However, his fortunes did not last forever. Rev Run raised some kids that can and do run their own businesses, and shy away from drama.If they did come to the meeting I can guarantee you it wouldn’t have been with no broke down ghetto ‘NAWLINS entourage!!! Oh, and the scene where some girl said she may be pregnant. They push this pro-black narrative, but a lot of things they make money from actually hurt black people. Exactly… sorry for some misspelled words and missing words but being a parent it upset me the ppl think it’s ok to be disrespectful to ppl kids or family we should be able to talk that wasn’t a meeting they was being a Bully!! Trust on that. That Master P wouldnt have spoke his mind!! Nor have his daddy speaking for him like they were back in elementary. Neither Romeo nor Master P have any power to do what you’re talking about. Who the h-ll is pat, the social media police. Master P is scared of J Prince, almost got smacked by Pastor Troy and got ran out of rap music by Cash Money. The deflection needs to stop. Which really shouldn’t have been a meeting in the first place. These are 2 black brothers that knows how to work the system just like the filthy rich white men that’s all, not broke. No problem coming to support but support from outside. Master P suppose to be there with and for his son, Rome needs to grow up and get from under master p coat tail. Likewise, he has a son named Dame "Boogie" Dash with his former girlfriend, Linda Williams. P needs to sit his A-S out of his grown a-s son business periot!!! It’s corny. Learn your history. And guess what? Y’all keep bringing up these “white businessmen” who file for bankruptcy not understanding that the most successful and wealthiest “white businessmen” don’t file for bankruptcy multiple times like Master P has. Master P would be the person tied up THE LEGENDARY PIMP C IN A HOTEL AND BEAT HIM. The Millers were wrong and have been wrong the whole season. It’s goofy as f-ck. Intimidating cast members isn’t exactly being image conscious. And one part i agree with some of you. However, their married life could not flourish over four years, and eventually, the couple went through the divorce process for the dissolution of their marital tie in 2009. (see photo). We should be concerned about covid-19 and a vaccine. And ICDC was a scam college that had to be shut down because it scammed the students. He’s still a baby who is a shivering wussy without Master P (aka Percy High Butt!) This show really changed how I see them. We not gonna act like Master P dont have a whole empire while Dame just run his mouth all day and makes an a-s out of himself. The show will be better off w/o you and your family of thugs. Oh and come season 2 she was pregnant. Neither are celebrities. The Simmons and Millers are the only people with money on the show. They didn’t come. He wouldn’t do it because he really can’t take people who aren’t afraid of him. Lastly, you people have been worried about Angela’s v-gina for years now. And they spoke about ICDC. They only ones always with an entourage And he ain’t a god. Master P. Would’ve said the same d-mn thing. And where was all this stay out of a grown man business when Came and Kappa was all in the kids business. Tell Master P to go pay his unpaid taxes. All Dame would have done was talk over people and Romeo wouldn’t of had the chance to say what he said nor Master P.. glad Romeo is off the show this is a grown a-s man and needs his daddy and cousins to do dirty work that he started.. Romeo spoke on Angela and couldn’t man up and tell her to her face when she did address him as a women so bro bye!! If that was the case, they wouldn’t show up to film with street thugs and be jumping people on the show. He’s the punk and his daddy is a punk for encouraging his 30 year old son not to be a man. Put some respect on his name. They were trying to make Peace, between everyone and let them know Romeo are just doing his thing and not trying to have beef with anyone. However, the biological mother of Lucky is not revealed. The millionaires I know never had to file for bankruptcy. I thought y’all abandoned ship and retired your tank necklaces 20 years ago. My history is BLACK HISTORY. I lived and am married to a Louisiana man and unfortunately this is how some of them are. Damon Dash is an American actor and music executive known for co-founding the music label Roc-A-Fella Records. F**kn clowns!!! Broke Dash? That’s not how the truly wealthy move. Boogie and JoJo were clowns disrespecting someone off limits. Stay in your lane old school is good!! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Jeremy is also a TV actor known for his role in Power, Blue Bloods, Suits, and White Collar. They want respect but don’t have respect for anyone else. Way to go Boogie!Note: your dad wants you to be like Romeo.Lol. Angela did. Honestly, Romeo and P are lucky the rest of the cast never brought that up on the show since the Millers love to put everyone else down on a regular basis. Why you think dame haven’t said anything to pee. By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The only reason they have an issue with the show now is because they got backlash for some sh-t they didn’t think would upset people. Plus Angela mesh way better with Bow Wow, Thats cool but was it right the way he into them kids business. Percy’s credibility is shot at this point. How f-cking embarrassing. They could learn a lot from that OG!! not just as a record label owner but a recording artist as well. Jim, you don’t get it. I’ve never seen a millionaire who never filed bankruptcy see when you broke you think that way so if you file bankruptcy you lost everything you broke no you protect what you have Donald Trump filed bankruptcy several times White people been filing bankruptcies for years do your history about bankruptcy. During the pregnancy, she was left a… Romeo is 30 years old. Master P wouldn’t say none of the dumb sh-t he’s been saying to and about these kids to the other parents. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. That photo of Boogie in the red cap is classic! Master P hasn’t “spoke his mind” to any of the other parents yet. Don’t care who gangster or who not they would Not have had that energy if Dame was there with boogie. Google Master P’s net worth over 200 million dollars. And when a viewer called out the Millers, Boogie had an interesting response. I would have put MY GLOVES ON WHEN THAT COUSIN SAID SOMETHING!!! Master P raised Romeo well.All of this have been taken out of context. Master P has filed for bankruptcy multiple times. Doesn’t make sense but I digress. Also, he had custody battle for his kids with his ex-wife. That had nothing to with Boogie asking Romeo why he doesnt answer his phone. Dame has never been close to Ps level. Snoop made himself a millionaire. You look silly copy and pasting this like it’s your money. I would do the same give me my respect or keep my name out of your mouth. During his divorce proceedings with his ex-wife Rachel Roy, he disclosed that he owed $2 million in back taxes. in the mix. He the richest dude that was on the show. Our people are dying at the highest rate. Martell... Wendy and Karen have been clashing. Trump has had a long history of being bad with money for years. Master P had no business being there. I lost all respect for Master P in his KMart looking suits. The musician his starsign is Sagittarius and he is now 24 years of age. I can understand him removing himself as a real G would. And this is his hard work, that he gets famous by his name. It speaks to character, periodt. Master P had no business there. Then they have silly a-s stans who come on here and defend the sh-t. There’s been so much research done about how for-profit scam schools have hurt black people, but it’s no need for me to discuss that with a stan. It’s a wonderful thing. ICDC was literally shut down because it was a scam and got numerous complaints from students. They wouldn’t have all this sh-t to say to none of these kids if the other parents were around. The couple started dating in 2015 and have been sharing the sparkles of romance for four years. After six years of their divorce, Damon's ex-wife again accused him of domestic abuse and filed for a restraining order. The difference between Dame and P is Dame is real. You bringing him up to prove your point only proves my point. You’re the one who hasn’t done research. He was quiet as a church mouse for some reason. How is Boogie a punk when he’s the only one who wouldn’t back down to P and Romeo? And how are you calling yourself a Boss Lady and advocating for ICDC when it was a for profit-scam and was closed down due to shady practices? I hate when people bring people with them to fight!!! I think Dame will smash him. They can’t leave the show fast enough for me. Tell Damon go get his money from Jay-Z. Together Damon and Rocky own several business ventures including a clothing line & film production. What can’t be faked is the court documents that show Master P owes millions in unpaid taxes and he’s been in debt since 2003, oh and his assets have been seized as of this year. He also has a reputation of not paying his employees and has been sued multiple times. Also, she claimed that he smoked weed in front of their children. Money has nothing to do with it. It’s true, Master P would beat Dame like a drum. Master P you were wrong and you should be ashamed of your behavior. I don’t know why anyone would think NOT! As of 2020, Master P’s net worth is roughly $200 million. Master P’s other artists are broke. P is a bonafide MILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMAN unlike anyone else on that show. Master P and Romeo is the ones who started the show?Boogie is the one broke…If I was Romeo and Master P..I’ll make sure that not anyone of them make a quarter off the show after the show ends…I’ll make some d-mn change…. And that’s a fact. Also, an actor, known for movies like Paid In Full, State Property, and Shadowboxer, he shares the film production and clothing line with his current girlfriend, Raquel ‘Rocky’ Horn. They thought all the viewers would be okay with them acting like pretentious a-sholes and dogging out everyone else. One called P out a few years ago for that as well. You tripping, Master P would’ve said it and would say it to their parents face and not care. And if Dame was there they wouldn’t have disrespected Boogie like that. All on national tv.for what? !In my opinion Boogie was the only man in that meeting. Do you think someone as arrogant and condescending as P would be on GUHH for five seasons if he didn’t need the money? Meanwhile, Master P has been on a reality show for five seasons and ICDC has resulted in the school getting shut down and lawsuits. Anyone who makes fun of education is ignorant. Let’s also not forget about the scene when he said he wanted to put two babies in Angela. Thank You…. BUT SHE THE ONE IN CHARGE P DIDNT STRT NOTHING. Nobody made comments on his daughter, My only comment Mr. Pete had no buisness speaking for Rome he is a grown a-s man. By Aldvin Gomes / Entrepreneur Net Worth Damon Dash Net Worth: The famous entrepreneur, record producer, and actor Damon Dash’s net worth is estimated at $10 Thousand in 2020. And if P was so rich, he wouldn’t be on GUHH in the first place. So, Boogie, how does a self absorbed tool like Romeo make a person feel inside? Real talk, Romeo is played and irrelevant. They are just as corny as the Millers are.

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