Common Sense With Dan CarlinCommon Sense #318 - For Whom the Bell Trolls I know I am late to the party with a commentary on a political podcast episode that was released a couple of months ago, but every breath that Dan Carlin uttered on his Common Sense podcast Show #318 is still very relevant and will be so the foreseeable future. Often relegated to the role of slavish cannon fodder for Sparta's spears, the. You’re looking at the role of individuals acting within systems. Carlin serves as a notable example of this behavior: a person who can discuss issues deeply and idiosyncratically. Does the toughness of peoples play any role in history? You’ll hear people—and this is much more popular on the far left—where they’re saying that this is a country founded by rich landowners, and you can see that they wanted to keep it controlled by rich landowners because you had to have property to vote. [18] The book aims to look at some of the apocalyptic moments from the past as a way to frame the challenges of the future. The problem with today’s radio and TV is that people tune in and out at all times so the conversation can never get to a certain level. "The Dan Carlin version" of this story continues with ambition-addict, Rome's political violence expands in intensity from riots and assassinations to outright war as the hyper-ambitious generals Marius and. [11] In addition, Carlin has received the Best Classic Podcast in iTunes' Best of 2014 awards,[12] Best Educational Podcast of 2015 from the Podcast Awards,[13] Best History Podcast of 2018 from the IHeartRadio Podcast Awards,[14] and in a top 25 best podcasts list in anniversary of 10 years of podcasts, Slate Magazine ranked Dan Carlin's 2009 episode Ghosts of the Ostfront, regarding the Eastern Front of World War Two, the fifth best podcast of all time. Welcome to the Waking Up podcast. Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. [6] He has described his political philosophy as "Neoprudentist", taking a skeptical approach to evaluation of the current political trends and forces. When people say it’s so refreshing, you wonder why it’s refreshing to try to see the other person’s viewpoint? It is all here. His political views do not fit neatly in any particular political box. [38], Though often complimenting Carlin for his attempt to teach an "ill-informed citizenry" about history, some historians critique his approach as too simplistic. “The dirty little secret of American foreign policy that Trump and Sanders tapped into is that Americans from across the political spectrum are not an imperial people. Sulla returns to Rome to show the Republic what REAL political violence looks like. For me, it’s always been about creativity. This will wrap the whole thing up for you in terms of my political beliefs: I don’t have all the answers. [22], Carlin has made guest appearances on numerous other podcasts, including Roifield Brown's "10 American Presidents Podcast" where he narrated the episode on Richard Nixon,[23] Daniele Bolelli's The Drunken Taoist Podcast,[24] and "History on Fire",[25] making five appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast,[26][27][28][29] two appearances on Smells Like Human Spirit[30][31] and on a "crosscast" podcast on Sam Harris's ‘’Making Sense’’ (formerly Waking Up). Sometimes I go back and read Madison or Jefferson. Blood-sucking Scythian warriors, tattooed ice mummies, Amazons killing so they can mate, pot smoking head-hunters, scalp-taking, koumiss-drinking Mongols, Turks, Huns, and Aliens. My grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe has been a family secret for years, but if it can help people through this election day, I’m willing to share it. Murderous millennial preachers and prophets. Man on Facebook claims he’s the pickup truck driver who ‘slammed’ into Biden-Harris volunteer, Voters get upset with Karens who hold up line, compare masks to Jim Crow laws, Viewers speculate whether Trump Jr. cried during Fox News interview, ‘SNL’ host John Mulaney says ‘nothing will change’ if Biden wins—and viewers are divided. The first thing I noticed when podcasts came out, is that it’s like a giant blank slate where you can do anything. But we can’t maintain it.”, In defense of anger: A critic’s appeal to playwrights to let their tempers fly, Tom Morello on why activism in music matters: ‘Dangerous times demand dangerous songs’, It’s been worn, memed and burned: How Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat reflects a nation’s anger. This is the era when lunch-bucket Democrats vote for Donald Trump and new voters turn out for the Independent Bernie Sanders. Podcasts and blogs have the freedom to talk about things more deeply.”, He added, “The power people have if we didn’t have to focus on Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian is amazing. What do you see as the role of the media in all this? Hillary Clinton’s worst fault in this whole thing is that she is what we’ve had. Carlin gets into many areas he should probably avoid...gods, Germans, bikers, Jesus... After many listener requests, Carlin examines the issue of the morality of. I think he’s lying straight up and down. If this wasn’t a one-off, if we got to do this every election—have somebody from an outside position run—it would be like Edward Snowden‘s decisions to release his information the way he did: a little at a time instead of one big dump. We chose our favorite election-themed TV episodes to keep you occupied. It’s got something to do with Dan Carlin. Hardcore History sees Carlin weaving densely philosophical histories of grand, sweeping events, like World War I and the conquests of the Mongol horde, that can go on for hours, twisting into endless webs of iconic figures alternately battling against and riding atop powerful social forces. The war of maneuver that was supposed to be over quickly instead turns into a lingering bloody stalemate. The contradiction is over my almost unequivocal support for a system of representative government, like the kind we have. A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton started an official podcast called With Her. That’s going to make PBS look scintillating. We independents have had to live with that forever. It wasn’t simply that his politics didn’t align with the culture-warrior creed of the Republican revolutionaries on either side of his time slot. That’s when you find out how dangerous it was to commit this country to a bunch of things that the American people, if they knew and understood fully what they were doing, would not support. Historiography, boxing, barbarians, philosophy and wisdom are among the subjects touched upon. Though not unprecedented, popular political podcasts run outside established media companies are rarer than you’d think. He’s been called the king of long-form podcasting and “one of the greatest storytellers in the world”. As soon as they highlighted a problem, millions of people got angry about it at the same time, and it went away. So they care, and they’re against it. Whether he’s discussing history or current events, veteran journalist Dan Carlin brings his own unconventional approach to the subject matter. Dan Carlin is an American political commentator, amateur historian, and podcaster.

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