He left Australia for Europe on 23 January 1960.[4]. He is represented in the collections of all the large Australian galleries, and was twice winner of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes. On 23 November 2017 the book was named the people's choice winner at the Mark and Evette Moran NIB Literary Award. Whiteley, Brett (1939–1992) by Lucy Palmer When once asked if he regarded himself as a rich man, Australian artist Brett Whiteley who was found dead on Monday night in a NSW motel, said with a smile — "No, but I'm valuable". [22], The book was longlisted for a Walkley Book Award and Australian Book Industry Award, and shortlisted for the Australian Book Design Awards and the Mark and Evette Moran Nib Literary Award. The famed author Mishima had committed seppuku in 1970 and the literary mythology that arose of his apparent final vision of enlightenment in the form of the exploding sun, as he pressed the knife into his body, inspired and became the basis for this work. It was these abstract works which led to him being recognised as an artist, at a time when many other Australian artists were exhibiting in London, but from 1963 he moved away from abstraction towards figuration. Reading from left to right, it begins with an exploding sun from a portrait of Yukio Mishima that Whiteley had started but never completed. In the latter painting, the table in the front of the room close to the viewer has minutely decorated vases and small objects, while a drawing on the left and a sculpture to the extreme right show how Whiteley often used erotic images in his works. For the Australian politician, see, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, "Self portrait after three bottles of wine", "How Whiteley Bay view became Selling Point", "Whiteley art auctions for nearly $3.5-million", "Whiteley painting sells for record price", "The Fourth Veil: Whiteley's Works on Paper, Brett Whiteley Studio", "Figure retoriche : Figures of speech. It is also known as Brett Whiteley House and Visual Curtilage and Lochgyle. His work was not always being praised by critics, although its market value continued to climb. In July 2016, Text Publishing published Whiteley's biography, titled Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing. Another in the series was a more abstracted Woman in the bath II, which owed a debt to his yellow and red abstract paintings of the early sixties. While he was a teenager, he painted on weekends in the Central West of New South Wales and Canberra with such works as The soup kitchen (1958).

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