just was looking for some Ideas before I got it home. I looked at GM website but they say I am over mileage for repair and I don't have the money for the repairs myself an feel this should be remedied by the manufacturer since it is a well know problem of theirs and this defective equipment. It’s driving me nuts. Did not make it. The last thing, the voltage regulator, when that was changed, everything worked like a charm for 45 minutes. the issue is that the charging system light will not turn or shut off which leads me to believe that there may either be wiring issues or worse. The altenator is charging just fine. All wire/cable connection points must be tight and clean. Sounds like a bad altenator. I know that I am going to have to trace out every & all grounds but any clue on where to begin ,any information that you can provide me on what it could be causing issue with not starting. To help you avoid such a situation, we’ve put together a basic guide to tracking down potential charging system issues. If the vehicle keeps running after a period of time, there’s likely a problem with your battery. David, great article. If voltage is around 13.5-15, turn your attention to your battery. But, also check that the alternator is charging at least 13 volts with a few devices such as headlights and heater fan motor running. What you may need is a High Output Alternator, Silikhan Publishing Group & GM-Trucks.com That amps on the alternator are all over the place. Thanks for replying, well my worst fears were confirmed. its battery problem or any other issue. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. would greatly appreciated! I also have a 2005 Silverado an the speedometer is stuck at 120 it has gone down as far as 60 but when you drive it pegs out and remains there. Inspect and replace an abnormally worn belt and tighten a loose belt. But only if problem will be solved. Auto Sparky has bailed out saying theres nothing else it can be ! By Changed battery and alternator.. i have a 2001 mazda b2500 truck and my tail light went out I replaced the bulb and it still didn’t work, I checked the fuses both in the cab and in the engine compartment and they were all good then my instrument panel lights went out not even the radio would come on, then the alternator went out. Additionally, the chime did not sound when the seat belts were not secured while the vehicle was in motion. Go to AutoZone and have them test your battery. When I got it back it started fine but my voltmeter was still reading 11 or 12 and j mentioned this but was fobbed off. when i had it charged, it lasts again for about a month. Solution #3: If the alternator is supplying proper voltage, chances are the problem lies with your battery. Once you’ve gone through solutions 1-3, you may need to consider replacing the entire unit if the noise persists. The contact stated that the door ajar safety alarm and the seat belt alarm chime failed. Replaced both the alternator and the main battery. Low alternator output can be caused by a slipping drive belt (it takes up to five horsepower to turn some alternators), one or more defective diodes in the alternator's rectifier assembly or a defective voltage regulator. This eliminates the dreaded and expensive part swapper Mechanic, because Electrical parts are not returnable once installed and used, on your Vehicle! why alternator not charging when i use aircon of bus? 81 pickup, battery light is on, has new regulator and alternator. It’s unfortunate today but, you generally get what you pay for in electrical parts especially when it comes to starters and alternators. I saw smoke come from under the passenger side dashboard.

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