I felt personally honored at every event. It changed my life. . The retreat was still great, and several of his fellow participants have already come back for another retreat and loved it, so “everyone” did NOT feel the same way he did. The experience has given me the courage and the confidence to do what I truly want with my life. This was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. These beliefs only strengthened with each experience thereafter. Magic Mushrooms are only truly legal in Jamaica, even though some people are telling you they are legal in Mexico, Netherlands, … The Shaman/Shamana’s are truly the most beautiful souls you will ever meet, inside and out. I would totally recommend this place, go find yourself at Gaia Sagrada! Thank you Gaia for the all around perfect experience. The name of the town nearest Gaia Sagrada is called Jadan, which means in Quechua “close to heaven.” I think that might be actually true. Absolutely amazing people and place. Anyway it really was quite an adventure. Ask yourself this question,What is your Purpose??? It really is an otherworldly experience! You are one of those types of people coming here that are gems among humanity! I hope to return there soon. Truly, truly a very beautiful and fully built place! I feel like if just one more beautiful leaf was in my world, it would be too much to handle and I would just float away on waves of love. He composes Andean and shamanic music. Working with Christine and Salvador during ceremonies was an absolute blessing. They are wise and share their wisdom in an accessible way. It was remarkable to witness and I am forever grateful for their efforts and guidance during my stay. When people have a terrible experience with Ayahuasca, it is usually because ingredients are mixed into Ayahuasca that shouldn’t be there (or the person is taking pharmaceutical or recreational drugs that should not be mixed with Ayahuasca.). It is a great way to improve your spiritual life in the company of other Flus come from all over the world any time people travel. If you go, just be sure your dishes are properly cleaned and trust your intution for anything else that seems “off.”, Response from Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center on October 15, 2020. Small room, but very cozy and private, for when you need a break from it all. Thank you for taking the time to do a review! This was the best money I have ever spent. There will be people there to cook for you, do your laundry, and help you adjust to altitude. To inquire about this listing, complete the form below to send a message to the listing owner. I slept in the dorm and loved it, it was really nice to connect with the work-exchangers in that way, the men (in this case) who assist in the daily functions of keeping Gaia running smoothly. I was called and I answered. Ayahuasca is so powerful, I am beyond grateful to get to know this medicine plant. I witnessed more than 40 people go through the retreat process. Christine is like a mother to me, and the shamans are so wise. Gaia Sagrada is the retreat center to go if you want to have an authentic shamanic experience while at the same time be safe, cared for, and even have a little luxury such as hot tubs in the middle of a wonderful mountain-forest area. I wanted to see if that first group that I was with wasn’t just a fluke. Its ceremonies Ayahuasca and San Pedro and its Sweat lodge mix traditions and modernities, solemnity and humor, laughter and tears, realism and magic, the icaros (sacred songs) will carry you elsewhere. Frogs at Gaia Sagrada pulse acoustically like contact between two sticks — it sounds like the trees are talking. The accommodations are fantastic with options for a dorm bed, shared room, or private room. Blessed be. You won’t be disappointed. So, if Mother Aya is calling you like she called me, don’t hesitate – book your retreat and your flight today! There is nature all around the ceremonial space. The retreat has a well trained ceremonial canine team, too. You can feel it the second you step foot on the property. She is a spiritual energizer who carries the sacred pipe (Chanupa), blessed by the elders of the Sacred Fire of Itzhachilatlan. The intelligence of sacred plants assimilates with your innate intelligence. Most importantly, even by the second ceremony, I felt huge shifts in healing, consciousness and understanding, and insight and transformation throughout the retreat, and beyond The attention to detail – comfort, relationship, care – was astonishing, given the size of the center and group. With the help and support of everyone there, I not only was able to deal with the things I wanted to address, but was able to move beyond my specific issue to deal with all the junk in my life that led me to that point. This land has been blessed by years of our prayers and meditations and holds a strong intention to support your transformations. She was personally invested in providing the best experience for each participant in the retreat. Ayahuasca ceremonies were emotionally and physically draining. We hope that kindness can be in your heart and the healing you are looking for is wherever you look for it. The accommodations were not exactly posh, but they were certainly more than adequate. A lot of people pay lip service to the idea of bettering the world, not being in it for the money, etc, but the owner, Christine, is really in it for the right reasons, and that positive intention cascades through the whole community and attracts the right people. Gaia Sagrada has the same place in my heart as the home I grew up in. Some of the ceremonies were a challenge for me but having her there meant I got through the hard times by just feeling reassured and safe by her presence. Thank you for your review! The landscaping is a spectacular floral display that has been orchestrated by a lovely Australian woman, Edith, who tends to others as much as she does to the gardens. The experiences I had at Gai Sagrada have changed my life, I have been moved in such a profound and humble way, I am still in awe. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years and I’ve never had that wide variety of foods before. Arrived one day early and stayed one extra day after the retreat. Thank you Christine, thank you to the Shamans Salvador and Paulina + thank you Santiago! The sweat Lodge with the combination of both San pedro and Ayahausca was perhaps the most profound experience of my life. Both Ayahuasca and Huachuma can interact dangerously with certain pharmaceutical medications, including some over-the-counter meds. The food is delicious, healthy and change from day to day, so it is easy to stay healthy.

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