So that it the lesson: Always publish why you was unhappy at one of these places. What your son is going through right now at this sorry excuse for a school is going to be much harder to get over, no matter how happy and brainwashed he will seem while he's there and when he "graduates". If he ran away and died of exposure would they not have found his body by now? I … Hello everyone. Unfortunately the building has been bought by a investor group who runs other terrible places. I know there are successes at the school and some that are not. You're a pretty cool dude, Lon, minus the fact that you're a panzy. Unsuccessful people might look back and try to pin it on Carlbrook but I think they gave us a great education. In other words, your child will never be in the room with a staff member by himself. The students learn life skills that they will never be able to deny. Change ). Like I said, the place is hard work. my mom went through hell for a few years before deciding it was time for me to go somewhere where i could get more help. this means that a school that charges 9,200 a month per student is cutting as many services as they can to students. The same goes for Carlbrook School. Maybe they’ve all just “drunk the Koolaid,” but I think you’ll conclude it’s more than that.END OF PART 2 OF 2 PARTS. Besides the terms used to describe them, the activities sound very similar. and i went. ( Log Out /  In the end, a set of parents can only comment knowledgeably about the choices they've made, not about the choices they didn't make. I decided a review of our current on-campus recovery maintenance offerings would best address these requests. It could have been a manual restraint gone wrong which happened at a lot of places and Carlbrook was under financial strain during the last years before it closed, so perhaps some just moved him in order to protect jobs? Carlbrook School was modeled after the CEDU boarding school chain which closed in 2005 after being treathened with a number of lawsuits. this woman, this mother, was struggling at the thought of losing her son to some stupid game, and all you can do to support her is call this place that saved MY family and MY life a "cult"have some respect. As for these immature kids, you have no right to disrespect what I have been through for the past few years of my life. In October or November of 2014, drugs did make their way onto campus: a former student (who, I understand, left involuntarily part-way through the program) told some friends before he left that he'd hide some drugs for them in a nearby forest. For us, getting John through high school was a priority, and we were (and still are) pretty sure he’d never have finished high school if we’d just brought him home and put him back in school. Six kids were kicked out, two forever, four who reportedly will return after a "woods" program. But it gave me my family for the first time in years. Carlbrook sometimes sends kids away to unaffiliated "woods" programs, as others have mentioned. It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life, but he is 2 years out of CB, in college and although he has had some normal ups and downs, we can talk and he has a set of skills to cope with the pressures and challenges of being 20 and dealing with responsibilities and accountabilities that he never would have had otherwise. before i went there i had my own little addictions as well. PART 1 OF 2 PARTS:I'm the father of a Carlbrook student (I’ll call him John – not his real name) who's been there about 7 months and has about 8 months to go. I do know that he is very respectful, is now going to college and has a future. In that way, money won't be wasted on such useless facilities. Posted by 4 years ago. thats ridiculous, I am a parent who recently visited Carlbrook School and I was appalled. Like many CB students, my child has never used drugs, but, as a result of plummeting self-esteem, was involved with other kids who were seriously detrimental to his health, life and family life. Our impression of Carlbrook is that it’s exactly what it claims to be on that score: a school that does therapy, not a therapy center that does school. I agree, a parent shouldn't just put their troubled kids on any residential treatment center, they should check out a school that can definitely help their child out. Hi Ellen!I just read some of your posts/blogs, and wanted to let you know that I have actually just graduated from the CarlBrook program, and although I know that you eventually ended up sending your son to the other place, I want to let you know that hearing from my parents, I know its really hard to have to trust you own child to someone else, and the guilt that you were left with. I was even more appalled that it was touted as one of the best in the country by a highly paid educational consultant. But parents who've sent their kid to Carlbrook largely disagree with that. Archived. I suspect you just made all this up. parents of kids who started at CB at about the same time. Minor complaints, but very minor. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They all strike me as decent and competent people -- not a "cult" type among them. Sometimes more therapy and less school is appropriate (RTC); sometimes it's the other way around (therapeutic boarding schools). (Continued -- part three)As to the parent who writes above that CB parents are the "laziest parents they have ever heard" or worse "If your kid is addicted to WoW its because he doesn't have social skills. That will show them that you truly care. It helped me get back on track with school and get into a good college, which never would have happened pre-carlbrook, so in that sense I am thankful. And, that's true whether or not the program or victims are in the USA. Top, the historic “Rock House” that was Carlbrook’s signature building; above, the view across the 220-acre campus in western Halifax County. They also help the children see that mistakes are made and it is possible to make amends for those mistakes. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I too went to Carlbrook, actually I am currently driving home, having graduated literally about 6 hours ago. What closed Carlbrook was syndicating bad feedback from former students. There has been some staff turnover lately, which some parents find unsettling. Information regarding specifics of this module will be forthcoming. Carlbrook understands that substance abuse and particularly substance dependency (addiction) are complex phenomena defined by the interplay of biological vulnerability, psychological liability, social context and spiritual bankruptcy. Please, do your research and use common sense logic. Undoubtedly it varies from kid to kid. It blocked the marketing reviews from the school and enrollment went down. You are nuts. 3 boys are still missing from the CEDU school. What the hell is wrong with you that you don't know how to discipline your kid and take responsibility? "I agree with nearly everything else this commenter wrote, and I agree in "spirit" with this comment too. by the way, good for you, mom. Before Carlbrook (and the wilderness) he was known as a pothead, had big time legal problems and was going nowhere. It’s like anything else in life you got out of it what you out in. I uninstalled it, took the hard copy of the damn game away and threw it in the garbage. 20. They are using them to self-medicate their pain. It was one of the hardest things for me and my family to go through, but I graduated with the most respect, love, and appreciation for the place. It is all about choice and some make it and some just have the hardest time. While lack of background check allowed a man later prosecuted for child murders to work on the campus, it is not known what caused Forest Ferguson to remain missing leaving his family in uncertaincy about his fate. The school closed permanently in December 2015. At Carlbrook we do not have any idea why the student was not found. After all, if there are "many," surely you can remember the name of at least one of them. A Dad. They have omitted a few. Based on presenting history prior to matriculation at Carlbrook our students are at even higher risk, particularly given their propensity for substance abuse. Our goal is to instate, by year's end, a comprehensive, integrated Recovery Maintenance Program that addresses both individual and collective needs of our students and families. The insensitive comments that a few people have made demonstrate a lack of awareness of the complex world that we live in today. Although, computer gaming was not really my reason why I was sent away, I honestly regained my life back, and regained my relationship with my parents. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Many suffer from issues relating to divorce or adoption or illnesses in the family or other family issues. All that said, I've never heard a word from any parent, nor suspected myself, that Carlbrook has any affiliation with Synanon or any other "cult." He is happy and he has nothing but great respect and love for the faculty and staff at CB and continues those relationships along with the great friends he made while there. The program at Carlbrook appears to be a descendant of the Synannon Cult. Justin was creepy at the cascade school... Roaming halls seems appropriate behavior. Im sorry you have to deal with them, but I want to assure you that in the long run, it is essentially the bigger picture that matters, and no one can stop you from loving your son. Most of the reading I have done in my life was done while at Carlbrook with out the distractions of drugs, alcohol and even television. CB students are ALL highly intelligent individuals... who suffered somehow and their parents would literally do anything to help them recover. But if it does, it will have been more than worthwhile for him, something that many more kids (and adults) probably would benefit from.By the way, while a few Carlbrook kids seem deeply troubled, the vast majority of them come across as quite impressive, and surprisingly candid about both their pasts and their continuing doubts and fears. To When we broached the subject of just bringing John home, I would describe the reaction of John’s woods-program counselors as near-panic, and they stood to gain nothing from our next-step decision. My impression is that there's a line -- bright or fine -- between therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers, and that parents (with the help of a good educational consultant) need to figure out which category best suits their child. For the past 8 months we have reviewed multiple approaches and personnel to ascertain what would be an optimal Recovery Maintenance Program for Carlbrook. Except maybe a little more self-aware than some of my peers. Ask the students what goes on in the workshops - could be abuse. It’s probably impossible to prevent such a thing (though Carlbrook tries as hard as it seems possible to try), and the school reacted properly once it found out. The pages can also be found on which is a backup of the original wiki-database. Whenever someone posted something on Fornits, Yelp, wordpress, blogspot or whatever a group took it and republished it on a number of pages. You will quickly see for yourself that there are none of the crazy goings-on written in some of these posts. For all of you responding with bullshit out of left field, please examine something with at least a margin of truth prior to trying maliciously to shape someone's opinions against it.-to all of you fellow alumni, keep it strong. To anyone who believes that Carlbrook "saved" them, or that anyone who speaks out against it "didn't get it" or is "clearly still fucking up"--In total, I attended two wilderness programs and two therapeutic boarding schools, one being Carlbrook. This mom is great. Where they really to seem to have let some of the kids down was addressing drug and alcohol issues.

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