... Buying a used Bach Stradivarius trumpet on eBay. Bach Stradivarius 184 ML cornet with case. $54.62 shipping. I have the original case. In 1939 the Mercury models had serial numbers in the 10,000s. BachLoyalist.com is the ultimate reference to everything related to Vincent Bach & Bach Stradivarius brass instruments. On the slide the 128 is where normally the serial number is located, on the bell it’s where the bell model on later model can be found. 3. Both mouthpieces marked Vincent Bach. What's cool is I am using a Delrin mouthpiece I … $499.00. The 180S37 features a #37 one-piece hand-hammered professional bell that produces a warm sound with great projection allowing this instrument to work well in multiple … The trumpet has a small ripple on the bell but otherwise doesn't have any real damage or issues. Stored, unplayed 10 yrs+. 1. Serial Number 260xxx with 233735277756 Great deals on Bach Stradivarius Trumpets. Vincent Bach’s original flugelhorn design can be traced back to 1932 with serial number 1002. It is model 37 and serial number ML30414. It needs to be refinished, but otherwise, it is in excellent condition. For some reason, Vincent jumped around a little on serial numbers. It's like a relationship, you have to find a partner you fit with. Hi, I own a Bach Stradivarius Model 4 New York trombone which has the number 128 stamped on the slide as well as on the bell. Now I know that the Bach Loyalist puts this serial number very close to the infamous strike. Medium -large bore. I have a 1975 Bach Stradivarius Trumpet in great condition. Fast & Free shipping on many items! I have a bach strad model 37 and would like to know if it came from a good batch, how do I go about doing this? I bought my Bach Stradivarius Trumpet new in the mid-60s. $60.89 shipping. Watch Queue Queue Rare Bach Stradivarius Model 31 Trumpet/Cornet in case. 1970s Vintage Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model 37 Cornet . New York Bach Stradivarius Cornet SN# 3405 11-62 Bell 110 Lead pipe making the year of manufacture around 1936. Bach Stradivarius Trumpet, Model 37. it is a bach stradivarius with a stamped serial number and the name embossed on the bell. The serial # is 37672 _____ ‘20 Schilke Xa1 Cornet ‘19 Schilke 1041 Flugel '17 Schilke B5 '07 Lawler C7 Deluxe '01 Scodwell '75 Olds Custom '73 Getzen Severinsen '67 Bach Stradavarius '63 Martin Committee '54 … The bell mandrel number had previously appeared in Bach’s script “Vincent Bach Corporation” that has been an enduring marking on Bach horns. Serial number in 74k range dates it early 70s. The problem with "good serial numbers" as a concept is that what constitutes a "bad Bach", or "a Bach" is so frequently mis-understood. Featured Serial Numbers Serial Numbers – Trombone. For example, in 1928 the Apollo serial numbers were 8600 - 8700. or Best Offer. Serial#573162. trombón en perfecto estado, sin abolladuras. Keyed to Bb and with the same range as a Bb trumpet or cornet, the 182 produces a dark and lyrical tone, especially in the middle registers. Serial number: 602971. FOR SALE! Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both an accomplished musician and a talented engineer to create brass instruments of unequalled tonal quality. 1 bid. If you are shopping for a used Bach Stradivarius trumpet, you may want to know about its condition, the year it was made, and its previous use. The marking on the bell is 11-62 Bell, which means a # 11 bell and the cornet … Checking a bach stradivarius serial? Look at the serial number you just wrote down - it's a good one! No major damage, some small dings and other finish issues from age. Vincent initially made flugelhorns in three configurations: soprano Eb flugelhorn, mezzo soprano Bb flugelhorn, and the contralto low Eb flugelhorn. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. $499.00. Watch Queue Queue. Here's a Back model 182 Stradivarius Flugelhorn, serial number 95071. Bach 184 Stradivarius Cornet – Large Bore The Bach 184 Stradivarius Cornet features the short (Shepherd’s Crook) design for the dark sound popular with British brass bands. $1,500.00. Oh, this is too just too much of a temptation Aren't the best serial numbers the ones starting with YTR With any luck I will shortly be finding out about Bach numbers from the point of view of an owner - just waiting for one to arrive at the moment - no idea on that one's serial number yet, will post my thoughts when (if - it's been in transit a while) it arrives. ! All four slides move. $20.00 shipping. Bach Stradivarius pro Cornet Model 37 Bell ML( medium large bore) The serial number is in the 402XX series placing production in 1968 Horn is a great player and has that hard to find vintage Bach sound. $79.99. Fore decades, the Bach 181 series cornets have set the standard for cornet soloists. 1 bid. No dents. Thanks!! ... BachLoyalist.com is the ultimate reference to everything related to Vincent Bach & Bach Stradivarius brass instruments. This site has grown through the contributions of fellow Bach loyalists, and is one of the most complete references of Bach related instruments. Often copied but never duplicated, Bach Stradivarius instruments today remain the sound choice of artists worldwide. Find a Bach trumpet. Details: trumpet, bach, model, case, dates, early, brass, lacquer, places, small $60.89 shipping. I hear you can check whether or not a trumpet was in a good batch of instruments by the serial number. Expert's Assistant: The Musical Instrument Appraiser can help. The Bach 180 series trumpets are the number one selling professional trumpets in the world. Condition is "Used". Please note that this i. The trumpet is in very nice condition and the valves and slides move freely. completely refurbished with acid rinse. Bach Stradivarius cornet, model 37....serial number 36699. Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:02 pm Post subject: Bach Trumpet Serial Numbers and "The Strike" Hey folks, I'm looking at a Bach 37 in silver plate, serial number 663xxx. Cornets may be more difficult to manufacture, but Bach routinely charged the same amount for his trumpets and cornets. 2. You'll find numerous other dents, nicks, scratches and finish tarnish on the horn. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue ... Bach Stradivarius Cornet Model 37 Serial #187013. Item Description* Here is a very nice Bach Stradivarius Model 43 Bb trumpet. ... Bach Model CR300 Cornet In Hard Shell Case Serial # C17297 For Parts / Repair. The Bach 181ML Stradivarius Series Bb Cornet incorporates the standard cornet design. Serial Numbers. The .459" medium-large bore promotes an ease of response. There's a significant dent in the bell, and the bell rim is also bent. Note that not all of the numbers you write down will match others entries doing the same thing.

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