They have destroyed my flower gardens, and have now tunneled under my brick patio!! Some pavers were broken and a chipmunk made a tunnel under them. It's a granulated, organic substance that irritates their nasal passages. Unfortunately, a concrete slab like a sidewalk or patio serves just as well as a rock. No luck. What are they eating at that spot? Good luck. They get into your car engines, eat the wiring, get into the inner compartments, take care of the seats. Fill a large bucket halfway with water. Or maybe dead is dead. Other burrowing animals include groundhogs (aka woodchucks), of course. Use caution if children or pets are regularly in the area, because mothballs are toxic. No luck. At planting time, add some broken seashells or roughly crushed gravel into the planting holes to discourage chipmunks from digging. Avoid using a chainlink fence since chipmunks will be able to squeeze through the holes. It's important that you kill burrowing chippies because they'll continue to do damage. I guarantee they won't come back after a couple of times. PDA. Her essays have been used on college entrance exams and she has more than 4,000 publishing credits. This fall the 2 skimmer lines are due. It used to be only in back, they've now attacked the front yard as well. If you spot small chipmunk holes in your home, use caulk to block them. Sort of like the new bedbug rampage. Mesh of 1 x 1 inch is large enough to allow plants to sprout but small enough to deter chipmunk from digging. Plant only bulbs to which wildlife is not attracted, such as daffodils (Narcissus) or Allium. What do you do when bats join your household? But groundhog burrows and holes are quite large, as opposed to what I had under my paver walkway. Bird feeder should be at least 15 to 30 feet away from areas you wish to keep chipmunk free. Question: Chipmunk Burrowing Under Pavers? (10/18/2010), Don't hurt them. In May 06 we had 3 of our 5 lines replaced - 2 returns and 1 wall vac line. I saw one run into the black drainage tube that's attached to the downspout on the side of my house. Move bird feeders to an area of the yard where chipmunks will not be a nuisance or remove this chipmunk food source altogether. Owls, hawks, foxes, etc. Now my pavers are uneven and wobbly. Tip: Mix 3 parts gravel with 1 part soil to make the soil difficult to dig through while still providing nutrients to your plants. References. When should I start trapping them so I do not leave their babies behind? Andover, MA 01810 From the entrance, the burrow plunges straight down for a few inches, then gradually descends to a depth of about 3 feet. I don't need the chipmunk gone, but I want him to vacate that tunnel and make a new one away from the pavers. If you want to fill a chipmunk hole in your lawn, try using loose dirt. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution around the chipmunk holes and the perimeter of your home. Chipmunks are solitary, living in separate dens. Saturdays: 8:00AM to 11:00AM, November through March What time of year or month? They are high energy and everyone loves to laugh at their cheek pouches bulging with collected food. You’ll usually find them near bird feeders, potted plants, shrubs, or other good ground cover. Some pavers were broken and a chipmunk made a tunnel under them. Chipmunks are diurnal and not active at night. Right down to the mouse in the trap. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. I put down many inches of paver base and sand and he tunneled right back up. Now my pavers are uneven and wobbly. They gotta go!!! I trap them and release them about ten miles away. I use sunflower seeds in a havaheart trap. Some pavers were broken and a chipmunk made a tunnel under them. They love it but they cannot digest it. These little terrorists made my paver walkway sink and chewed a hose in my truck. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The home range of a chipmunk is usually less than a half acre, and often no more than 12,000 square feet. I had a chipmunk hole under a paver sidewalk in the backyard. Chipmunks! Chipmunks may dig through the dirt to get into their burrows again. Please do not hurt them. Not sure if these methods work but I went and bought ammonia this evening. Cornmeal is something used to control ants as well, because they cannot digest it so they die. To get outside, there are several entrances. 32 Lake Ave We can also help you make your property less desirable to chipmunks by removing food sources, blocking their travel routes, protecting crops and ornamental plants, and chipmunk-proofing your house. Choose one- or two-door traps—typically 10 to 20 inches long—for chipmunks (one-door traps tend to be simpler to operate and are often used by … Chipmunks are cute; there’s no denying that. They ate a hole in a wooden cupboard to get in and make a nest--they pulled the insulation off the walls to stuff in there. Attach a plank from a retaining wall or other raised landscape feature to the top of the bucket to make a plank. Just make sure there isn't anything they like to eat if you don't want them around. What works ? Writing professionally since 2008, Michelle Miley specializes in home and garden topics but frequently pens career, style and marketing pieces. Am thinking that maybe some sort of metal layer that the creatures can’t chew through and then concrete … I put … Your email address will not be published. A. The chipmunks tend to excavate these into the dense layer of hardpan, which doesn’t absorb water well, so sometimes water can collect at the bottom of these drainages. Mix 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of pureed garlic and red pepper flakes with 1 cup (240 ml) of soapy water. Don’t overfill your bird feeders since many seeds will fall to the ground and give chipmunks food. The blue jays love to get into the fruit as well and they get drunk on it. I still stand by recommendation for mice, cats. (If you don't want to get eaten, don't swoop close to the ground, the cat can't fly! Once concrete is applied, it can be sanded and. Instead, we recommend three methods that give excellent results. Method 1 – Cat Litter. Don't forget to cover your nose when sprinkling Repels All - I've gotten a bloody nose more than once and it always bothers me if I don't cover up. Nashua, NH 03063 Groundhog Hole under my Shed. I had a chipmunk hole under a paver sidewalk in the backyard. Add your voice! Reapply after a rain. Revert to setting spring traps or putting poison peanuts down the hole. Only use concrete in areas where you don’t want to plant. They like apples, nuts, cherries, berries etc. For added protection, you can bury mesh 2 in (5.1 cm) deep along the fence line. (508) 485-6006, 344 Main Street I thought this would make him vacate that tunnel and make a new one elsewhere. When chipmunks are found around homes, these little darlings seem to be very fond of burrowing under porches, patios, and foundations. I removed the broken sidewalk, sprayed Repel red pepper oil down and around his hole and filled in his hole. Same with the gophers which ate up all we planted in the garden this year, should not the decon have been set out for them? Do chipmunks come back to where they were trapped even if you take them 4 miles away to release them? Chipmunks may carry rabies. Learn more... Chipmunks may look cute when you first spot them in your yard, but they can be a nuisance when they start borrowing in your lawn and ruining your garden. Remove any groundcovers, shrubs or other plantings that link your yard to wooded areas. Mesh sheets can be purchased from your local hardware store. Click below to answer. What are you going to do with them after you catch them. Have you ever heard a drunk blue jay? Live trapping is one control method when chipmunks become a problem that you just can’t live with.

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