You can buy the AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut for $35 and feel comfortable that it will work great for most office situations. Instead of holding onto all secure documentation until you can get to the office shredder, you can dispose of sensitive papers anytime you have an outlet nearby. Best regards. A three-year warranty is paired with high-quality materials engineered for both security and durability over the life of the shredder. Not every shredder can do this, although most of the machines can handle a few stapled documents every now and then. The paper shredders are also small and compact so they won’t take up lots of floor space and thanks to their size you can fit them under your desk in your home office. Like the Swingline, the 12-Sheet AmazonBasics is capable of shredding papers, credit cards, CDs and more. We appreciate the number of important features this machine has despite its small size, and the built-in handle makes this much more comfortable to carry than almost any shredder out there. What is the best paper shredder for shredding personal documents at home? We think it is really important that your shredder works great, offers high security and is well-built. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I try not to buy through Amazon if there are alternatives. But the higher-end models can shred through larger stacks of documents. Yes, paper shredders are very safe. This results in much smaller chunks that would be too tricky to reassemble for all but the most determined of criminals. If you want a top-notch shredder, here are some additional features to look for: Q. These can cost as little as $30 to $50, but the most inexpensive models will have extremely short duty cycles and will only be able to tackle a small amount of sheets per pass. For most home shredding needs we recommend a document shredder that is classified with DIN P-3 or DIN P-4. and give us feedback about your visit today. This paper shredder can also handle staples and paper clips. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "recyclingcom-20"; Thanks for sharing. As a cross-cut shredder, each individual shred will occur faster than a micro-cut shredder, but it sacrifices the six times smaller confetti-like shred. The EverShred, the Powershred. Add one more name in the list of best paper shredders i.e. This is one of the big models available on the market. This shredder’s key selling point is its 100% jam-proof system, which consists of three tiers of jam protection. Shreds documents into 2,235 pieces. we never accept anything from product manufacturers. However, because of this shredder’s smaller sheet capacity and run time, it might not be the best fit for more paper-heavy businesses—unless the need for security outweighs the need for speed. Expect to pay around $50 to $100 for one of these. For shredding non-confidential documents, you can use a strip-cut shredder. ", "Fits the bill for quick, easy, and limited shredding sessions. Not every travel-heavy job requires a shredder, but ones that do will benefit from a lightweight, affordable option like the Aurora AS420C. A smaller sized bin can hold fewer paper shreds and thus needs to be emptied more often. What extra features should I look out for in a paper shredder? While the shredder is perfectly adequate, it is only suitable for home or small office use. In case of overload, the system will automatically stop shredding to avoid any paper jams. A shredder is a great way to dispose of unwanted paper, especially if they are sensitive or private documents. It also has a standby, overheat, overload and door open LED indicator. As the name indicates, the AU2030XA is designed to eliminate paper jams. The noise level is around 56 dB. Use the Fellowes to securely shred your junk mail, sensitive documents (even with paper clips and staples), credit cards and CDs. This machine cuts paper into tiny, tiny pieces—at least five times smaller than any other shredder on our list. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase. However, you’ll want to weigh the length of its running time with the length of its cool-down period before you commit to buy it. Small pieces get all matted when they get wet. Plus, it’s easy to set up and even easier to use. If documents slated for shredding are always piling up, a heavy-duty shredder like the Bonsaii EverShred C149-C will gobble them up quickly and tirelessly. Paper feed is 8.7” wide. The shredder is backed by a one-year warranty provided by Amazon. While this does offer some degree of security, it's not too hard for someone to reassemble shredded documents, recovering the data. All parts are covered with a 1-year limited warranty. Companies that may have to shred old cards, such as banks and credit unions, will want to make sure this feature is available. This is critical for personal security and is the primary reason most families buy a paper shredder along with a wireless printer. A paper shredder is an excellent way to destroy sensitive documents, old paperwork, unwanted magazines and any other type of paper waste that’s been accumulating in your office. This masticates paper into tiny, confetti-like chips, making it virtually impossible to reassemble a document in any meaningful way. These long strips can still contain a lot of readable text, especially when you shred a document that is printed in landscape mode. In our extensive shredder guide, you can read everything about shredder specifications and important features of shredders. Although I suspect you’d have to let it cool off eventually, it has a built-in fan which keeps the heat down, and I never ran into problems with it overheating. Fellowes strikes again with the Powershred 125Ci. An E-Mail Shredder This could be a hot ticket in our litigious society: e-mail that 'expires' and can't be read or retrieved by anyone after a set date. When it comes to shredding documents, you need a capable, reliable, and durable machine to do the job. 4.5 gallons isn’t terrible, but it is smaller than both of the previous shredders on this list. Please take our 3-minute survey, Required fields are marked *. Then you have to compensate for the capacity of the waste bin. When they detect paper, shredding starts automatically. There’s no doubt this is a great shredder, but in my opinion its performance isn’t so great as to justify the massive price leap from the 125Ci to the 225Mi. The Fellowes Microshred 12MS30 is a powerful deskside shredder that, in addition to paper, also shreds credit cards, junk mail, small staples and paper clips. These five highly rated shredders each satisfy distinct demands in the workplace. Most of these models are more than sufficient for home use, and some may even be fast and powerful enough for use in a small office. At 25.2" x 17.4" x 11.2" and 41.5-pounds, the 99Ms is a little on the tall side, which makes it far more suitable for a business environment. Some people even point out security issues with some of the models. Check out Bizrate for great deals on popular brands like Aurora, Fellowes and Swingline. If your business takes you everywhere, you probably want a shredder that’s not only compact but also built for portability. If you want the gold standard of paper shredder, opt for a micro-cut shredder. The shredder has a five-gallon bin with a clear plastic glass that easily lets you see how much space is left. Level: P-4 | Sheet capacity: 14 pages | Bin capacity: 6 gallon. Although the machine comes with only a few bonus features, its simple design is practical for typical storage situations and easy emptying. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "link_enhancement_widget"; Our mission is to help consumers make informed purchase decisions. With cheap, household options available for as little as $30, you can save a fortune and protect yourself from liability. For secure paper shredding we recommend a cross-cut or micro-cut shredder with security level P-3 or Despite having extremely sharp blades inside, modern paper shredders boast a range of safety features, including guards to protect fingers, tucked away switches so you can't accidentally turn them on, and automatic switch-off to avoid overheating. Starring a 14-gallon bin capacity, the energy-efficient 125Ci is ideal for use in large offices. The only real problem with the shredder is its smaller storage bin. Such as your name, address, email address, social security number, bank account information and other sensitive information. Parts are covered with a 2-year limited warranty. Besides you shred in silence, this Bonsaii shredding machine is also very powerful. With security level P-4 this shredder offers you enough security to keep your information safe. If you want to make sure your shredder won’t frustrate employees with frequent jams, you can buy this low-maintenance shredder for $210. A versatile 10-sheet paper shredder that can also handle paperclips, staples, credit cards, and CDs. You can find more professional shredders for office use here. If you’re using a shredder for pretty routine documents at home, then you probably don’t need top-of-the-line shredding capabilities. The cross-cut particles are unreadable and at the P-4 security level. Additional features we especially like are its SafeSense technology that freezes the shredder when it senses hands touching the paper opening, and SilentShred, which keeps noise to a minimum — though that doesn’t cover your chatty co-worker. amzn_assoc_placement = ""; Besides your documents this machine also shreds your old CDs, DVDs and credit cards. With a 40-minute run time, Royal’s 1840MX 18-sheet commercial cross-cut paper shredder is a standout option for both home and small businesses. Any small business with multiple employees shredding documents could benefit from the user-friendly features that protect both the user and the machine from harm. A 5 … Composting gives me top security! In other words, if security is important for you, this is the shredder to buy. Level: P-4 | Sheet capacity: 24 pages | Bin capacity: 7 gallon. A shredder can overheat while in use, so to prevent this from happening the shredder stops working automatically to let the motor cool down. Those on the top end of the spectrum will have about all the extra features you can think of, plus a formidable duty cycle and sheets per pass, but even the less expensive models are more than enough shredder for all but the most heavy-duty environments. When you are done shredding, you pick it up easily and store it in a closet or under your desk. It’s very expensive, but it performs like a charm. Cross-cut shreds are small enough to be unreadable, therefore this model is at the P-4 security level. Models with a clear viewing window are invaluable. But when you read reviews from customers for cheap shredders, you can find a lot of negative comments and complaints about these machines. With a run time of 20 minutes, this shredder blows AmazonBasics out of the park. It is important to shred documents with personal or sensitive information before you recycle it. A. If you need to shred credit cards or CDs, you will need to be sure the model you pick has that ability. Shredding speed is generally measured in feet per minute (FPM). One of the best features of the shredder is its warranty. Smaller paper particles take up less space than long strips from a strip-cut shredder. The head of the shredder has a modern, streamlined design with two shredding slots. Some paper shredders can tackle whole multi-page documents, even when they're still held together with staples or paperclips. With the Aurora you shred up to 10 sheets per pass and combined with the run-time of 60 minutes you can shred a lot of paperwork every day. So we decided this shredder makes a lot of sense for small businesses with high-security needs. Some features aren't essential, but can be nice to have. We recommend shredding a bit less than 12 sheets to avoid paper jams from occurring. Fellowes Powershred W-11C Cross-Cut Shredder. Goyum Shredder. In this age of identity theft, throwing away or recycling intact documents with personal names, addresses, bank information, social security numbers or any other type of personal information could lead to identity theft.

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