in about 1525, used a Fusee, or spiral pulley, to equalize the uneven pull of the spring. aboard to hear. ²The Bell System. In 1500 BC Egyptians had portable Diomede Islands, and the US-Russia love-hate story. In the Middle Ages beeswax, taken from the honeycomb was used, however it was an expensive item. Another interesting method In the eighteenth century, the zero meridian was at times placed at London, Paris, and Berlin. These are still in use in North Africa in the 21st century. Likewise, at the end of four hours the hourglass was turned. Four times yearly Sundials and clocks agree. The word Clock was not used until the 14th century. the year as the Earth rotates around the Sun. Who Invented the Clock ? The Pendulum has a natural frequency that is independent of amplitude and the frequency does not depend on the weight of the pendulum, only its length and the acceleration of gravity. They found that when quartz and certain other crystals are stressed, however, it was not until the invention of the pendulum-regulated clock after 1656 that a minute hand became practical. There's this saying that not all heroes wear capes. The science or art of measuring time or making timepieces is known as HOROLOGY. Some water clocks rang bells and gongs. Web for Wounds: When Spiderwebs Were Used as Bandages! Chronometer One version was the hemispherical dial, a bowl-shaped depression cut into a block of stone that carried a central vertical gnomon or pointer and was scribed with sets of hour lines. The candle clock method was not very efficient though. a sundial shadow. Cesium Atomic Clock. The prime meridian, which is zero (0) on the above map is located at Greenwich, England.These are Longitude lines. The orbit of the Earth makes the Sun appear to move eastward each day relative to the Stars. (2009, February 28). different time periods. field. A Tuning Fork is a U-Shaped two pronged steel bar. Clep'sy'dras is a Greek word meaning kleptein,"to steal"; hydor,"water". The wheel or ring that replaced the verge and foliot escapement is called a Balance Wheel, which was first used in about 1400. water, or mercury which runs into the lower compartment during a period of time. the ship traveled. More elaborate and impressive mechanized water clocks were developed between 100 BCE and 500 CE by Greek and Roman horologists and astronomers. This difference is known as "The Equation of Time". Early examples of such processes include the movement of the sun across the sky, candles marked in increments, oil lamps with marked reservoirs, sandglasses or "hourglasses,” and, in the Orient, small stone or metal mazes filled with incense that would burn at a certain pace. The Second is now established as 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of cesium-133.

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