Some people are unlocking the same character through different modes. Thanks! Crystal Crisis is presented like a one-on-one fighting game, but instead of pressing buttons to kick and punch, players arrange falling gems into matching colors to clear them from the screen and inflict damage on their opponents. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Astro Boy or just "Astro" is a robot boy that was originally created to replace Dr. Tenma's son, who was... Black Jack. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Anyone know/have any ideas? I'm only missing Hunter now myself (thanks for the tips for Thompson). I've been playing a lot of VS match with my wife (more than 30-40 minutes you suggested), and he doesnt want to unlock. Based on the answers here, I wonder if Isaac is a "play X games" or "break X crystals" unlock. I beat Arcade with Solange and unlocked Kawase I also completed the use 10 different powers achievement during that run. I got Isaac after beating standard arcade on the middle difficulty. Crystal Crisis | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. My Switch collection and progress: I’ve played a fair amount of all the modes. Adding to this, I unlocked Kawase by playing regular arcade mode on the easiest difficulty but using Zombie to do so. I unlocked Master but I haven't played it yet. I am in this same boat, but unlocked Isaac this morning after beating one of the Arcade Modes on Expert. 1. completed tutorial 2 times (1st time for character, and 2nd for achievement) 2. first completed story mode selecting left character every time when it asks before battle 3. completed arcade mode on normal with every character which is needed to unlock all achievements for robo, family, hall of fame, girls power. I think it might have been Tag Team. gamertag - Jamal The Titan, PSN: MrCannady. I played through Story mode 3 times and took different paths each time, but no luck. I play story mode over and over but no matter what characters I pick in the chapters I never get to fight the final boss as her. Anyone know how to get him? I only need to unlock Isaac. Arcade Mode doesn’t seem to unlock characters either. I am unlocking characters after beating them in story mode, but only in matches where you cannot choose which character you play as. The fearless adventurer, and the star of Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES. How to unlock characters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It doesn't seem to be a requirement that you play as Solange. Atom is a playable character in Crystal Crisis. The game has 19 different playable characters, including your favorites from Cave Story+ and The Binding of Isaac and many other surprise entrants. Pikii. Build up your “Burst” Gauge with repeated combos to unleash more powerful attacks. Beating Arcade with Solange unlocks Kawase, but apparently so does playing an unranked match online. I’m having the exact same problem, I’m concerned there may be a bug at this point. I best the game with her as the lead in a Tag Team first, but not unlock. My theory is that to unlock a character you need to play against them. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Kawase unlocked along with a couple of others (the vampire kid and black jack i think). No achievement required! Each difficulty of Arcade should unlock the rest. Can also confirm that unlock happened after Solange win in Arcade. Only character I’m missing is Thompson, anyone know how to get him? That’s the last one I’m on. I could not choose to be Jim. Arcade Mode doesn’t seem to unlock characters either. An all-star cast of heroes has gathered to test their mettle in this cute and chaotic new color-matching combat game for Nintendo Switch. I played through Story mode 3 times and took different paths each time, but no luck. Any idea since then about how to unlock him? Wasn't sure about the Zombie when I first heard about him... Can someone make a character FAQ, please. I’ll update you all to see if my theory is true once I play against an Isaac. Each character has his or her own “home” stage, musical theme, unique special attacks and extensive voice-acted exclamations." 1 Black Jack: April 23, 2019: Black Jack is a playable character in Crystal Crisis. How did anyone unlock those? I now believe there are multiple unlock conditions per character. Astro Boy. The legendary doctor of the Osamu Tezuka manga of the same name. I got that achievement elsewhere and still no Kawase, so it may just be Arcade with Solange. Yup, this worked for me to unlock Kawase. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Vanilla Arcade did the trick! For anyone else still looking for the Isaac unlock, I can confirm that neither defeating Isaac in Adventure nor playing as Isaac in Adventure are his unlock conditions. I played 5 Unranked matches, only won one of them, and Isaac unlocked when I backed out to the main menu. I’m still missing Thompson, Isaac, and Kawase and I’m on where to go to get them., Quote, Curly, and Ballos are playable characters in, Aban, Tina, and Jim are playable characters in, Thompson and a Zombie are playable characters in. Missing President Thompson and Hunter and also survival mode. Story unlocks most chars. For detailed information about this series, see: Crystal Crisis at Wikipedia. Distributor(s) Nintendo eShop, Steam: Release date(s) Nintendo Switch May 28, 2019 May 28, 2019 August 1, 2019. Also playing a lot of vs online in ranked unlocked some chars for me. Atom; Black Jack; Quote (Cave Story+) Curly Brace (Cave Story+) 1 1001 Spikes: April 23, 2019: Aban, Tina, and Jim are playable characters in Crystal Crisis. Last character I need is Hunter. Issac popped up when my friend and I did battles. Crystal Crisis is a puzzle game published by Nicalis. After winning the match, I unlocked Jim. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. How to you beast the game as solange? I’ve played through Story Mode 3 times already. He's the only one I still don't have, but I've more or less been rushing through story/arcade and only have 4 online matches under my belt. Someone said 10 survival wins but there has to be another way as well. Obi-Wan and Anakin must escape from Utapau with a kyber crystal before General Grievous and his droid armytrack them down. Press J to jump to the feed. Characters Aban Hawkins. I now believe there are multiple unlock conditions per character. 20 unique playable characters, including Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story, Isaac from The Binding of Isaac, Atom and Black Jack from Tezuka Productions and many more. 1 Code of Princess: April 23, 2019: Solange is a playable character in Crystal Crisis. EDIT: Yup, I just got Kawase just by beating standard Arcade with Solange. You might be right, cause there is no reason why a game like this should be this difficult to unlock the last characters nicalis needs to get on that ASAP.... That and the loading Times, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CrystalCrisis community. I’m still missing Thompson, Isaac, and Kawase and I’m on where to go to get them. Crystal Crisis; Developer(s) Nicalis: Publisher(s) Nicalis. For example, I had a match that was Aban vs Jim. Crystal Crisis includes other characters from the likes of Cave Story, The Binding of Isaac, Tezuka Productions and Code of Princess EX. I unlocked a few characters beating arcade mode on the easiest setting, then a few more on expert. It was released on April 23, 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Was it just standard arcade or one of the unlockable modes? 1 The Tempura of the Dead Characters. Crossover Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

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