This unique variation of the classic Rick Hinderer production collab initiates a new era of special runs from... Invictus Returns in new G-10 Configuration, Wong Design’s Newest TwoSun Knife is the Little Crocodile. I like both, but I would want replacement scales for the Bugout, which takes the cost to over $200: Then if I compare the the 940-1 Carbon Fiber with S90V at under 3 oz. Yeah but remember Nick Shabazz is freakishly strong. Solid knife but doesn't wear as slim and nice in the pocket as you'd expect. I can't comment on the clone aspect, but as much as I love the 940, it has a thicker grind than I like on my EDC knives. It wasn’t the first Axis Lock knife but once a 940 is broken in, it has a glassy smooth, lightning-quick action that has to be experienced to be believed. The 940 is a much more solid knife however. I was planning on getting a Benchmade 940 after handling it at a gun show. I would lean towards the 535GRY if I didn't have one. . The standard 940 has green aluminum scales and an S30V blade. weight of the 940 variants suit me perfectly. Then I came across the Bugout online. It is integrated to ambidextrous dual thumb studs for easy one-handed opening. In terms of clone quality, they're both good but the bugout is better. weight of the 940 variants suit me perfectly. All things pocket knives. One its very best features is the smoothness of its Axis Lock. Brought to you by I like both. Visit KnifeNews tomorrow to find out which model is #4 on our list of the Top 25 Pocket Knives that are Indispensable. 11 comments. On the other hand, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 comes with G10 handle scales, which feel solid and comfortable. If it will spend more time being used, in hand, get a Griptillian. save. #24 Emerson CQC-7 15/404 The just-released 940-2 has G-10 scales, a flow-through construction, and S30V blade steel. Personally, for edc, i prefer the bugout. As long as it cuts and sharpens up OK, I'm happy, 8cr13 is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and whenever LTK confirms that something's real D2 or real s35vn, I just think of it as a bonus. The 940-1 is a premium model with carbon fiber scales and S90V blade steel. If you're willing to spend the extra for new scales on the bugout it makes the knife significantly better than its stock configurations. Win win. And the clone's screws won't fit into that legit clip's holes because they're too big. I like the full backspacer on the 940 - in some of my shorts the way the knives sit my keys will find my way between the scales of knives without backspacers (like the bugout) and get into the cutting edge, which isn't great for the edge obviously. I would personally choose the 940 because I like those long skinny knives like the ZT 450 or GM3, but I think the Bugout is a beautiful. YMMV. In the end I just bought both! any help will be very helpful thanks. An up-and-coming name in their roster is Wong Design, whose... Another slender, stylish EDC is joining the Böker lineup. Between the three choices, the grip wins for me. The 940 is a perfect combination of gentlemanly looks and stellar performance, and has been in Benchmade’s production lineup for more than ten years. Doesn’t slice like a Bugout but it’s a stronger knife. You can upgrade the scales and still be in the ballpark of a 940 (slightly more expensive) but the blade shape of the Bugout slices so well. . So here I am just getting back home from buying the green 940 Osborne with S30V and purple accents!! (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). #23 Victorinox Cadet 18/404 I’ve have my eye on the 940 for so long, and the bugout is so highly reviewed, I don’t think I’ll regret purchasing either. You must keep your knives in the little protective sack it comes with. The standard 940 … The comparison of the clones largely mirror comparisons of the real options. I edc my 940-1 more than all others in my collection. 940 is so much better knife,probably the best Benchmade ever! Press J to jump to the feed. Heads, 940. Respondents were asked to name as many or as few pocket knife models as they wanted, and no brands or blades were off-limits. For those of you who own or have handled both, which is your preference? If it has g10 or cf scales, it would be a different story. #18 Zero Tolerance 0350 28/404 Those Titanium aftermarket Scales I’ve been seeing makes me want a Bugout again. Bugout. Hey, I'm the guy that made the review of the Bugout. I have the carbon fiber and d2 940 clone. it's on the edc/user list of wants though. With three variations released within the last couple of years, it clearly isn’t going anywhere. Thank god I'm not married so I don't need to explain this to anyone but the ones who understand lol. I start to lean toward the 940. to 2.90 oz. The Australian-born Osborne was an adopted son of Texas, and his work greatly influenced the American custom knife scene for well over 30 years. #22 Benchmade Adamas 20/404 Much better handle and blade shape, slightly slimmer and much better quality than the 940. not in every knife, but it's found that edc niche and it works there. If you do buy the Bugout I would get G10 or Titanium scales for it. If you flip and you’re disappointed with the results, it will tell you which you prefer. It does nothing for me...the small Insingo, however, now that's a perfect EDC. Few knives in recent memory have made as big of a splash as the Benchmade Bugout ($135 on Amazon, $120 at REI). the top two is a really close, but I think the stock bugout is just not the knife the 940s are. Can also be had today (11.11) for $28 which is just crazy cheap. in that order. Chumchal has already worked on one new release and talked to us about what he’s learned so... Well, it isn’t surprising, but it’s still bad news: last Friday, the NSSF announced the official cancellation of SHOT Show 2021. The decision was made in the face of... Terrain 365, brainchild of designer Patricka Ma, has just released the Invictus-AT G-10 in conjunction with Prometheus Design Werx. It's definitely your right to be picky with your choice of steels but it's so hard to be sure with Aliexpress. Bugout will be lighter, 940 will be better for harder use whatever that means. The Bugout’s blade is extremely thin when compared to the 940. The cf benchmade handle fits the original 940 blade better than the 8cr blade. Centering is crap though. share. Very good, suggest getting the one with 20cv steel. The 940 had very gritty washers that took a long time to break in. I've got both, the Grip is more of a camping/work knife since it occupies a lot of pocket real estate, but mine is a full size Grip. Maybe I'll pick up an ad15 clone instead, or even both. report. For those of you who own or have handled both, which is your preference? in that order. It's nice. He has the strength of a bear that has the strength of two bears! I would personally choose the 940 because I like those long skinny knives like the ZT 450 or GM3, but I think the Bugout is a beautiful. I also have an aluminum version of the 940 clone, I also used to have a real G10 version. #09 Cold Steel Recon 1 63/404 I got the clone and also bought some screws for it and they don't fit because they're too narrow. as lots have said, the bugout is a different knife entirely with after market scales #07 Chris Reeve Knives Large Sebenza 21 75/404 Too thick for me, And my Benchmade 940 has a blade so scewed and uncentered it touches the handle. As for the Sebenza, if you gave me one, I'd sell it. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. never mind punching a hole in a beer can. In June, we took a survey to learn which pocket knives our readers believe should never be discontinued. We report the latest news on new and popular knives, production knife companies, custom makers, innovations, and cover topics that are of interest to the knife carrying community. Press J to jump to the feed. #05 Benchmade 940 78/404 I have the real Benchmade 940, 940-1, 940-2 and Bugout 535, as well as an assortment of 940 clone variations and the Bugout 535 clone. He was behind several other popular Benchmade knives, including the Barrage, the Contego, and the new-for-2016 Proxy flipper. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Bugout will be lighter, 940 will be better for harder use whatever that means. #15 Ontario RAT Model 1 43/404 If you're looking for something more solid than the bugout (which is very plasticky and a bit flexible, not for hard use) i'd get the aluminum anthem clone over the 940. This is a sub about Chinese Knives - original, clones and replicas. Have you had the same issues? I see prices for the benchmade 940 around $30 after shipping and the bugout for $25 after shipping. I'm looking to upgrade my EDC. If it's gonna ride in the pocket more often than not, stick with the 940. A positive that turned out to be a negative for me personally. In theory I really like it (lightweight, slim, aluminum handles, nice color, seems like a 'more substantial bugout') but I also have a genuine 20cv minigrip and I really do not dig that thickness behind the edge. #25 Microtech Ultratech 14/404 actually a traditional like the Case Trapper will cut like a knife should cut. The Bugout would be accepted by staff and clients alike. The 2.44 oz. The 940 is not a great slicer since its so thick, although it will probably take more abuse.

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