Best Coordinated TV Episode Group Costumes? Chloe confronts Nate in the bus, explaining it was too close. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. You can help the. Golden Globes 2016: Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy, Miranda Sings Impressions (Birthday Edition), The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Furthermore, she must have earned well from her career already but there is no information available about her net worth and salary. As he collapses, he shoots a gas canister in an effort to kill the soldiers advancing towards him, but in doing so, derails the train, which is left hanging over a cliff. Along the way, they encounter Elena Fisher and Jeff, Fisher's cameraman. Biographical information This forces Sully to carry him out of the castle whilst Nate and Chloe fend off Marlowe's agents. Cleo Fraser is an actress, known for The Unicorn (2019), Transparent (2014) and Will & Grace (1998). Best Coordinated TV Episode Couple Costumes? She is very willing to walk away from situations she knows are above her accepted danger and is frivolous with human life that is not her own. After exploring the Syrian castle, Chloe and Cutter bump into Nate and Sully. Born in Cyprus #1. Grace Black is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Tamara Wall.The character made her first on-screen appearance on 8 November 2013. Chloe was introduced in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, serving as a central character and secondary love interest to Nathan Drake. Jeff is executed by Lazarevic, and after failing to bargain with him, Nate and Elena make an escape. At the end of the game, the two women bond when they cooperate in Shambhala. When Charlie is wounded in Syria, it is Chloe who expresses the most concern, expressing she can't even watch when it seems likely Charlie is going to die, and she is the one to bring him out of his drugged state when he is strangling Nate. She's known throughout Drake's world as a gifted and adaptable treasure hunter with a long list of impressive accomplishments to her name. However, Chloe shoots the two soldiers and tells Nate to go to Nepal, where she will meet him. Despite their differences and the roadblocks that shift their perspectives of one another, they still become close. After acquiring the amulet, the heroes hear Talbot's agents searching for them. Nate slides down into the hole to find Chloe unharmed, but the Doughtys have caught up to them. They appear as friends in Drake's Deception, fist bumping and joking with each other. Like Sully and Elena, Chloe is against Nate finding Ubar and attempts to talk him out of it, knowing that he is risking all their lives for no real gain. The four of them fight through the castle until they reach the pillars marking the entrance to the crypt. When Chloe turns on them to protect her cover, Elena is against Nate's determination to rescue her, but still helps him when he tells her why she did it. Chloe has a dry sense of humor and a rather complicated personality, with Amy Hennig describing her as the "darker side of Nate, and the bad girl to Elena's very innocent girl-next-door". Nate is arrested and imprisoned for three months before Victor Sullivan and Chloe secure his release. As they exit the temple, Lazarevic's men ambush them, and Jeff is wounded. Nate insists on escaping Nepal with Elena and the injured Jeff, despite Chloe's strong disapproval. The four heroes are separated from Talbot and his men by a deadly drop. They return to a nearby Tibetan Village, and Chloe decides that it's her turn to walk away, realizing that Nate is in love with Elena. Initially, she remained apathetic to the civil war occurring in India, stating somberly over the penthouse of Asav filled with stolen artefacts “it’s not my fight”. Chloe is first and foremost a survivor; that is, she displays this attitude. Chloe appears to be good friends with Charlie Cutter. Chloe, Sully, and Nate make it to safety, while Cutter ends up trapped on a tower, confronted by Marlowe and, much to his shock, a very much alive Talbot. Wall had three auditions for the role on the show's set in Liverpool.The character is introduced as the sister of Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix), who had been killed off in earlier episodes. After Cutter is injured, Chloe decides the hunt is too risky and backs out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. April Apr 23, 2001 ( age 19) Birthplace. Membership Voiced by Nathan Drake is taking time out at a bar when he his approached by Chloe and Harry Flynn who ask him to assist them in stealing a Mongolian oil lamp from an Istanbul museum that may hold the answer to the location of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet. Flynn and Nate acquire the lamp, which contains a map showing that the Lost Fleet had been transporting the Cintamani Stone from Shambhala, before being thrown ashore on Borneo by a tsunami. To achieve this, we invested tremendous energy and time in her skin-tone balance; layers of skin blemishes and subtle beauty marks were meticulously placed in order to create a natural, girl-next-door look without applying too many artificial cosmetics. Chloe begs Cutter to stop, and he snaps out of it, letting go of Drake. They light a fire before him. Take good care of her, or she'll take care of you... and not in a sexy way. Tall, with dark hair tied back, usually wearing clothes to display her figure, she is described by the developers as "one of their favorite characters to create". When Chloe is alone, Nate takes the dagger from her, before finally opening the gate to Shambhala. Sully complies and flies the plane through a gorge into a cave. She tells him that she has obtained pictures of the flying machines in Agartha and wants her money ready for her. The biggest challenge in working on her for Uncharted 3 was not only to retain the original likeness of Chloe, but also to portray both the sensual and warrior sides of her. This originates from the death of her father who was determined to make a grand discovery and refused to walk away from his mission, eventually leading to his death and her family splintering apart. After telling Nadine about the death of her father and discovering he actually completed his mission by finding Belur, Chloe gains more respect for Indian culture, becoming disgusted that Asav would desecrate the legacy of his people by destroying its ancient city and selling the Tusk of Ganesh for a bomb. Before they leave, Chloe finds Nate taking a rest in his hotel room, and having dated years ago, they argue about him walking out on her. After the two jump over a gap, they come across a bridge made of World War II planes, suspended over a river of lava.

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