These players have been supplemented by free agent signings (Marian Hossa) and several trades through the years. The reporting party exited the home and told police that he was woken up by a gunshot, loud screaming and crying. Arthur (right) with partner Jimmy Norris. By championing Breakthru's support of Equality Illinois, Danny helped send the message to Illinois businesses that supporting LGBTQ equality is not just the right thing to do, it's good business. According to the arrest report for Wirtz, the fight began when Wirtz's wife did not take his side after he got into an argument with the neighbors about their garbage can. Its prosperous air is due in large part to the family firm founded by Andreas Augustus Wirtz in the 19th century. "The Gala is also an opportunity for LGBTQ and allied Illinoisans to celebrate our historic wins and for Equality Illinois to share our vision for a more inclusive and affirming Illinois" Johnson said. And victims were upset because the company's contrition for the severely damaged who need lifelong care is still not matched in the level of compensation. The "chemical brains" behind thalidomide may have been Mückter's mentor, Prof. Werner Schulemann of Bonn University, according to Martin Johnson, a longtime campaigner at Britain's Thalidomide Trust. ELECTIONS 2020 Presidential contest is tight; LGBTQs make history 2020-11-03, Jill Rose Quinn first trans elected official in Illinois; wins for Cook County Circuit Court Judge 2020-11-03, Sarah McBride of Delaware first trans State Senator in U.S. history 2020-11-03, Ritchie Torres to be first Afro-Latinx LGBTQ At the Gala, the Equality Illinois Organization Leadership Award, given annually to organizations that demonstrate remarkable vision, courage, and leadership in the effort to achieve full equality for LGBTQ individuals in Illinois, will be presented to the Illinois AFL-CIO. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 5. Officers made contact with Dr. Darren Wirtz and his wife by telephone. Wirtz is facing multiple charges including battery with a deadly weapon; assault with a deadly weapon; child abuse, neglect or endangerment; obstruction of an officer; and more. She claims that Wirtz woke her up around 11:45 p.m. by pointing a gun in her face. Hull later switched to number 7 and again to the now-retired number 9 as a tribute to his idol Gordie Howe. At Grünenthal, he was head of pathology at the time thalidomide was being sold. Devoutly Catholic, the Wirtz family has for decades been the pillar of Aachen society, and their philanthropy has included a new roof on the city's imperial cathedral, built by Charlemagne in 786. All Rights Reserved. His work has been featured in The Best American Sports Writing, The Best American Newspaper Writing, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. We are proud to have a global champion of LGBTQ equality like United Airlines serving as our Presenting Sponsor for the 2019 Equality Illinois Gala. But his announcement in Stolberg brought no message from the Wirtz family—or anybody else still living who presided over thalidomide's silent years. Even before its release, the wife of an employee gave birth to a baby without ears, but Chemie Grünenthal ignored the warning. He currently serves as Co-Chairman of BBG’s Board of Managers. He is an active leader in the Chicago community and serves on the boards of several Chicago-based civic organizations including the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation. "He helped lead Breakthru Beverage to be among the strongest early corporate supporters of LGBTQ equality. Wirtz, who is worth over $500 million, inherited the team from his father and became owner in 2007. He began yelling at officers and refused to obey commands. Scott Scotty Andrew Wirtz, 42, of St. Louis, Missouri was killed in battle in Syria on January 16, 2019. Nabeela has been a longstanding & passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion and freedom in Chicago. "Channyn has been a fierce advocate helping scores of transgender Illinoisans find mentorship and access needed services. "We ask for forgiveness that for nearly 50 years we didn't find a way of reaching out to you from human being to human being," Stock said. Danny Wirtz, a starting goalie for the 50-3-4 Loyola team that didn't surrender a goal in the playoffs, was responsible for the game being played at the United Center. "I am honored to work with Equality Illinois as they stand up in support of so many communities of which I am a part. As a member of the Board of Directors, he also provides strategic counsel to its diversified holdings which include the Chicago Blackhawks, Breakthru Beverage Group, Wirtz Realty and banking interests in Illinois and Florida. For over 40 years, the Chicago Blackhawks were owned by Bill Wirtz. Grünenthal also offered employment to Heinz Baumkötter, an SS hauptsturm-führer, the chief concentration-camp doctor in Mauthausen and Natzweiler-Struthof, and, most notoriously, from 1942 chief medical officer in Sachsenhausen. Wirtz is licensed from the Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine. Rocky, approximately two years old. Since then, the Blackhawks have one of the five best winning percentages in the National Hockey League and two Stanley Cup Championships 2010 and 2013). Las Vegas police received a call shortly after midnight from someone saying that his stepfather had pointed a gun at him. She also said her husband had been drinking all day. The 2019 Gala will be chaired by attorney and community leader Nabeela Rasheed. Dr. Mückter, chief of research and production, was enriched by thalidomide sales and helped cover up the drug’s horrific effects, left, At Nuremberg, mass murderer Otto Ambros was sentenced to eight years in prison. Many who live in the town rely on the company for their livelihood; some have been employed there for many years. Windy City Times News - CHICAGO For their dedication to social justice and equality, Danny Wirtz, Channyn Lynne Parker and the Illinois AFL-CIO will be honored at the 2019 Equality Illinois Gala. In 1946 the Wirtz family set up Chemie Grünenthal, a small-town company that would become a haven for labor-camp scientists and doctors looking for work as it developed drugs desperately needed in the war's aftermath. He is a two-time winner and six-time finalist for the National City and Regional Magazine Association Writer of the Year award. Arthur, NHL president Clarence Campbell, and Jimmy Norris with the 1961 Stanley Cup after the Blackhawks championship run. "I am a biochemist by training, I am a lawyer by profession, I am British by birth, I am Pakistani by heritage, I am American by choice, I am an immigrant, I am a Lesbian and I am a proud Muslim. At war's end, the business, which until then had focused mostly on soap, perfumes, and cleaning products, found a new direction. Find out more about Wirtz here: The Wirtz Realty Corporation’s presence in the Chicago metropolitan area is over 80 years old and worth over $2 billion. Ambros was the chairman of Grünenthal's advisory committee at the time of the development of thalidomide and was on the board of the company when Contergan was being sold. ", "United Airlines, the Presenting Sponsor of the Equality Illinois Gala and the Exclusive Airline of Equality Illinois since 2014, is a longtime champion of our work and of LGBTQ rights," Johnson said. Bill Wirtz’s nickname was “Dollar Bill,” because he was known for being notoriously frugal with his money when it came to investing and spending it on the team. "Chicago's hometown airline, United was one of the earliest U.S. corporations to prohibit discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and, later, gender identity. © 1999-2018 Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team. Despite the overwhelming evidence that thalidomide caused miscarriages and birth defects, Chemie Grünenthal for years fought to resist paying the necessary compensation required for a lifetime of care—and still does. He is survived by his Father David F. Wirtz and wife Fran nee Pecoraro Wirtz and his Mother, Saundra K nee Smith Wirtz and Jack R. Wilson, all of Lake St. Trapped for eternity in her bronze confinement, the statue of the sick child is haunting, her silent scream reminding us of the pain of the thalidomide babies. His advocacy has inspired us to continue our efforts to foster an inclusive workplace for all of our associates. Your fight is our fight.". We proudly stand with Equality Illinois for the rights and protections for LGBTQ workers and their families. Chicago Blackhawks owner William “Rocky” Wirtz has presided over the most successful period in the history of the franchise after four decades of mostly on and off performances from the franchise. Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz giving a speech during the team’s home opener the season following their 2010 Stanley Cup win. "I thought I would be ready for publication a long while back," he says, "but new information keeps arriving.". Rocky Wirtz inherited the franchise from his father, Bill Wirtz, who inherited the franchise from his father, Arthur Wirtz, who purchased the franchise in 1954. Charlie Merinoff is a principal founder of Breakthru Beverage Group (BBG), the innovative beverage wholesaler formed by Charmer Sunbelt Group (CSG) and Wirtz Beverage Group on January 1, 2016. Find out more about Wirtz here. The Official Site of the Chicago Blackhawks. They struggled and that is when she was injured. “He helped lead Breakthru Beverage to be among the strongest early corporate supporters of LGBTQ equality. The operations of the company and its affiliates spans 16 markets throughout North America, and the […] He has become immensely popular in the Windy City. The wife exited the home first. And Grünenthal offered him an opportunity to continue his work. A staunch advocate for marriage equality, non-discrimination, and inclusive curriculum in schools, the Illinois AFL-CIO has helped LGBTQ Illinoisans achieve remarkable wins over the years." Bill Wirtz died after losing his battle with cancer on September 26, 2007. Among those invited to Stolberg by Hermann Wirtz was Martin Staemmler, a leading proponent of the Nazi "racial hygiene" program. Major American companies such as Standard Oil and Du Pont maintained commercial links with the Nazi regime during the war and afterward recruited former Nazi scientists, too. All NHL logos and marks and NHL team logos and marks as well as all other proprietary materials depicted herein are the property of the NHL and the respective NHL teams and may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of NHL Enterprises, L.P. Stolberg is Wirtz town, a clutch of attractive buildings that sit snug in a green valley around a medieval castle on the eastern outskirts of Aachen in North Rhine–Westphalia. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. It would be forty-nine years before the Blackhawks won another cup. During the war, his expertise had been anti-typhus work. You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. He is part of an illustrious family: Bowman and his father, Senior Advisor to Hockey Operations Scotty Bowman, are part of an elite group, becoming the 10th father-son GM tandem in the history of the NHL and just the fourth pair to have each of their names inscribed on the Stanley Cup. The son told police that his mother asked him not to call them. By Scott Powers and Mark Lazerus (The Athletic) We heard from Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman recently. Rocky with his wife, Marilyn Wirtz (née Queen) Bill Wirtz holding his first grandchild—Rocky’s son, Danny Wirtz— at his home in Winnetka in 1978. when he took over the team in 2007, he changed the complexion of the franchise. At the time of Bill’s death in 2007, the 20,000-plus seat United Center was only averaging 12,500 for Blackhawks games. Having covered up so much of his own past, he could bring his skills to bear in attempts to cover up the trail that led from the production of thalidomide back through its hasty trials to any origins it may have had in the death camps. is the official website of the Chicago Blackhawks. I am beyond honored to receive this award, and to be named amongst those who are ambitious, and maybe even crazy enough to believe that we, somehow, through our actions can leave this world a better place.

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