Publisher and Editor in Chief: Frank Parlato, Mayor Brown Announces Trick or Treat Recommendation, Keith Raniere Breaks Silence – Records Exclusive 30-Minutes Interview With Frank Parlato – on NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt, Bertha Bernal’s Children Get to See Their Mom – in the Hospital! But it is also heroic. But, back in the day, when only a handful were trying to expose Raniere and his chief lieutenant, Clare Webb Bronfman, Barbara Bouchey was fighting almost alone. However, I choose to believe Barb did some good things and also did some very bad things. This is a complex multinational RICO case. Today, the public knows that Nxivm is a criminal enterprise. We were all told to let her sit next to him because she had entitlement issues. Instead, the majority of his harem members are all unmarried, have forfeited any chance of having children, let alone getting married, and think it’s OK to not have the devotion of one man who is solely committed to them; to go out on dates and do fun things together. Yuck. When I left my husband but didn’t join NXIVM, nor agree to have sex with Keith, he claimed the money was payment for the slogan. A woman loves that’s what they do. When she was with them, they prospered. The trial is in January he will be acquitted by February. That is not to say that there were no stories online before her lawsuits became public. Is that something the women commenting here think is normal? So, now, it appears Barbara —and whomever else she thinks might or IS buying in — is changing historic facts to not only defend herself and the toxic “technology” that wreaked so much destruction on so many lives, but also to try to claim, redistribute ownership of Keith and Nancy’s poisonous formulas! She must come back to him. Never trust anybody posting with my name and putting a link up. She was in the arena. It’s sad, really. The “good” when it comes to groups like this is always vague and ill defined as it is in all religious and self help movements. Quite welcoming. Not vicious. We know she was part of “let’s all lie about and support our Master system. I believe Barbara is good person who made a mistake. Keith has really groomed his harem members to like pudgy soft men with teenie weenies. I’m curious. She trusted Raniere and was fooled by him and, at the same time, she thought there was something good in this group. if he was hurt – so what? Had he kept her happy and done good she would not have left. Mr. Parlato keeps hitting it right out of the park. How many female students got free or discount intensives for being pretty? What is it about Ex-lovers of cult members who cannot move on with their lives? He will be found guilty and will rot in prison for the rest of his life. You obviously don’t understand the concept of love or soul mates. That too is something to take note of. That’s a matter of public record. I’m pretty sure I speak for most (normal, non-brainwashed) women when I say that simply one would be a dealbreaker. One example of a good that arguably came from NXIVM that I can think of though is Sarah Edmondson meeting and marrying her husband through the group if that’s how they met each other. No one believes you Frank. The women all had spiritual beauty and of course some weee stunning like me. It’s sad that one creepy man has had that much power to ruin so many women. Five high-ranking members of the enterprise have already pleaded guilty to felony charges. Best of luck Pea Onyu. So an older spiritual wife has to be celibate, continue to maintain a starvation diet (she can’t even find an outlet in good food! It is good that you saw the light. Be great to hear more from her on here IMO. All bullies are just sad, hurting, little children inside who lash out and try to hurt others. And her MONEY issue was, he took all of her hard earned stash (maybe for retirement?) Filmed him even, as she addressed her concerns. She knew about 3. I’d feel sorry for what he has become and would wish rectification and reform upon him but judging from his own words and actions, he obviously has no sense of remorse. Bouchey … In photos with anyone else, he has dead lizard eyes – nothing but cold calculation there. This past week, former NXIVM High-Rank Barbara Bouchey appeared on Megyn Kelly Today show on NBC TV and offered millions of viewers an interesting perspective on Keith Raniere and NXIVM. You truly are a glory-whore. She won too. I believe she is one of the few that left purely for ethical and moral reasons. C’mon, Barb, inquiring minds want to know! Call it the kind of “cognitive dissonance” Keith claimed (or threatened) sets in when anyone dares to leave him, call it latent “emotional triggers” Keith claimed he cures not sets — put Barabara on suicide watch if that’s the case here — but I call it lying to advance one’s own agenda at the sacrifice of others lives. To be seen in public arm in arm. During that bleak period when she was under indictment, Barb’s persistence also paid off. The truth is anything good that could have come from NXIVM could have come from anywhere, but the specific brand of evil that NXIVM unleashed could only have been concocted by the odious Keith Raniere. Meh. Keith’s soul – what was left of it – was something he never shared with anyone –. He would always tell us that we had to accept all her issues and that she could not know about all of us since she had too many issues. The attraction [to NXIVM] was that it was transformational, inspirational curriculum, the material. Hm? In short, what kind of idiot falls for a clown like Keith Raniere? You seem to be willing to forfeit your liberty and even your life to a person who…fled to Mexico? She left NXIVM (and Keith) only when her aging-fat-ass was no longer a tempting sexual treat for Vanguard and her status had dwindled to that of a gofer or a Pam Cafritz drone. Barbara Bouchey helped build Nxivm. Let’s just say I didn’t need him to make me fulfilled. Bouchey said Raniere’s downfall was bringing women into ‘the fold” he was not controlling through sex / mind bending and he had to have better control or they turned on him like those who knew who Raniere was truly like. I knew him too – and managed to leave when it became clear to me that my “soulmate” was an abusive, manipulative, lying piece of trash. I don’t think many of us knew how tirelessly she worked to get the truth out; nor were we aware of the extreme challenges she faced while doing so. Because of her, in large part, Nxivm recruitment ended in the Albany area and in America on any meaningful scale. Brandon Porter is back living in Waterford. Also that there were “emotional triggers” I believe were set by Keith et. She’s butt ugly now. They still had active recruiting in Mexico and because of Sarah Edmondson’s vivacious and trustworthy personality, they still had active recruiting in Vancouver.

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