issue. Crystal, September 5, 2016 in Server Administration. I've used symbolic links to allow arkmanager to continue to launch separate instances from separate directories, but effectively work from the same game files. Note that you must be logged in on an account that owns ARK to access). 慌瑳删浥瑯⁥畆据楴湯䌠楬湥剴条潤汬灕慤整਍. ©2020 by TheLostArk Cluster. the character server transfer is working well and item transfer through the obelisk works but i seem to be the only one that can upload dinos to the obelisk. Important Note: If you have noTributeDownloads=true on your command line or in your settings INI, people will not be able to transfer anything. This is an officially supported method. The Lost Ark Cluster's Official web page. Check out the Ark News tab for up to date info regarding Ark straight from WildCard! Note that the save directories are different, the ports are different (cannot run multiple servers on the same ports), but the cluster ID is the same. ShooterGameServer.exe!UShooterGameInstance::StartGameInstance() (0x00007ff7f86e926a) + 0 bytes [c:\svn_ark\projects\shootergame\source\shootergame\private\shootergameinstance.cpp:256] Come join one of the longest standing clusters in the community! Does it go in the game.ini ? [2017.06.08-19.32.36:304][  0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsServer Click the button to be taken to the arena Home Page! It made me create a new character each time on each server... a new level 1 character, losing the higher level character. ShooterGameServer "TheIsland?SessionName=MyServerName1?Port=7777?QueryPort=27015" -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=cluster1 [2017.06.08-19.34.48:527][  0]Primal Game Data Took 13.64 seconds Although, you could rsync those files between two clusters so you may build something like a cluster network. Here are example command lines for starting two servers sharing the same cluster ID. PreventDownloadItems=False (Update: If you are running on a dedicated host, make sure your cluster id is unique and secret, because there is a possibility the host is using a shared cluster save location.). PreventDownloadSurvivors=false?PreventDownloadItems=false?PreventDownloadDinos=false?PreventUploadSurvivors=false?PreventUploadItems=false?PreventUploadDinos=false. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2017.06.08-19.33.19:000][  0]Full Startup: 44.10 seconds (BP compile: 0.00 seconds) ARK: Survival Evolved. Note: Any of the above settings can also be set in the [ServerSettings] section within GameUserSettings.ini. ShooterGameServer.exe!UWorld::InitializeActorsForPlay() (0x00007ff7f95f3f91) + 42 bytes [c:\svn_ark\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\world.cpp:3088] Looks like you may have some quotes in a weird place. ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ff8e05a70d1) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] These servers is focused on endless progression and giving players a better end game with special events server made by experimented pvp players, outside having every 7 official map we include Crystal Isles, a Starter Zone, a hardcore hunting server both weekly wipe and our new Raid server. or the gameusersettings.ini ? A web site built for our unofficial PC cluster of servers. ?PreventDownloadDinos=True Welcome to Alpha Project Cluster survivor! Here is an example of how mine are setup: Next, go into each of your server's directories and create symbolic links to your clusters directory at the appropriate location – where the server would normally look for clusters. ShooterGameServer.exe!UShooterEngine::Init() (0x00007ff7f86dee07) + 0 bytes [c:\svn_ark\projects\shootergame\source\shootergame\private\shooterengine.cpp:298] Players will not be able to download saved data from their machine to your server, nor transfer data from other servers outside the cluster to your server.

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