Change or die!’ But he soon discovered a culture of collegiality that eased the transition. The straight credit process works much like that for a standard letter of credit. Let me email you the contact info for so and so, who knows all about that stuff. As to the aforementioned ‘weirdness,’ well, let’s just say that it started in the mid-80s as a low-budget remake of Bright Lights, Big City, directed by David Cronenberg and starring Cassidy as a hip, angry young independent filmmaker, working at New York television studio Broadcast Arts by day and perhaps a little more than dabbling by night in the deadly romance of a controlled substance popular in the artistic circles of the period. Relive all the action of last month's Super Rooster, presented by Bookshop! Straight credit is a form of a letter of credit. Jonah Cassidy is probably best known to a certain segment of New York society as the long-time executive editor of Screw, the in-your-face, would-be Variety of the pornography trade. Stet the human element, however, and the story boils down to this: Despite having willfully ignored every single tenet of rational career planning, Cassidy's working, and you may well not be. ‘People were great. ‘Well, no, a little more … adult than that.’ They really just wanted me to succeed and make their crazy lives easier.’ ‘If I had ever had a career plan, or a clue of any kind, I’d probably be going postal now myself,’ laughs Cassidy, a Westlake admirer who’s working on a series of reviews of the author’s pseudonymous works. And secretly, no one wants to believe the oft-repeated adage that what you do is not necessarily who you are. "Go for credit in the straight world / Look a dealer in the eye" Means a person can say apply for a credit card at a bank with confidence, etc. How Credit Works . sort form. More by Colin Brayton. Complications ensued. On the eve of recession—though he admits the timing was sheer dumb luck—Cassidy reluctantly concluded that he’d be better off serving in heaven than reigning in hell: He traded in his keys to the kingdom of what he calls ‘turgid, tumescent smutland’ for a modest cubicle in ‘the beautiful, orderly, Germanic world of international chemicals,’ signing on as an associate editor for specialty chemicals at the Wall Street-based Chemical Market Reporter. The Rooster has crowed! Lyrics submitted by ‘Find the human element in the story—and cut it out.’ On the other hand, it’s the human element, the right mix of precariousness and hope—the voodoo rum of human blood and folly mixed with the lemonade of human adaptability—that moves the tabloids off the rack. Documentary collection is a method of trade finance in which an exporter's bank acts to collect payment for shipped goods, forwarding the necessary documents to the importer's bank. A tantalizing relationship with an HR representative at Condé Nast likewise turned out to be founded on what Cassidy calls ‘that Ralph Ellison kind of helpfulness, as in ‘keep that n—r boy running.’’ ‘It was, uh, in the men’s field.’ Something like GQ or Maxim? The issuing bank examines the documents for full compliance with the credit terms, debits the buyer’s account and reimburses the paying bank. Even before Governor Tom Ridge proposed his Def Con-inspired system for rating the level of terrorist threat [an index that has remained unchanged at ‘elevated’ since its inception], some of us already knew from experience, as the late poet Dick Barnes wrote in A Lake on the Earth, that ‘the likelihood of catastrophe is perpetual.’, Colin Brayton is a freelance journalist, translator, copy editor, and copywriter living in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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