Like the GLOCK 19, the King Cobra strikes a Goldilocks-like balance of a gun that’s easy to carry, easy to handle, and easy to shoot. Let’s see you compare it with the Kimber K6S 3″ and maybe a Wiley Clapp GP100 3″ and/or the Combat Magnum. If your approach to this wheel gun is that of the collector then you’re better off buying it as is and leaving it that way. I started out with the .38 ammo, simply grabbed six rounds, fed them into the cylinder, then closed it up ready to fire. In everything I need a defensive firearm tool to do, the Colt King Cobra does it well. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. I hope that Colt soon announces additional Cobra and King Cobra models that feature longer barrels and target-­style adjustable sights. The 0.125-­inch-­wide front sight (which is held into a milled barrel pocket using a hex screw above the muzzle) is black with a 0.95-­inch brass bead. However, when I heard Colt was reintroducing the King Cobra, I held my breath in hopes that the new gun wouldn’t be a budget-­built facsimile of the originals. Having enough ammo left over from the Python review, I was able to shoot it a pretty good amount. I believe it’s called the silver dollar? Unlike the original King Cobra, the new one does not have an adjustable rear sight. I had always heard you should not let your ammo sit in such a belt for a long time because it could somehow sour, Colt was going to help me test that theory. I’m not sure I would be either, especially given some of the knowledge he professes. Unfortunately, it is a little tainted as they used 357 magnum revolvers to test both 38 sp3ciala and 357 loads. His favorite knife to skin elk is a #10 5″ micarta that Mark gave him. I began evaluating accuracy potential with five, five-­shot groups at 25 yards using three loads. Of course, now that I know they have them, they’re sold out, but Brownells usually re-stocks quickly. Having said that, this gun is on my list of wants. The compactness, relatively light weight, and power of Colt’s latest revolver make it suitable for personal defense in a variety of environments beyond public places. None better. Only one of my hand loads, a recreation of the Skeeter Skelton .38 Spl +P+++ load, ever had any trouble ejecting from the cylinder, as long as I gave the ejector rod a solid press.

Bill Ruger didnt use casting because it was stronger, he used it because it was cheaper. Not doggin anyone here. I’ve read that’s why pistol cartridges like 9mm do better in snubbies than you’d expect, because of the extra free-bore. That 50 fps loss in a .357 cylinder seems significant in snubbies where some .38 spec loads are already struggling to open hollowpoints reliably. How would you compare it to, say, a Ruger GP-100? Keep writing. It just came out within the last three months. I really enjoy shooting them. Colt endshakes wanted to be 0.001 to 0.002″. But that’s for the older Colt revolvers.

All rights reserved. After a bit of digging I found that .38 Spl +P chambered 2017 Colt Cobra revolver stocks from VZ Grips will fit the 2019 King Cobra as well. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Although they’ve been around since the 1950s, the value of these guns started to slither up in the last ten years.

The Guns of James Bond: Roger Moore.

This approach packs lots of power into a handy package. Rick Grimes of the Walking Dead brought peace to zombies and fools alike with his Colt Python.

Really, Colt just made a beautiful revolver here. The rear sight is a traditional square-cut from the frame. Despite being a production rifle, the Model 2020 should rival more expensive custom builds. Let me relieve you of that burden. Upon inspection, the cylinder gap was tight on G&A’s test gun and there was no light visible to the naked eye when held to the light. If the barrel was an inch shorter I would have one on order already, but I get that Colt doesn’t want to cannibalize sales from their .38 line.

The GP100 with a 3″ barrel weighs 36 ounces. When other triggers are vastly different, it comes from that perspective. The finish is best described as a brushed, or semi-­gloss stainless steel, with the exception of the bead-­blasted topstrap which cuts glare as you’re aligning the sights. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen.

Flexing blades are why I own RMK #10 Saltwater & Household Utilitys.

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