Nam-Gil made this decision after receiving advice from Kang Woo-Suk (the director of "Public Enemy Returns"). Kim Nam-gil (Hangul: 김남길) (born 13 March, 1981), is a South Korean actor. Sources are sketchy, but he likely rallied supporters under the motto "Women rulers cannot rule the country." Her courtiers asked Queen Seondeok how she knew that the Baekje soldiers would be there and she replied that the frogs represented soldiers, white meant they came from the west, and their appearance at the Jade Gate — a euphemism for female genitalia — told her that the soldiers would be in the Woman's Root Valley. At that time, the Queen's health was deteriorating and could no longer fulfill her duties as she once did, thus leaving most of the work to Bidam. The Silla Kingdom would also boast Korea's third and final female ruler, Queen Jinseong, who nearly two hundred years later from 887 to 897. Who Was Queen Seondeok of the Silla Kingdom? Because of this, it was not unknown for women to rule over small sections of the Silla Kingdom, but they had only ever served as regents for their sons or as dowager queens — never in their own name. During her 15 years on the throne, Queen Seondeok used skillful diplomacy to form a stronger alliance with Tang China. Kim Nam-Gil was born on March 13, 1981 in South Korea. Bidam - is one of the trajic role from The Great Queen Seondeok. On year 635, Bidam was appointed for the highest position in the court (Sangdaedeung) by Queen Seondok. The queen was interested in Buddhism, which was fairly new to Korea at the time but had already become the state religion of Silla. Casts QSD dalam Infinity Challenge untuk Chuseok Untuk memeriahkan hari raya Chuseok 1 Oktober lalu, beberapa main casts Queen Seon Deok ditantang untuk mengikuti reality Infinity Challenge. The hit 2009 drama series of 62 episodes aired on MBC was a splendid success during its reign. The 80-meter-tall Hwangnyongsa pagoda included nine stories, each of which represented one of Silla's enemies. When they bloomed, the poppies were indeed odorless. Nam-Gil first debuted on television with a minor role in the 1998 KBS drama "School 1" (as the character Min-soo). As her successor, Seondeok chose her cousin Kim Seung-man, who became Queen Jindeok. The Queen was shocked and disheartened by this news, but Kim Yushin calmed her and told her that "Bidam was a traitor who betrayed his Queen. The story goes that a bright falling star convinced Bidam's followers that the queen too would fall soon. Prior to his rebellion, he held the position of a Sangdaedeung (the highest official in the court). He is best known for his role as Bidam in Queen Seon Deok. During that time, Silla was suffering from incursions from the joined forces of the Baekje and Goguryeo which took over 40 fortresses from the west part of Silla.

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