Clearly in a delirium and quite likely from the herbs that Agathe gave to Montespan. This also brings us onto the black baby, born in front of a shocked crowd in episode one. She was preceded in death by her brothers: J.P. "Jack" Woodward and W.R. "Bill" Woodward and a sister: Mary Flowers Woodward. (slides his hands up Philippe’s coat) The only time I saw him smile was when his wife fell off a horse. Establishing Character Moment: Henriette: Swims in the lake, then goes indoors and to have sex with Louis. However, now that the series is over, this feels like a better opportunity to explore some of the ways in which the drama deviated from historical reality. And there ends the ep. That was not a little matter. He oozes with jealously. It has a mystery ingredient. Phillip Wright officiating. Throughout the series, almost all of the action is staged at Versailles: the palace under construction. Gaston returns triumphant into the salons and we FINALLY see some proper bowing and greeting of nobles. Then the Chevalier turns and walks out the room, Philippe makes a groany UGH sound and lays back on the bed. Especially Hortense and Marie who are the scandal of the century in France and feature in the Mercure Galant pretty much non-stop!!! Now we’re in Philippe’s rooms and he is looking totally bored, ankles crossed and feet up on a table, pushing things off the edge with his sword point. ... Claudine returns home, … Sorry!). It’s nice when they are, but it’s not their purpose - drama is entertainment, not educational programming. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Versailles Season 2, Episode 5 – the one with the dead priest. In 1673 he legitimises them; Louis performs his dynastic duty with the queen on a weekly basis; Montespan’s husband got wind of the affair and beat her up, bragging about shagging diseased prostitutes so he could infect her, and therefore, infecting the king. One guess as to what Sophie choses, even though she does seem to be in conflict about it. There are a lot of loyal viewers out there like me who really love like the show and look forward to each episode to see what is going to happen next. Biography - A Short Wiki. They briefly kiss, then he edges her up against the wall and the camera cuts away but we all know the kind of send off he’s getting. Because we all know what this means – prayer, prayer and more prayer. Thomas: (smiles) I am saying nothing at all, Sire. He saunters over to where Thomas and Sophie are, and Thomas the smarmy little shit corrects him that it is not mademoiselle de Clermont anymore, but duchesse de Cassel. Of course, she says her hand ‘accidentally’ fell into the priest’s crotch, saying his hands “wandered in the most intrusive way.” She didn’t mention it before, because she felt sorry for him. Reports says that Mason was on the dock with some friends around 8:15 pm when he was shot. Place of Death. Our precious mom, grandma, nana took God’s hand and went home Wednesday, May 1, 2019. We’re back in the palace and Louis talks to Philippe of war (uugghh zzzzzzz) and how Turenne will be at Dutch Land within days. But Bontemps knows. YAY. Hi, I’m so impressed by the fact you want to take this trouble summarizing each episode in such detail! I liked the old one so much better. But if I were writing this series, I would have set the whole thing in Versailles too. | The Chevalier lounges on the bed in his nightshirt and he is either coming down or is still drunk from the looks of it, and it pains me a lot to see him reduced in this way. Ahhhh, there is Colbert, accompanying his pretty, naive niece Isabelle for whom Versailles appears to no longer be a den of iniquity. Accusations of poison in the series finale, however, are well-grounded in historical evidence. She then attended Ks. but Thomas is a wily one and says “your skills may not be visible to most, but they are just as effective.” Oh, Montespan does not trust him (I don’t think she trusts anyone close to the king, tbh). UGH). This Anglo-Dutch marriage occurred in 1677, not 1670, and famously resulted in the couple becoming the only co-monarchs in British history when they invaded during the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688 to become William III and Mary II of England. Let’s be clear, Louis wasn’t calling the shots as a four year-old boy, and he was still heavily advised by his mother and her chief minister, Cardinal Mazarin, after he reached his legal majority aged 13. Louis' illness is depicted differently in the TV series. The queen asks why does he listen to ‘that woman’. Your email address will not be published. (sits perkily on the bed, sounding nonchalant) I shall stay here. Hi B! It’s who I am.”. Help those less fortunate than you are. I doubt he was in the ring for more than one round as well. What’s up with the Chevalier’s new wig? Game over. We are back in a village (Versailles? . Then she stands and leaves. Montespan leans in and whispers something to Louis, who appears to consider it. His life was not endangered again until many years later, when painful surgery on his rectum became a strange court spectacle. We might also make special mention of Prince Annabar (Aniaba of Issigny) who turns up in the historical sources, but is a bit of a conundrum. Meh…Mind you, I’m not talking about the actors.) Liselotte thinks they are all very weird  (sames, Madame). The series follows King Louis XIV of France as he tries to quash the rebellious nobility by trapping them in the luxurious cage of his new palace – his father’s old hunting lodge at Versailles. she steps back, a little unsure. Philippe strides through his rooms with his armour on, stands in front of the mirror as servants fuss. Hundreds of nobles were involved, including Louis’ mistress, Madame Montespan. If you watched the broadcasts on BBC Two, you may have seen me and Prof Kate Williams presenting a short, Given the plot twists, and need for thrilling jeopardy, some, And, on the topic of timeline changes, something depicted in the drama that happened considerably later in history was the arranged marriage between the Dutch leader William of Orange and the young English princess, Mary – a scene we see after Henriette has succeeded in negotiating the treaty of Dover with her brother, Charles II of England. The series follows King Louis XIV of France as he tries to quash the rebellious nobility by trapping them in the luxurious cage of his new palace – his father’s old hunting lodge at Versailles. Gaston quickly interrupts, and Louis appears shitty but lets him speak. She is teary and wants to go with him to war. (mhmm. Louis’ fictional allies include the psychopathically effective head of security, Fabien Marchal, who is alarmingly fond of hammers and eye-gouging; his one-armed gardener, Jacques – a sort of a horticultural Obi Wan Kenobi, often dispensing wisdom in plant metaphors – and, of course, the King’s overworked medical advisers, Dr. Masson and his talented daughter Claudine.

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