Find Red Chests, Legendary loot, Crew Challenges & Eridium Writings & more! Use the progress tracker to get 100%! That’s all 5 Mayor’s Outfit Locations in Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC. Fortunately, the Vault Hunter inserted BALEX into the ship's AI, who quickly threw her out of the system and into a hard drive which Marcus Kincaid would be entrusted with. Female They count as Crew Challenges (Collectibles) and are needed for the Killer Look trophy or achievement. Your email address will not be published. She was presumed destroyed in the resulting battle, although she secretly survived. Despite her efforts, the Vault Hunter soon reached the brig, while BALEX disabled her protective shield, forcing her to fight. BALEX directed them to the remains of the Family Jewel, where GeniVIV greeted the pair and toyed with BALEX by opening doors for the pair to tease his navigational skills. To see how many you found, press L3 / Left Stick on the world map and D-Pad Right to open the “Challenges” tab. None of Mayor’s Outfits are missable! She was installed by Montgomery Jakobs, and apparently has over 200 personalities programmed into her. The current active one is a "bratty, … Borderlands 3 (BL3) has 5 Mayor’s Killer Look Locations in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC. For all other Collectibles and Crew Challenges check out our full Borderlands 3 Wiki & Strategy Guide. Interactive Map of Borderlands 3. The Vault Hunter was nearly electrocuted, but a recovery bot came out and resuscitated the Vault Hunter before becoming hostile when BALEX spoke to it. GenIVIV is a Boss from Borderlands 3 and can be found in Voracious Canopy. Maliwan Blacksite: Cloak Trooper • Reflect Trooper, Bloody Harvest: Badass Pathologist Heavy • Badass Pyre Heavy • Gatekeeper Heavy • Pathologist Heavy • Pyre Heavy. Enemy (Boss) Voice Actor Gender All information about drop location and farming. Go to their location and defeat the enemy that spawns there. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. GENiVIV soon staged a mutiny and overthrew BALEX, sending his AI into a stuffed bear and ejected it while removing all of his privileges on the Family Jewel. You can still find all of them after […] December 21, 2019 by PowerPyx Leave a Comment. After rescuing BALEX from a Saurian, the Vault Hunter informed him that they were sent by Wainwright Jakobs to secure the Vault key fragment. They count as Crew Challenges (Collectibles) and are needed for the Killer Look trophy or achievement. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,, GenIVIV has an increased chance of dropping the. GenIVIV was installed alongside BALEX, a Tediore navigation AI. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "e04f820fd38a06ec00ef02b6bbfcfbb6" );document.getElementById("f28d22ff37").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Trophy Guide. 1 Background 2 Involvement 3 Appearances 4 Strategy 5 Notes 6 Gallery GeniVIV is a respawnable boss encountered in Borderlands 3. You can still find all of them after the story in free roam. On the world map, the ones you haven’t found are marked by a green hat symbol and the ones you found have a blue (slightly transparent) icon. She soon managed to hack Sanctuary III, intending to honor her deal with Aurelia. When you get close they get marked on your in-game map. You can collect them in any order you like with any character you want. Borderlands 3 (BL3) has 5 Mayor’s Killer Look Locations in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC. At first, she cooperated with BALEX and eventually started a "relationship" together with him, but that didn't last for very long. As they progressed deeper, they soon encountered a locked door which she refused to open, and instead told the pair to do it themselves. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Having contained a piece of Eden-6's Vault key, GeniVIV soon moved it from the security brig to the bridge. Borderlands Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. According to BALEX, as much as the two enjoyed each other, it could never work out because they came from different manufacturers. As the pair continued exploring the shipwreck, GENiVIV sent more bots to attack the group.

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