Jackson is going to be the most fun quarterback to play with in Madden 20. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. A well placed source provided us with a list of all the abilities in the game so far, what they do, and which players have them. These are your Top 5 QB X-Factors in #Madden20, according to @Antcap24! New alternate versions of every NFL playbook were also released. However, some are still using QBs that don’t run a lot and stay in the pocket to make accurate throws. Don’t get caught up in his 76 overall rating. There’s also Fearless, Gambler, Pocket Deadeye, and Pass Lead Elite, among others. A good way to find a receiver to get the ball too quickly. Is Jackson probably better than his rating suggests? You have a chance to show that he is better at that in the game. He’s got a 94 in speed, a 95 in acceleration and a 95 in agility. Madden 20 has him as an 89 in throwing power. RELATED: Madden 21: The NFL's 10 Best Offenses In The Game, Ranked It just doesn’t matter what his Madden 20 rating is. Christian McCaffrey comes into Madden 21 as the highest-rated running back in the game and joins Aaron Donald having back-to-back 99 ratings in Madden 20 and Madden 21. A new video has arrived in which a content creator shows off his picks for the best Madden 20 Superstar X-Factors for quarterbacks. Find out more about each of them in the video and in the descriptions below. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Jackson isn’t a rookie but he isn’t an established superstar either. Pro Reads – This highlights the first open receiver while in the pocket. 1. If you thought playing as Michael Vick was fun (and I totally did) this is going to be even more awesome. He’s a quarterback so these numbers are heavily weighted in his overall rating. It’s hard to argue with these ratings at the moment. You. 4. It allows you to stay in pocket longer, make accurate throws even as defenders approach. It’s hard to get caught up in Lamar Jackson’s low rating in Madden 20. Comments. The Best Credit Cards Of 2020. Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, replacing Chargers QB Philip Rivers, 49ers DE Nick Bosa, replacing Rams RB Todd Gurley, Jets SS Jamal Adams, replacing Cowboys CB Byron Jones, Patriots FS Devin McCourty, replacing Bears FS Eddie Jackson, Cardinals OLB Chandler Jones, replacing Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys CB Byron Jones, downgraded from X-Factor to Superstar, Eagles TE Zach Ertz, downgraded from X-Factor to Superstar, Chargers QB Philip Rivers, downgraded from X-Factor to Superstar, Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott, downgraded from X-Factor to Superstar, Bears FS Eddie Jackson, downgraded from X-Factor to Superstar. For those not using mobile QBs, it’s really a matter of personal opinion. As many veteran Madden players know, lots of people are using mobile quarterbacks with the new Michael Vick 96 OVR or Lamar Jackson. Your privacy is safe with us. There were two small coach related changes. Jackson has a long list of people to prove wrong so this won’t bother him in the slightest. If you’re using a highly mobile QB such as Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson, ... That’s all for the best offensive and defensive playbooks in Madden 20. Antcap24, who is an Esports coordinator for MUTHEAD and content creator at Playbook.gg, recently shared his top five for QBs. Per EA, these playbooks will be available in MUT at a later date. Jackson can do things that other quarterbacks can’t do. With Jackson leading the Ravens to a potential first seed in their conference, many will look to use Jackson in Madden 20 to see if they can replicate his magnificent throws. Fearless – This makes quarterback throwing accuracy unaffected by defensive pressure. Top 5 Madden 20 Superstar X-Factors for QBs Everyone has their preferences when it comes to what to add as chemistries, abilities, and X-Factor abilities in Madden 20. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. Stopping Lamar Jackson I consider myself to be a pretty decent player online, but I struggle to defend against the assholes who just run with Lamar Jackson or DeShaun Watson on every passing play. Credit: Madden NFL 20. If you’re a Jackson fan, don’t pretend for a second that you’re not going to light up your connected franchise mode with Jackson as your MVP. Time will tell if Lamar Jackson can keep up his remarkable performance throughout the rest of the NFL season and beyond. Baltimore Ravens news from FanSided Daily, Why John Harbaugh is in a great situation heading into the season, Baltimore Ravens: Top 5 Madden 20 ratings that are spot on, Ozzie Newsome’s best accomplishments with Ravens, 3 things that factor into Baltimore Ravens pass rush situation, Baltimore Ravens: Top 5 Madden 20 ratings that make no sense, 2019 Baltimore Ravens: 3 goals for Michael Pierce. A lot depends on which quarterback you’re using for your team when it comes to the Madden 20 Superstar X-Factors. It is Title Update 1.20, and this time a number of stars saw their Superstar Abilities upgraded to X-Factors, and many have dropped from both of the aforementioned groups.

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