& in the earth. Muslim Kabhi Halaat Se Soda Nahi Karty Every Year, Many Country  are celebrating Day of Ashura. Labbaik Ya Hussain! You alone we worship, YA ALI. Youn Toh Lakhon Nay Sajday Kiya Par On the tenth day of Muharram which is also know as the Day of Ashura, people keep partial fasting and mourn early morning in remembrance of the murder of Hussain Ibn Ali and his family. Have a look at these Youm–e–Ashura Quotes Messages 2020. I Provie Muharram Poetry in Urdu, English and Hindi. How important is Ashura? Rab ki raza say jisnay gaardan katayi, deen-e-Nabi ki jisnay laaj bachayi Karbla Ko Karbla Ke Sanshah Par Naz Hai Even if the person doesn’t look religious and doesn’t look like they pray. Greetings and messages on Muharram- May your confidence in Him continually bring you harmony and thriving… Have a favored Muharram! Spending on one’s family on this day brings blessings. Inshallah Azzawajall! I Added Most Beautiful Image Regarding Day of Ashura 2020. “Phir Karbala Ke Baad Dikhayi Nahi Diya, Aisa Koi Bhi Shaks Ke Pyasa Kahen Jise”, “As the Hijri New Year begins, let us pray that it will be a year full of peace, happiness and abundance of new friends. For Sunni Muslims, Ashura marks the day that Moses and the Israelites were saved from Pharaoh by God creating a path in the Sea. _May all the praises and thanks be to allah.to whom belongs all that is in heaven and in the earth. Have a look on these Youm-e-Ashura Quotes Messages 2020. Khoon se Chirag-e-deen jalaya Hussain ne, Rasm-e-Wafa ko khoob nibhaya Hussain ne.. Khud ko to ek boond bhi pani na mil saka, Karb-o-Bala ko khoon pilaya Hussain ne.. Aesi namaz kaun parhega jahan mein? “So wrong not yourselves therein” Surah At-Tawbah 9:36] mean: (do not wrong yourselves) in these sacred months, because doing so is a greater sin than at other times. Ashura greetings 2018: As Ashura is a solemn event, greetings are not encouraged. ImAm Hussain AS will always remains in our Heart. Have a favored Muharram! Have a blessed Muharram! _May every one of the commendations and thanks be to Allah. Day of Ashura 2020: Ashura Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes & Images, 10 Virtues of the 10th of Muharram (Day of ‘Ashura), 30+ Best Labor Day Quotes To Honor All The Hard and Great Work People, National Sons Day 2020: Quotes, Messages, Wishes and Greetings, National Columbus Day 2020: Wishes, Greetings, Messages & Quotes, National Parents Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Status and Images, Day of the Dead 2020: Wishes, Greetings, Messages and Quotes, EID Milad Un Nabi 2020: Milad An Nabi Wishes, Messages & Quotes, Happy Halloween Day 2020: Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Quotes, National Cat Day 2020: Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Quotes, USA Navy Day 2020: Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Quotes, National Black Cat Day 2020: Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Quotes, National Boss’s Day 2020: 40+ Boss Day Messages, Wishes, Greetings & Quotes, Global Handwashing Day 2020: Messages, Wishes, Greetings, Slogan & Quotes, Global Handwashing Day 2020: Hand Wash Day quotes, Slogan & Theme, National No Bra Day 2020: No Bra Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes. skti hy mgr dil nahi,dil to and My Team as Well. Shia Muslims will celebrate the day differently, instead commemorating the martyrdom of Hussein, who died at the battle of Karbala. At the End: I Added my Favorites Day of Ashura Quotes, Images and Poetry. May your confidence in Him continually bring you harmony and thriving… Happy Muharram! Us Nawase Par Muhammad Mustaf S.A.W Ko Naaz Hai Hussain ibne Ali refrained pledge of allegiance infront of tyrant and Sacrificed himself to teach us never remain silent over oppression. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. have a blessed muharram! TO PAVE YOUR WAY, _May Allah this new year bring numerous open doors your way, to investigate each delight of life and may your goals for the days ahead remain firm, transforming everything you could ever hope for into the real world and every one of your endeavors into extraordinary accomplishments. _Only you we adore, and only you we request help, for each and everything. Ab bhi gawa hai uski shaam-e-gharibaan Muharram. “All People Are Great Person. Your email address will not be published. VIVO IPL 2018 Schedule | Match List | Time Table PDF Free Download, Filmfare Awards 2020 Full Show HD Watch Online & Winners List, Samantha 50+ Latest HD Hot Photos, Images, Wallpapers Download, Kajal Aggarwal 50+ Latest HD Hot Photos, Images, Wallpapers Download, KCR KIT Scheme Registration | Application Status & Full Details, 25 Latest Rashi Khanna Hot Sexy Navel HD Photos in Bikini, Happy Kerala Piravi Day 2020 Greetings, Pictures, Messages, Quotes, Champ One C1 Smart Phone Features, Booking and Buy Online, Copyright © 2020, All Rights Reserved. Have a blessed Muharram! Samsung Galaxy Oxygen Xtreme Mini 2020: Release Date, Feature, Review, Specs,... Eid e milad un nabi – 30th October 2020 Eid e... Nokia Edge 2020 Price in Bangladesh, Full Specification, Specs. ”, ”Among the signs of ignorance is arguing with irrational people.”, ”Among the signs of a learned man is criticizing his own words and being informed of various viewpoints.”, ”Being thankful for a grace of God makes God reward you with another grace.”, ”Beware that the need of people for you is among the graces of God, so do not neglect the needy as the graces will turn into difficulties. Takht Walon Ne Muar?rikh b Khareede Honge Like the eternity of the man who walked the sands of Karbala fearless… crying: “is there anyone to help”… Knowing he could flip that army in an instant… Yet for his grandfathers religion… He would let the swords slice him into pieces, ya Hussain; the sole reason for our existence. we believe that every day should be celebrated and that today is the day! Arbaʽeen (Arabic: الأربعين ‎, romanized: al-Arba‘īn, lit. _We have to makes own rule of our life, we never need to think about what others are going to think, what others are going to say and we don’t have to think about what effect of our decision is going to be on them. “Zom-E-Kasrat Tha Jinhain Sab Wo Hijazi Nikle-Wo 72 They Jo Kirdar K Ghazi Nikle-Is Haqiqat Ko Bhala Kon-Chupa Sakta Hy-Jitne Shabbir Ke Qatil Thy Namazi Nikle”, “Nijat Ki Jab Appeal Karna, Hussain * Apna Wakeel Karna, Agar Sar Kay Badle * Hussain * Mile, To Zindagi Na Taveel Karna. Muharram 1440H: What is Muharram and why does the date change. Ashura 2018: Muharram messages and greetings - what to say ASHURA takes place today as the important Muslim day of introspection takes place for the 10th day on the month of Muharram. Ya Hussain your pain will forever be alive in our hearts. Karbala Ko Khoon Pilaya Hussain Ne As long I live I swear by allah I will keep saying this. What date is Muharram? peace and prosperity… Have a favored Muharram! To whom belongs all In this blog post, you will get the best collection of Ashura Quotes Message 2020 In English for Muslims. The day is marked by Muslims with a voluntary day of fasting which commemorates the day Noah left the Ark, and the day that Moses was saved from the Egyptians by God. Time will continue to move forward but your sacrifice will live on for eternity. _Only you we love and only you we request help, for each and everything. cheerful muharram..!! Happy Islamic New Year (Hijri) Greetings, Pictures, Messages. TO BLESS FOR YOU, To pay Tribute to the One Who Saved The Humanity !! Some Shia leaders and groups discourage the bloodletting, saying it creates a backward and negative image of Shia Muslims, and encourage people to donate blood. Love To Travel Around The world and find out Culture and Celebrate. Learn how your comment data is processed. Have A Blessed Muharram!”, Of the Holy Qu’ran make frequent recitation, “Kat rahi hy zindahi aulaad e ali k saye me Moot khud mamoor hy meri hifazaat k liye Har ghari rehta hun main nad e ali k saye me.”, “Awaz de Rahee Ha Ye Karbla Ki Zameen… It would be more better if you fast a day before it and after it as well along with Ashura.”, “May Allah accept the deeds of those fasting on the blessed day of Ashura and may Allah give another chance to those who couldn’t.” – Sheekh Shibli, “The day of Ashura is the day of remembering victory of truth over falsehood, fasting, repentance and doing good deeds.”, “Don’t you see that the truth is not followed and the falsehood is not discouraged? Here is the best collection of Happy Muharram SMS / Text Messages. Muharram Ashura Quotes Messages 2018. Cheerful Muharram, _I must endeavor to change myself and individuals of the whole world. So do not scare away the needy people when they come to you, as the God’s blessings will return and go elsewhere. Your months with contentment; Akbar sa beta diya Ghazi sa bhaayi, luti gayi hai ran mai jiski kamaayi May Allah bless you throughout the new year.”, “May All The Praises And Thanks Be To Allah. YA FATIMA. we just have to do what we believe. You Can use it on your Own Purpose. ”, ”Beware that the need of people to you is among the blessings of God to you. which has been Husssain A.S Ne Wo Sajda Kiya Jis Par Khuda Ko Naaz Hai…!!! About | Muharram is so called because it is a sacred (muharram) month; this further emphasizes its sanctity. High-quality Ashura Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. #Muharram. Have a favored Muharram…. _Cheerful Muharram. Nowadays, people celebrate Muharram by sending wishes to their friends and families. kirdar sy jetay jaty hain. Let us believe in the messenger of Allah and follow the light which has been sent down with him. It is one of the four sacred months of the year.

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