But before the LB5, Classic Pens (now known as Lambrou Pens) created a very popular pen known as the LM1. PenHero.com Bibliography. An over-sized pen with a beautiful acrylic material? I’ve had the LM1 in my personal collection for nearly two years now, so it’s popped up in several currently inked videos since then. The LB5 series was introduced in 2012 and 2013 to commemorate the company’s 25th year anniversary and was aptly named, Classic Pens LB5 25th Anniversary Shizen (Nature) Pens. Classic Pens will set the Retail price of the pen, once the diffusion bonded acrylic costs are finalized from Carville. Write It Up. /*----------------------------------------- With customized pens, Classic Pens traditionally created either one pen or a duet. Pens with the Sailor Nagahara Cross Point nib will be higher priced. months[3] = "March"; months[9] = "September"; Style 3: 17 March, 2005 I just love them that much. yy + 1900 : yy; So much so, in fact, that I have not purchased a single pen for myself in the six months since purchasing my last LB5. After a bit of hemming and hawing over the price (and losing out on the floor model to someone else), I decided to go all in and purchased it. days[3] = "Tuesday,"; days[7] = "Saturday,"; Learn how your comment data is processed. Style 7: Sat Mar 17, 2005 Kaen (violent flames) when I say that, I love this pen! Just like most Sailor pens, it is a cartridge/converter filled pen so when I used this pen on the daily, I found that I needed to refill every three days or so. Style 4: 17 Mar, 2005 This comparison makes a lot of sense, because the LB5 is based on the King of Pen. dateline[2] = months2[month] + " " + date + ", " + year; The wide metal cap band has two knurled ridges in between which are stamped “Sailor LB5” and either “Tairiku” or “Midorigi.” The Edition number (22/50 on the Tairiku, 15/50 on the Midorigi) is engraved rather than stamped into the metal. The last LB5 I could find that has been sold was in June on Ebay, which sold immediately to a Buy it Now of $4000 but you can do better right here. I personally like the Flame Red material more than the Space Blue, but I like bold colors. The pen in review is part of the LB Collection wherein LB is an acronym for Lambrou and Brown. Most pens in this price range eschew the more “pedestrian” cartridge/converter filling system for something more “high-end.” Sailor, in both the King Profit and the Classic Pens LB5, chooses to stick with the ease and convenience of cartridge/converter filling. I am able to conceal and secure the LB5 when I constantly wear a suit jacket at work though.

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