It is considered an entry level, split system unit. per foot of 3/8” o.d. The best choices come from the best information. 0000001218 00000 n 0000003852 00000 n Internet HVAC forums contain threads in which HVAC professionals discuss a myriad of problems with Armstrong SCU10 air conditioners. 0000006467 00000 n Variable-Capacity Performance: Unlike conventional air conditioners that are either all the way on or all the way off, the Variable-Capacity Inverter-Driven Scroll Compressor adjusts cooling output in small increments like a dimmer switch. 0000007639 00000 n TECHNOLOGIES, PROFESSIONAL Either way, Armstrong Air has an extensive collection of literature on every piece of equipment we offer, to help you learn more. The SCU10 line uses a variety of Copeland, Tecumseh and Bristol compressors on different models. POLICY, ARMSTRONG AIR Documents on the unit date back to at least 1997. Detailed instructions give you the confidence of setting up and running Armstrong equipment in the intended and optimal way. 0000130767 00000 n 370 48 0000097275 00000 n 0000008587 00000 n Being a larger unit than I previously had, the electricity bills can get high if it's hot and humid for prolonged periods in the summer. Maybe you’d like to read up on the equipment you’ve just purchased. 0000004740 00000 n # 45465K005 Page 5 Unconfined Space An unconfined space is defined as “a space whose volume is more than 50 cubic feet per 1000 BTU per hour of the combined input rating of all appliances installed in ». 0000004231 00000 n 5�`Jw����ߛ��b��p]�.��i���H�a��v� )'�Ij�����[J�@G�THȈ�܁Q�-��kK����`� :�97( ��@d�f�Q�ƃW��/˜k@A��hY���t���tQ3�Q��XJ�OH-��7A=�0�}���I1P����|�[��,��̆LU�S5@f��*��(8��MK*QJ. Armstrong SCU10 Cookie Consent We use cookies to improve your website experience. xref Great unit and would recommend to anyone. I had it regularly serviced but still had 5 repairs in that time. The unit is fairly quiet when running, but not noticeable from indoors with the windows closed. The manufacturer recommended that homeowner maintenance include: Read more about Armstrong Air Air Conditioners, Read Reviews of Other Armstrong Air Products, Find ratings and reviews for Armstrong Air Air Conditioners, Furnaces and more. In 1997, Armstrong issued a document entitled “Technical Tips File N.T97-8” that includes the company’s responses to the many complaints received from 1995 through 1997. CALCULATOR, INTERNET SELLING 0000011819 00000 n The SCU10 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity. 0000071625 00000 n Documents on the unit date back to at least 1997. The unit itself has worked well since I've had it, and is currently performing this summer. liquid line and 1.2 oz. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000013313 00000 n Perhaps you’d like to know more about the products you’re considering. Every component we make offers more for discerning homeowners, and more for the professional dealers that keep them comfortable. The SCU10 line uses a Contact a top-rated local expert to help with all of your home's HVAC needs. 0 Ready to get a quote from an HVAC contractor? .�$�M���~/��̤��ܱ�[�g$᫋ ��E��{�5M���X\9�bZ�9@��-�sR.jn�-��k�����xX֛m�R)���f�\�����`�Iw������;�l����Ƴ/��@��HQ���͕�LX�"1�yJ���Vi�e:��s����L %PDF-1.2 %���� It is considered an entry level, split system unit. Removing leaves and other obstructions from the surfaces of the outdoor coils, Routinely changing the air filter on the air handler or furnace used to distribute air inside the home, Annual inspection by a heating contractor, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Factory charge contains refrigerant for condenser, evapo-rator and 20 feet of 3/8” line set. The unit would not run for various reasons. 0000000960 00000 n 0000001677 00000 n For example, a contractor on complained that he had installed a brand new unit for a customer, only to find out the air conditioner had never been charged with refrigerant at the factory and had already developed a leak. From high-efficiency gas valves and two-stage heating to our patented EHX™ Technology, Armstrong Air gas furnaces use advanced designs to bring more to every home. List of subsidiaries. I installed my system over 20 years ago and had only one issue with a pc board. POLICY, ARMSTRONG AIR 0000096207 00000 n The Armstrong SCU10 is a discontinued 10 SEER air conditioner. The date of installation must be verified by the customer. I have never had to repair or replace any parts, nor have I performed any maintenance to this point. `�ypT�-*'鼅�Q�kQy�m2;\�J]vGb�9��̩��t�[2�jN�]�tT�����@��-. 215 Metropolitan Drive, West Columbia, SC 29170 • 1-800-448-58721-800-448-5872, ENERGY SAVINGS Armstrong Air's most advanced furnaces deliver the highest number of features, the most comfort and the greatest efficiency. Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools 12-982 1/2" Drive Ratchet Repair Kit 3/8 In Drive 6 Pt Deep Fractional Socket - 1 In. Learn more about your home's heating and cooling system with our guides, how-to's, FAQ's, tips and more. Learn more about the technology inside. 0000006339 00000 n 0000006840 00000 n For the perfect balance between performance and efficiency, look to Armstrong Air furnaces with constant torque motors. 0000097044 00000 n 0000010776 00000 n This unit was manufactured in 2002, so I plan to have it for at least another 5 years. Think I bought a lemon or this brand is not good. For installations exceeding 100 feet, contact the Armstrong Air Conditioning Inc. Technical Services Department at (419) 483-4840. # 45465K005 Page 3 These instructions must be placed on or near the furnace in a conspicuous place. The service person said it should have lasted 20 years. 0000096614 00000 n Service Bulletins / Tech TIps Scu10B Sb -- Service Reference Handbook 0000007884 00000 n 0000130326 00000 n 0000004210 00000 n Each unit used R-22 refrigerant. In the Kansas City area? », Omniguard® Total Corrosion Protection Technology. 0000001239 00000 n Unlike conventional air conditioners that are either all the way on or all the way off, the Variable-Capacity Inverter-Driven Scroll Compressor adjusts cooling output in small increments like a dimmer switch. Overall, these units are regarded as poor products and technicians have stopped both purchasing and installing them due to the high number of issues and difficulty with warranty coverage. 0000009354 00000 n 0000095977 00000 n 0000018634 00000 n Find a dealer. 0000003097 00000 n 0000010007 00000 n Among the problems addressed were improperly placed pistons, leaking service valves, faulty discharge tubes and confusion over how to install the filter-drier. 0000005553 00000 n And to help you understand why Armstrong Air is The Professional’s Choice. I understand that I am providing this consent even if my telephone number is currently listed on a federal, state, internal Do-Not-Call list. With two different cooling output speeds, these exceptional performers offer the ideal balance between smart energy use and serious comfort. 0000131286 00000 n The unit is 2 months over the 10-year warranty and the compressor is shot! Inside Armstrong Air air conditioners, you’ll find a wealth of smart ideas including efficiency-boosting MHT Technology, swept-wing fan blades and advanced sound reduction. 0000131365 00000 n 370 0 obj <> endobj 0000000016 00000 n Either way, Armstrong Air has an extensive collection of literature on every piece of equipment we offer, to help you learn more. TECHNOLOGIES, PROFESSIONAL The document acknowledges problems with the SCU10’s components and manufacturing and attempts to provide possible solutions though discussion boards continue to discuss problems into at least 2003. If your system fails over and over again its not the system, its the installer. I am a retired HVAC tech/installer and have install 100s of Armstrong units.

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