The whole thing is a farce. She congratulated her challenger on the win before even leaving the kitchen. Now I’m going to bed angry . The most recent Beat the Judge series has my eyes rolling over and over again. Chopped has an insulting snarky feel to it (I'd hate to be Ted's husband); and the vultures row of judges makes for a snobby crapfest. Despite positive testimonials from actual participants, the show still has its skeptics. It's disrespectful of the viewers. I’ve watched all 3 episodes of Chopped Judges & I won’t watch again! Anyone else feel like this is rigged and a waste of time. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Carnival Eats has more dignity with its cooks than the lineup of fools staring into a basket. We’ve seen the judges compete numerous times on Chopped and many other shows, so for me, it’s like, meh whatever. I came here bc I am so pissed! I was like, 'Are there any holes in the basket I can peek through?'". ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is hosted by Ted Allen.The series pits four chefs against each other as they compete for a chance to win $10,000. Disgusting. Totally biased. Beat the judge? These are stupid, gimmicky episodes. I really didn’t want to see them all make dessert! This is really a conflict of interest and in my opinion not worth watching. I do not like her. I bet this was the exchange for her taking a first round dive on the “tournament of champions”. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. "This show is real. feeling the same way. Anyone else feel like this is rigged and a waste of time, I was wondering why they don’t do it Beat Bobby Flay style with a blind tasting. A key ingredient! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This version of the series is a joke. The last 3 episodes the competitor clearly had the better dish but Tiffany, Scott and Naneet managed to win. What a sad / lame excuse for television! THE SHOW IS RIGGED FOR THE JUDGES FRAGILE EGOS. Scott's episode was close. save hide report. Scott deserves to go down. I love this show, but this series is extremely unfair to the competitors. I saw judge Alex’s episode last week where she was the BIGGEST sore loser before the judging even commenced. Damn I am unnecessarily heated! And if they do beat them at their own game, woman up and act professionally and courteously! Cut to the judge who tears up “he’s been like a brother to me”. Felt terrible for that other CA chef. "They don't show A LOT of the happenings that go on. I’m not sure if it’s new so I’ll try not to spoil and name names but I just watched one where a judge CRIED because of the competing judge’s dish. Alex and Scott both should have lost IMO. Season 45 • Episode 10. my room mate and i were wondering why the round vs the judges are blind tasted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 14 comments. They need to play fair and follow Beat Bobby Flay's rules where the judging is blind. Chopped Judges' Home Challenge. Posted by 5 months ago. The one time Marc’s beef was so raw they didn’t eat it and the girl that was cooking against him gets chopped for slicing her meat with the grain, so says the clown that always wears a sport jacket 2 sizes small, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the foodnetwork community. Either of those things would lead to anyone else being immediately chopped. “If I had to say something wink you know I do...” yes of course you have to say something. I’ve only seen her judge one episode and that was the week before. I assumed the judge is just donating the prize money like they do in GGG with the judge episodes or celebrity chopped etc. It's very much like real kitchen life, and you have to just make it happen.". I do like seeing the judges show they still 'got it', b/c it is easy to sit and judge as opposed to run and cook. It's a fast-paced cooking show, with a ton of drama, lots of interesting characters, and a bunch of octopuses, all rolled into a neat, one-hour package.But, nothing is quite what it seems on the surface, especially when we're talking about a TV show. He always seemed arrogant and it rubbed me the wrong way. I also feel that it’s skewed in the judges favor. Chopped - Beat The Judge. "We have four camera operators right in front of each of the chefs," the Queer Eye alum explained, noting that producers are always looking for memorable reaction shots. I also have to say that I feel like Scott Conant has changed. What bothered me about the Scott Conan episode was that he cut his finger and they let his food move forward; by having the producers or whomever is behind the scene “inspect” his food. That dude is a beast of a competitor, and he deserved that win. I was working late night and TV in the background was on food network, most of the time I could live with whatever they are playing late night but tonight they were doing Chopped - beat the judge crap and crappy judges brown nosing each other to ridiculous wins against some good chef and excellent dishes. The Chopped judges take on … A few former contestants served up some behind-the-scenes secrets. 42 min | TV-G | Premiered 04/22/2020. She deserved the win. Food Network should scrap this. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Chicago since 1892. Again this would never be overlooked for regular judging. His colleagues are judging him? With 40 seasons under it's belt, it's no wonder that Chopped is one of the most popular shows on Food Network. A chef should always be willing to acknowledge when another chef has put together a well-crafted and thoughtful product. During Chopped's third season, Food Network forcefully denied speculation that the competition might be rigged. At this point I don’t think they will let a judge lose as it would be too humiliating for the judge. Where do we write Food Network to tell them? IF YOU MAY???? So rigged. While the two chefs presented similar dishes, the judges noted that Conant’s dish lacked any sign of the ranch packet flavoring, a key ingredient during the round. Now I just finished Scott’s episode and the judges couldn’t even detect the ranch powder! 35. save hide report. Available Full Episodes. We rely solely on the opinions of the three judges in each episode to eliminate contestants in each round and select a winner in the end," Allison Page, former senior vice president of programming and development, said at the time. Seems rigged in the judges favor. "I definitely don't think it's fixed," he shared.

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