Look for a round stopwatch circle somewhere -- that's your goal. Location: This Korok Seed is located just to the Northwest of the Horon Lagoon and South of Ja'Abu Ridge. In some cases, flowers appear in clusters. After completing this short quest, Hestu will allow you to purchase two slots before he moves to a new location. Only 441 seeds are required to purchase all the weapon slots you can purchase. Head to the top of a rock near the North side to look down in the water for a small circle of rocks, and up here you can toss stones in to find a Korok. Location: One of two Korok Seeds found at Wintre Island, just to the South across the water from Tarm Point, look for a flower on the North side and follow it as it dances around the island rocks to the top where a Korok is. Collect Korok Seeds to give to Hestu, the lovable Korok in the Korok Forest located inside the Lost Woods. Look for a small cave beyond a large tree at the end of the lake to find a small island in the cave with some shrine statues, and leave an apple in the bowl to summon the Korok. In exchange he can upgrade your inventory for weapons, shields, and bows. Down on a lower ledge you can find some rubble and blow it with a Remote Bomb to find a rock with a Korok under it. See these pages for exact locations and solutions to every Korok Seed. Location: You can find this Korok Seed between the Bank of Wishes and the Zodobon Highlands, located in a small pond. Along the cliffside looking up at the ridge you can find a set of block puzzles, and use Magnesis to find a metal block to set into place to match both sets of blocks. Location: Located on the Northwest edge of the coastline by Lanayru Bay, you can find some rocks out in the water and a patch of land with a small stone in the middle - and the Korok hides beneath it. Location: This Korok Seed is located in Upland Zorana along one of the north peaks. There are 900 Korok Seed puzzles out in Hyrule. Below are all of the puzzle types to keep an eye out for while exploring. Each of these trees has apples on them, and you'll need to remove the apples on some of the trees to match them all up and trigger the Korok. There is a trail of sparkling leaves circling the island here that you can interact with to find the Korok. Look for a large tree and a pool of water nearby with some ruined houses. Location: To find this Korok Seed, travel to Kincean Island on the East side of the wetlands and head to the top of the hills here to find a circle of stones - and the missing stone is located not far away among some rocky terrain. Location: This Korok Seed is located in the far Northeast of the Lanayru region, along the lowest of the island chain at Davdi Island. Korok Seed Puzzle Types Acorn. Location: You can find this Korok Seed outside the wetlands on the Southwest side where the road forks toward the Sahasra Slope to the South and the Millenio Sandbar to the North, at a large tree. At the top of the hill is a stump that will trigger a race to the distant opposite hill in the Northwest - glide and sprint to reach it in time. Location: This Korok Seed is located just to the South of Ralis Pond high above the Zora River. At the north portion of the Forest of Spirits, there is a massive overturned tree log. Location: To find this Korok Seed, look Southwest of Shrine Island and the Daka Tuss Shrine to a small island with three trees. Look or listen for an orange pinwheel. You can identify these hidden Koroks by the jingling noise they make. Location: This Korok Seed is located below Ruto Mountain to the North along the lower cliffs overlooking the Zora River in this area. You want both structures to look the same in the end. Here at Zelda Dungeon we offer two methods to help you collect all the Korok Seeds in the world. The upgrade cost for each category increases with each upgrade. A good rule of thumb is that Korok Seeds can be anywhere and everywhere. Location: This Korok Seed can be found just to the North of Tal Tal Peak where the top of a waterfall is. Head to the small isolated rock below the main Davdi Island to find a pile of rubble at the top that you can bomb with Remote Bombs to reveal a small stone you can pick up to find the Korok. Shoot them to solve the puzzle. Look along the lower paths below the plateau to find a section of grass with a trail of sparkling leaves where a Korok is hiding. If something looks odd, or out of place, there's probably a Korok Seed to be found.

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