Go ahead and register here: https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/wp-login.php?action=register, thank a lot for all notes had published in this portal……. Finally Busbar gets melted when it carried full load Current [6300A] for the interval 1 Minute. For Copper               :   1.2 Amps / 1 Sq.mm of Copper. also how can i … Dear EEP Do I have to subscribe to every download or technical article I need? also how can i get a cable resistance and reactance ? Calculate Bus Bar Size and Voltage Drop (Spreadsheet), https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/wp-login.php?action=register, Select Size of Bus Bar for particular Load, Enter Your Sub Panel Details like Load,Line Length. Thanks! Calculation of Busbar will denote by millimeter. Busbar Clearances as per IS : 4237 - 1967. It will directly hit EPC Contractor Market Value in the Industry.Also it leads to Black Mark in their Industry. 350m 4 A. there’s no unit for power on the spread sheet. I have seen many times in my past experience, Most of the Engineers doing Busbar Sizing Calculation by 'Thumb Rule' Method, Even though Some of the Senior Engineers in the Consultant offices & Leading Panel Fabricator will Practice the Same 'THUMB RULE' method. /P 4 /O<84e473299891d5b0fba475a978554bc66420062a84f4aa940b1e2ad45e42b5ff> ** 30 °C Rise 50 °C Rise 65 °C Rise; 100 (100-149) 1/16x1/2,1/16x3/4: 1/16x1/2: 150 (150-199) 1/16x1 1/8x1/2 3/16x1/2: 1/16x3/4: 1/16x1/2: 200 (200 … Then our total ampere will be 1082A. There are again five types depending on the composition. Bolting Arrangements for Continuous Busbar Connections. Many of the electrical engineers confuse about AC bus bar and DC busbar. Consultant Challenged Contractor that, His recommended Size of Busbar will carry full load Current, then Contractor approached 'CPRI Testing for their internal verification. Future extension opting should be available. please help? 40 x 5, 40 x 8, 50 x 5, 50 x 8, 50 x 10, 80 x 5, 80 x 8, 80 x 10, 100 x 20, 110 x 10 sqmm etc, So for our load 80 x 5 or 40 x 10 or /Contents 8 0 R stream How to have Calculation for busbar? I entered the results but I didn’t know what is sin(phi) so i put it =0 and the results below: ——————————————- Selected BusBar is Correct 3.92 (Within Limit) ——————————————— What is the size of the bus bar ? It’s good to say here, Height x thickness Multiply 406mm^ Let’s take it closer. In fact, a type of copper or aluminum conductor or rod that collects and distributes electrical energy through one or a single circuit. To Carry the Current of 1067 A, One Run of 80 x 10 mm of Copper Bar is enough.

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