Hei-Ran noted that she had never heard of the name, and Kyoshi should as Kuruk knew about it. The job was to free a prisoner from the house of an Earth Kingdom governor named Te. [16], While meditating at the Southern Air Temple, Kuruk appeared to Kyoshi in a vision, pleading for her help. As aging was the result of the body deteriorating on "the smallest, most invisible levels" without repairing this damage, Lao Ge taught her that one could stop this process by keeping an inventory of one's parts and putting all things which had fallen out of order back into their places. Predecessor Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jinpa and Kyoshi flew to Capital Island with Huazo, the noblewoman complaining about her hunger. [29][28] To Kyoshi's own unease, she increasingly employed tactics similar to those of Jianzhu, and began to feel deeply conflicted about her way to do things as the Avatar. Kyoshi showed an extraordinary level of aptitude with the last method. They also erected a large totem, topped with a statue of Kyoshi in her memory.[8]. She consequently rested at the air temple, preparing herself for further training. … Jianzhu hoped that this outfit as well as Kyoshi's impressive height would allow her to become an intimidating presence so that Kyoshi would be at least a bit useful during their meeting with the pirates. Disgusted at his methods, Kyoshi told him that he truly honored his nickname among daofei: the "Butcher of Zhulu Pass". As Yun emerged from an alcove, Kyoshi asked him to let go of his pain, which he refused. Kyoshi saw a stone tablet, and began to meditate on the spiritual grounds. [29][28] When truly convinced that someone was utterly corrupt or evil, she had few qualms about ending their lives to save those of others. And you know how important feet are in earthbending. Fearing for the family's safety, Kyoshi decided on a whim to challenge Xu to a duel per the daofei code of conduct, to halt his reign of terror before it could truly begin anew.[22]. When Kyoshi killed Xu Ping An, her imposing presence terrified most of the Yellow Necks into fleeing from her. [68] In addition, Kyoshi had a strong affinity for order and cleanliness due to her background, as she had to live in dirt and amid garbage as a child.[5][14]. Before she left the Southern Air Temple, Jinpa was assigned to the Avatar as her personal secretary by the Council of Elders. She broke the chest open to retrieve the metal war fans, a matching headdress, and a set of makeup which, along with her armor, would later attribute to her iconic look as the Avatar. Every time she has been portrayed, both in the show and in the comics, Kyoshi was wearing her full regalia. Kirima and Wong rushed to Yun, trying to attack him from a blind spot, but he created large pitfalls that broke their legs. Later that same year, Kyoshi was able to remain fully aware of her heightened powers while in the Avatar State when she consciously dueled and killed Xu Ping An. They laughed about Rangi's serious breach of manners, the firebender kissing the Avatar's scarred knuckles. [10] At the time of her birth, the country was destabilized by the Yellow Neck uprising and marauding bandit groups known as daofei. Alright, so maybe some of her deeds didn't work out in the long-run...but still, who wouldn't want to dress up as the fiercest Avatar of them all? Eventually, she decided to train the women in defensive combat so that they could defend themselves. In Japanese, 京士 is pronounced. When he refused to back down and assumed a challenging earthbending stance, she unfurled one of her fans and fired a powerful air blast at him, leaving the humiliated warlord down to his underwear. Rangi embraced a Saowon woman, who Huazo introduced as Koulin, Rangi's friend from the academy. Fearful and desperate for revenge against Jianzhu, Kyoshi fled with her other friend, Rangi, and joined her parents' old criminal gang, the Flying Opera Company. Noting that they needed a confession from the Saowon, Hei-Ran, Kyoshi, Jinpa, and Atuat began to formulate a plan to kidnap Huazo and Chaejin and make them confess. Biographical information Eventually, Kyoshi decided that they should monitor the Yellow Necks before intervening. Tanned[5] The Spirit World reconstructed itself, and Kuruk motioned to touch Kyoshi. While the construction of the Avatar mansion was still ongoing, Kyoshi met Rangi, a firebender who had been appointed Yun's bodyguard, and who soon started to regularly yell at Kyoshi and order her around. Held at the point of Kyoshi's war fan, the quivering monarch agreed to a compromise: the Earth King would give the peasants a voice in his ruling, while Kyoshi, in turn, agreed to protect Ba Sing Se's cultural heritage from further desecration. The other earthbender never arrived, however, and she made her way to a portrait gallery after hearing a scream, finding Yun holding Lu Beifong's corpse.

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