Then, around the end of ’66, I found him What was it about Clarence's playing, specifically, that really resonated with you? Photo credit: Dan Volonnino. I'm sure it's a story you're always asked to tell. and at times (I am 47) I am STILL blown away…. songs, but I felt I was just spinning my wheels. It would come on every Sunday afternoon; it was a live radio broadcast. He said, "Yeah," he said, "I think I could do that." Albums        I do remember coming to an age where I was pointed out certain licks my father did on the guitar that no one else could replicate…. White when he was playing with us. It's really an honor and a pleasure. So Clarence ended up selling the guitar to Joe Miller and Joe Miller was the one who had it in his possession. And I run into that situation a lot. and, you know, "How did you learn to play rhythm like him?" Is there a particular piece of music that Clarence played that maybe moved you the most? The latest from My Dad Was in a Band, the new blog that we’re co-presenting with Drafthouse Films. And Bobby was a fiddle player for a while with the Country Boys, who were then called the Kentucky Colonels. I think it finally got to the point where, if he saw me coming, he just took it off and handed it to me. Clarence White Chris Hillman - Hot Burritos, John Einarson, 2008 In hindsight I could have stayed and played with Clarence, who was a fabulous player, and probably made a hell of a good living, but the music The Byrds went on to make after that was pretty bad. And I said, "Mr. Miller, I understand that you have the guitar — the old D-28 — that Clarence White used to have." He just played But where this story gets real interesting is, I played a very, very, very long shot. The fact that Clarence had no fear of the guitar when it came to playing rhythm and throwing in different board substitutions and syncopations that had never been done in bluegrass before. He just sort of had his own style in a way that he … his own technique. always bumping into each other, but when I joined The Byrds I lost track ", So I waited and called back: Lo and behold, Joe Miller was there. He's gonna come back with some figure that's gonna be off the scale that there's gonna be no way in the world that I could afford it.". You know, we would sit down with a guitar whenever we could. And I remember asking Clarence, "Is that a D-18?" I mean, he had no fear about throwing those things into a band. Right. Because he was different from anybody else that I had ever heard in a way that's very hard to describe. It was beautiful. But to see this guy playing rhythm that precise with that much dedication, it was beyond description. Was there anything that he did — like you were saying, sort of the way he played without guard — was there ever a part of you that tried to emulate that or sort of any approach that he took that you said, "I wanna incorporate this into my playing"?

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