Outside of that though, I tend to take the '+' variants of the standard Medium Lasers. X-Pulse lasers also build up tremendous amounts of heat, but this has been considered by technicians as a necessary drawback. ), Re: Heavy laser, vs pulse laser, vs ER laser (CLAN!!! So pulse lasers kind of suck. They have their benefits which are most of the time worth their drawbacks. The big issue is Pulse Lasers hit more often on TT, +2 Accuracy where base Lasers have none. An Mlas++ can get more damage and the +++ has way more accuracy. That's freakin' awesome. 1 Range 2 Energy weapons 3 Ballistic weapons 4 Missile weapons 5 Support weapons 6 Full table The following table shows the effective and max … While even assault 'Mechs can be devastated by a short barrage of Large Pulse Laser fire, the heat buildup is tremendous and will quickly overheat 'Mechs if used for prolonged periods.[1]. In Classic Battletech game play, the ‘pulsing’ of the laser allows a pilot to quickly adjust their aim, working in much the same way as a tracer, therefore reducing the ‘to-hit’ modifier on their dice role by 2 (a significant reduction modifier, allowing targets at long range(+4 modifier) to be engaged as though they were only medium range(+2 modifier) for the weapon) all for the cost of a reduction in overall weapon range. Consider that defense increases a mech's overall health as follows: I know this isn't popular, but one problem is HBS did go overboard with the bonuses on +++ type weapons. Due to some advances from the Helm Memory Core found in 3028 the Inner Sphere was starting to develop this technology by the time the Clans invaded in 3050. If I've got the weight available, it's the pulse every time. They deal slightly more damage and they are slightly more accurate but they weigh more and run hotter. The drawback to this is dispersing particles from the target will be kicked up in the path of the beam therefore weakening it. Replacing the near-useless second PPC on the adder, for example. Reasonable trades. The clans went for the extra damage over the extra range. The Pulse Laser. So eventually you'll find better versions of the normal stuff. ++ medium lasers should get 30 damage, not 35. A kodiak has 8 m lasers 1 large laser 1 uac20 and 2 ssrm6. Background . Standard class Lasers operate by firing a continuous beam of focused coherent light at a target, damaging the target through extreme heat buildup, and are used much like a scalpel. The +++ ML is basically a Pulse Laser in all but name with +3 Accuracy and 50% Crit rate on top. Advisors may now jockey for positions of influence and adversaries should save their schemes for another day, because on this day Crusader Kings III can be purchased on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers. You must log in or register to reply here. This allows subsequent pulses to reach the target area without being diffused by the vapor. They should have just gone full munch and had heavy lasers as double damage of clan ER weapons, BattleTech - The Board Game of Armored Combat, Heavy laser, vs pulse laser, vs ER laser (CLAN!!! Standard class Lasers operate by firing a continuous beam of focused coherent light at a target, damaging the target through extreme heat buildup, and are used much like a scalpel. +5 damage and +1 accuracy is nice, but +2 tons and +22 heat is a death sentence. They do have their mentioned drawbacks. . Well, it has an innate bonus of +2 to-hit. I'm not in a campaign position to check it, but the wiki still lists large pulse as 40 heat production, along with its ER cousin. So a bonus of +2 aim is only worth 1 evasion pip. Pulse lasers are Lostech, Star League era weapon systems that no one in the Inner Sphere was able to manufacture by 3025. This game just has some of the 2750 tech manual lostech stuff, the older Inner Sphere versions that the Clans improved upon. Lostech weapons also don't have enough boosted variants so they are 100% completely obsoleted by the large+++,. That's good in early game, but when in late game where mechs more Bulwark than Sure Foot, maybe the Pulse Lasers also ignore 20% damage reduction as well (whether Bulwark, Forest, etc...). Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. A weapon that pierces damage reduction would be extremely powerful and worthy of being called lostech. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Later games changed the animation graphic of the Pulse Laser to reflect the micro-burst idea of the design, giving it a rather ‘laser-machine-gun’ look. This page was last edited on 18 September 2019, at 21:05. This scenario came up in a house game of BTech (board game version; not PC): A 'Mech with a functional C3 Computer and Large Variable Speed Pulse Laser fires at an enemy 'Mech that's 13 hexes away. Exchange ideas, ask questions, post new content. Pulse-Lasers are marketet as those amazing Los-Tech weapons but lookIng at their stats they do not only fail to impress but even seem lackluster when compared to regular weapons. Aim can not bring a pilot above their gunnery skill, it only reduces penalties down to zero. The rapid fire pulses allow debris to disperse between cycling. double heat sinks and gaus rifle are impressive but i cant seem to see a benefit to er or pulse lasers. It's the Heavy Small and Heavy Large that really need work. . X-Pulse lasers are not an entirely new weapon per se, but rather an upgrade that … The pulse lasers are super rare while boosted medium lasers are fairly common, so use the superior, more common laser instead. You bought the box set and are ready to expand your bt experience. JavaScript is disabled. Description X-Pulse Lasers were an attempt by Inner Sphere technicians to increase the range of Pulse Lasers to compete with the longer ranges of similar Clan models. +++ should get +2 to hit, etc. Why would I take a 2t MPL when I can take two MLs+++ or just one and a HS? And is firing at a target 9 hexes away. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane?" I would imagine that recovering intact Clan versions aided in the development. +5 damage, +1 accuracy, +4 heat. Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive, http://s1184.photobucket.com/user/HikageMaru/media/FedSuns-ToBe_zps297caca9.png.html. Very new here and I apologize if this is the incorrect place to ask but im about to rip my hair out.. [4][5], Like their standard pulse counterparts, Medium X-Pulse Lasers are the workhorse of the X-Pulse lasers series, and though they build large amounts of extra heat, they boast the same range as a standard Medium Laser. But that's exactly what aim bonus does! There has to be a bug with the LPlas though. All rights reserved. It only suffers because Pulse lasers don't have the same enhanced variants as regular lasers. Description []. In HBS BT accuracy isn't anywhere near as important, and baseline Lasers get a +1 to boot. ), Quote from: massey on 09 July 2020, 12:08:39, Quote from: Colt Ward on 09 July 2020, 12:58:48, Quote from: Colt Ward on 09 July 2020, 17:01:10, Quote from: Greatclub on 12 July 2020, 16:52:04, Quote from: Retry on 12 July 2020, 18:04:19, Quote from: Greatclub on 12 July 2020, 18:57:03, Quote from: Talen5000 on 12 July 2020, 18:43:50, Quote from: Colt Ward on 13 July 2020, 13:18:38, Quote from: Wolf72 on 13 July 2020, 14:54:44. Eh, those weights are truly artificial- and like I said I was for it before they introduced the rules. Pulse lasers increase damage because they allow vaporized armor to dissipate from the location of damage. Quote from: Adrian Gideon, apparently a fool on 07 August 2019, 08:14:29, Quote from: Sartris on 13 July 2020, 15:29:08, Quote from: Wolf72 on 13 July 2020, 15:32:44, Quote from: vaderi on 13 July 2020, 12:53:05, Quote from: massey on 15 July 2020, 10:30:03, Quote from: Talen5000 on 15 July 2020, 13:57:57. The Medium X-Pulse Laser is manufactured on the following planets: Built on Kessel by Diverse Optics, the Type 25PX started to appear on Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery equipment in the wake of the Word of Blake Jihad. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). In TT, LosTech weaponry is somewhat balanced against basic tech by their increased tonnage and heat production. In gameplay and construction (though I don't do a lot of custom variants) I prefer pulses over other variants. Atlas you get at the end of the storyline. Large X-Pulse Lasers are the biggest and deadliest of the X-Pulse Lasers and though they build massive amounts of extra heat, they boast the same range as a standard Large Laser. Like all Lasers, Medium Pulse Lasers enjoy a baseline accuracy bonus over other weapons. Unlike the Snub-Nose PPC, which fires a single bolt of energy, the modified pulse laser … However, the longer it was fired the longer it took to cool down, and shorter firing meant shorter cool down. The Mpulse isn't too bad. It's a 1 ton, 10 damage weapon. ERLLs, LRM15s, and SRM4s . All LosTech weapons that are not Gauss Rifles suffer from how amazing + and ++ weapons are. The MPL++ is 14 heat and +3 to-hit which at that point it does make it more comparable and a better trade, but that is also a LosTech ++ quality item, so have fun getting one. one that doesn't explode so often would be preferred. . The other problem is that with the lostech stuff your never going to see + or +++ versions. Or even both of them. Pulse technology “pulses” the beam in short micro-burst while computer targeting keeps the aim true. If it is too complicate/obfuscated, that isn't good either. They are unable to have +’s (currently) and are frankly not worth adding to a Mech unless you have the tonnage and heat sinks to spare, otherwise even a basic laser gives them a run for their money and that is frankly unacceptable. https://battletech.fandom.com/wiki/Pulse_Laser?oldid=7049. Which is really nice to start if found early somehow (and was amazing in TT when regular lasers didn't get an accuracy bonus), buuut when lasers start out with a +1, and can often be put into arms for another +1, it's not so great. Every point of aim is equal to half an evasion pip. Pulse-Lasers are marketet as those amazing Los-Tech weapons but lookIng at their stats they do not only fail to impress but even seem lackluster when compared to regular weapons. I still use them if I can spare the heat or have a pilot that can deal with the heat. My general feeling is that BattleTech has fairly terrible rules, ... ----- ER PPC LT 15 3 7,00 Medium Pulse Laser RA 4 1 2,00 Medium Pulse Laser LA 4 1 2,00 Free Critical Slots: 24 BattleForce Statistics MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. Machine Gun Rules? © Valve Corporation. #11 the only excaption to #10 is pulse clusters One per 1st point of internal per the cluster and missles clusters which are under the normal rules. Weapons are the bread-and-butter of the war-torn world of Battletech. The Micro Pulse Laser was designed by Clan Smoke Jaguar (alongside the ER Micro Laser) primarily for use on their ProtoMechs.It has since spread to all the Clans.It has been used on several Battle Armor systems. For me, pulse lasers in TT were always the weapon you needed to hit fast little blighters that were maximizing their movement to minimize your chance to hit. An improvement upon standard Medium Lasers, Medium Pulse Lasers use pulses of light instead of a single beam. Post by mike559 » … Enjoy conversations with Battletech fans. Moderators: AVA MANGO TWO, Ravion Hawk, Steve Ronin. Pulse lasers differ from traditional laser weaponry, in that instead of firing one powerful beam, they maintain laser beams fired off in quick succession. -- said no Clanner ... ever! "So let me get this straight. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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