Think of it this way. Back in January 2010 I won $22,000 on the 2×2. The only things I have bought from Best Buy were mostly all electronics–video games, consoles, phones and televisions. Call BIZ Today For Complete Details! ), Best Chocolate: Godiva Large 72% Dark Chocolate with Almond Bar, Yes, yes, you know—dark chocolate, 70% cocoa content or higher. Seriously people there’s no conspiracy here. - CASH FLOW: $162,583 It pumps 120,000 gallons a month. ), (Flat Screen TVs, sound system, DVD players, Satellite dish and decoder, furniture (table, stools and sofas), telephones, filing cabinets), store equipment (cash register, security, CCTV, ventilation, signage), and security and fire alarms and prevention gadgets amongst others. Let's start with your car. You can make a payment or view your policy online anytime. Adding beer to this location would do extremely well, along with a car wash. • Provides gas, diesel, propane, kerosene and fuel oil $70,000 - Available in Multiple Locations, Keller Williams Realty Greater Binghamton, VIEW MORE AUTOMOTIVE AND BOAT BUSINESSES FOR SALE. tickets bought and winnings for each store? ANY SHOWINGS ON THE BUSINESS ARE PRIVATE, WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY VISITORS TO TALK TO EMPLOYEES However, they carry a lot of open box appliances, including washers and dryers. Licenses are up to date. Spending that gas/petrol money on more tickets instead would do a whole lot more to improve your chances of winning. - PROPERTY OWNED if you are interested come down here and we'll sit down. Chevron Terminal Is 1/2 Mile Away ~ ZERO FREIGHT COSTS. Established Gas/Convenience Store located at the busy plaza corner, the same owner has 14 years, easy operation, rooms to grow, great potential, Gross inside sales $672,000/year at 27% margin, Fuel sales 180,000 gallons/year at 9 cents per gallon, Lotto commission $34,800/year, other income $5,100/year. If you have the drive to grow your own business, here’s the opportunity to be an industry changer by partnering with Tread Connection! The C store just got over 15k in brand new equipment that will be sale with the business. Today's best 10 gas stations with the cheapest prices near you, in Phoenix, AZ. 1 - 20,000 Gallon Underground Tank [Diesel]! But they word it very carefully . Need to sell fast before end of month due to re-location This does not mean that Bob has been blessed by the lottery gods. Established business for 20 years. Lobby has a decent size convenience store that sells snacks and juices. An affluent neighborhood with mostly government officials. For more information on this listing- copy and paste this link into your browser for instant access to this business information. [It makes a huge difference what ticket you buy, but that’s a different question we’ll get to in a moment]. Please contact for information and details. SOLID MONEY MAKER!Verifiable Numbers ; should qualify for a loan.Buyer will need $30,000 for inventory $30k gas deposit plus 2 months rent.Buyer should have $75k in addition to asking price.Huge station 6 pumps full canopy easy access for trucks and trailersfor diesel - must see - call Broker Jim AloiPlease: qualified buyers only! A Dez franchise offers membership-based on-demand door to door personal chauffeur services for individuals and their cars, delivery service for restaurants along with a host of other driving services. 8 fueling station with pay at the pump. Find the cheapest gas around on GEICO Mobile. The Exxon Mobil rewards program will allow you to save 3 to 6 cents per gallon as you accrue points from in-store purchases. One has sold $2.8m of prizes over 3 years. How to Buy a Gas Station Five tips to help you buy a gas station. What it really means is that Bob’s Quick Mart has a lot more customers. Store has equipment ready to go in to fry chciken business and more. Be careful of ‘it seems’ – unless you get all the data you can’t really draw any conclusion :-). * Seller Financing w/ $500,000.00 Down + Deposits & Inventory (on or about $175,000.00) and Payment of Balance: TBD EVERYTHING INCLUDED: + Absolutely NO Loan Referral Fees! Have to present myself next month for a new job in another city • DOUBLE FUEL STATIONS UNDER CANOPY: 2020 January thru August site averaged $39,165.04 monthly profit. • EMPLOYEES: 2 FT & 1 PT I’ve noticed here in Pennsylvania that there are more “lucky” winners in smaller towns as opposed to the big city like Philadelphia where the population is vastly greater & it’s obvious there are far more people playing. Generating a great cash flow. C-store works on a full 40 percent profit including tobacco.Store sales $750,000 - reg gas pumps 53,000 monthly profit 20 centsmid grade and premium pumps 9,000 gallons net profit 81 centsdiesel pumps 23,000 gallons monthly nets 71 cents .Lotto net for 2019, $22,000 vacuum & ATM net $10,800 rebates $2200 monthly.17 YEAR LEASE**** C-STORE HAS LOTS OF ROOM FOR GROWTH.Buyer can add donuts,sandwiches salads,more inventory orDunkin donuts bring your ideas!!! That’s how important this is. + Absolutely NO Loan Referral Fees! In addition to the building, many extras are a part of the sale including; digital gas monitor, ATM, security system, large walk-in 6-door cooler, freezers, coffee & cappuccino machine, deep fryer, food warmers, propane tanks and so much more! look up the GEICO Insurance Agency partner. We can't get convenience stores and gas stations to set up salad bars—but we can choose the best of the salty, sugary, infinitely shelf-stable bunch. Most lottery companies will respond to your questions. • CASH FLOW: $77K Operating with just over 1,500 locations in 29 states, you won't find Sinclair's fabled dinosaur logo everywhere, but when you do, it's likely to be your best bet. • UHAUL RENTAL SERVICE Ajaero Tony Martins is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer and Investor; with a passion for sharing his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. IAG M&A Advisors is a business intermediary consulting firm that facilitates the buying & selling of businesses with the goals of our clients at heart. If so, scratchers are randomly placed – even the lottery company don’t know where the winners are. • STREET SIGNAGE LISTS FUEL PRICES DIGITALLY These reports examine over 8.3 million ratings and reviews submitted in the GasBuddy fuel pricing and navigation app, as well as an analysis of 94 million consumer visits to stations. Cost of Recruiting and Training Your Staff, 14. • AUTOMATIC CAR WASH I know what you’re saying about lucky stores but it seems like when I go to my Stop and Shop and buy tickets there I hardly ever win, but go elsewhere and win something even if it isn’t a huge prize. There are two ways, we normally find this out. ALL OFFERS ARE WELCOME, THE PRICE IS ALL IN (EVETHING INCLUDED) The company also offers two credit cards. - ABSENTEE RAN OPERATION Because luck is not something you can really define in terms of numbers. 2 double side pumps with 4 filling stations. + 300 s/f auxiliary ice & walk-in cooler storage bldgs. OR JOHN AT 305 776 8520. Seller is retiring and would like to sell this business soon. Who: Sales & Management experience, Customer Service Focused LISTING ID # 33166 Yes, they do. Mangia! BIZ EXCLUSIVE FINANCING: Special Seller Financing Is Offered At An Absolutely Unheard Of FIXED Rate Of Interest At 3% For 25 Years! ALL PERMITS ARE UP TO DATE This is an extremely busy Gas Station & C-Store in Orange County Orlando. The gas pumps are not operated 24/7, as seller shuts these down when closed. The first important thing to notice is that most of this stores business is from the sale of lottery tickets. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Here’s What Sugar Really Does to Your Brain, These Are America’s Favorite Halloween Candies. Exactly! Great for an owner operator. Currently running absentee with 2 employees; one FT and one PT. Which isn’t the most ‘independent’ way to find this information..! BUSY C-Store sales $75,000 monthly @ 30% profit, BUSY Lotto commission $2600 a month, ATM commission $300 a month, bitcoin vending machine $300 a month (only one in 10 mile radius) U-Haul commission $300 a month and air and vacuum $100 a month

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